Vargheim Enterprises

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Vargheim Enterprises
General Information
Motto "With steel and hammer, the galaxy will be reshaped"
Status Disestablished
Leader CEO Ylvia Skelgard
Historical Information
Founded Year 18 Day 211
Dissolved Absorbed in Veilhal Nomads
Political Information
Industry Manufacturing
Holosite Vargheim

Vargheim Enterprises is a large corporation based in Azurbani system and headed by a Kiffar Clan Skelgard. It started as small company called Vargheim Steel that produced various goods ranging from farming tools to modern firearms. Over the course of the century, the small company grew in size and soon became a manufacturing juggernaut that encompassed manufacturing, mining and service sectors. Today company employs more than thousand employees all over the galaxy, its vast shipyards and X7 factory hubs are producing both tools of peace and weapons of war.

Although Vargheim Enterprises has expanded to thousands of employees across the galaxy, the roots of the corporation started deep within the Northern Regions of Kiffex in Clan Skelgard. The Skelgards have always had a rich and vibrant trading and mercenary culture on Kiffex and Kiffu, yet have been strongly isolationist when venturing outside the Azurbani system as the act of leaving is a cultural and social taboo. Exile from the Azurbani system is one the heaviest of punishments for Kiffars, especially within Clan Skelgard due to the Clan’s emphasis on kin and home. Yet with the galactic conflicts and chaos descending on the Azurbani system and influx of technology landing in the hands of rogue Kiffar groups and off-world pirates, it was necessary for Clan Skelgard to adopt off-world technology to combat against new, alien threats to their homeland. Sticking to their trading roots, the Vargheim Enterprise was created to facilitate the exchange with raw materials, Skelgard crafts and mercenaries for new technologies. The fine craftsmanship and unique Kiffar designs lead to great demands that could only be met with off-world expansion. The new nexus of Vargheim Enterprises is located off-world of Kiffex and now within the deepspace shipyard and X7 factory hub in the Kiffex Sector, trade, production and immigration is facilitated by Clan Skelgard and its retainers.

Vargheim Enterprises also own many smaller subsidiaries that are located through out the galaxy.


Mark I Assault Line

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Sentinel Line


Legionares Line

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Urban Knight Line

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Empire of Old Trooper Line

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Mandalorian Armor Line

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  • VargheimY18LOGO.png (Year 18)