Vang Tyrridon

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Some time in Year 0, Vang Tyrridon joined the Rebel Alliance. He began his service as a B-Wing pilot, in the Division B of Starfighter Command. He was quickly promoted the Divison B commanding officer. A short while after, Supreme Commander Mon Akira selected Vang to become High Quartermaster, responsible for recruitment and assignment of new personnel within the Rebel Alliance. During this period, Tyrridon also founded the first intelligence initiative within the Alliance, Special Intelligence, which continued for some time until after Vang would leave the Alliance, at which time it was shut down and then replaced with a new department of Rebel Intelligence (DRI), I believe. After Spookie assumed the role of Supreme Commander, he appointed Tyrridon Chief of Military Operations, which essentially put him as the second-in-command of the Alliance, where he served for roughly six months. At that point, Vang grew weary and traveled to the Unknown Regions, where he was incommunicado for several months. ((OOC: Vang became an Assistant Simmaster))

A few months after he stood down, several senior members of the RA High Command contacted Vang, stating that Spookie was allowing the RA to die off, stagnate, and otherwise fall apart. Admittedly in error, Vang gave them advice and support for their efforts to recall him from his post as Supreme Commander. However, the attempted to overthrown the Commander failed.

Given the situation, Vang was not permitted to return to the Alliance directly, instead forming a news broadcasting corporation as a cover for Alliance-aligned intelligence operations, which he operated in some coordination with the RA intelligence department. This continued for some time, until he was once again contacted by an even larger segment of the RA population and High Command, including essentially an entire fleet, asking that he assist once more in ousting another leader of the Alliance whom they agreed was failing them: Vang's own protege, Shae Briston, whom he had selected to replace him as High Quartermaster when he assumed the position of Chief of Military Operations.

This time, Vang was more hesitant to act, until he got more information on the situation. He agreed that Shae's installation of lackies - such as Ace and Acria Lars, as well as Lysander - onto the High Command was a serious mistake in judgment, as was his sidelining of well-proven, veteran commanders, but Vang did not become involved until Zee Wolf finally agreed that the matter was becoming desperate. Zee Wolf, to those Alliance members who had seen the early glory days of the Alliance, was something of a half-legend, half-god individual; who had led fairly and brilliantly during his stretch as Supreme Commander. When he reached the conclusion that the situation required action, Vang was convinced.

However, the coup failed again and the better part of a fleet was ejected from the Rebel Alliance, Zee Wolf would eventually join the GE in disgust, and Vang, for his part in the affair, was permanently banned from the Rebel Alliance. The next six months saw the Alliance severely shrink in size and activity, essentially folding in upon itself, until Dr. Fro took over from Shae. Vang believed that it was Dr. Fro who worked hardest and did the most in such a short period to turn the Alliance around once more.

Vang now made his way to the Hapes Consortium, to where one of his old subordinates in Special Intelligence had already worked his way high within the Hapan military. Remembering Vang's own intelligence efforts, he put him to work creating Hapes' Central Hapan Intelligence, which would eventually launch Vang's own military career that led him to two terms as Commander, Royal Hapan Navy, one term as Commander, Royal Hapan Army, and eventually to the position of Minister of Defense, in addition to a place amongst the Lords of Hapes.

Eventually, in the effort to strengthen ties between Hapes and the Alliance, Vang took a brief leave of absence when Phymp Mindano lifted his ban and permitted him to return to the now-renamed New Republic and serve as an adviser of sorts. However, after only a few months, Vang finally accepted that the New Republic was not the Rebel Alliance he remembered, said his thanks for the opportunity, and returned to the Hapes Consortium, where he remains to this day.

Since that time Vang has claimed to have spoken with both Shae and Lysander and they've mended fences to some extent, each forgiving the other for their faults and failures years ago.