Venari Haliat

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Venari Haliat
Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan
Homeworld Trandosha
Clan Aliit V'r'caah
House House Halissk
Mother Mundokk Halissk
Father Veneb Halissk
Marital Status Single
Children Zon Halissk, Zhad Halissk, Anon Drekk
Born Year 45 day 264 (BCGT)
Languages Dosh, Galactic Basic, Bocce, Hapan, Mando'a, Ryl, Catharese
Religion The Scorekeeper
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 218 cm (7ft 2in)
Eye Color Amber
Political Information
Affiliation Duskscale Clan

Mandalore (MandalTech)

Title Darth Scarr (Undercover)
Rank Scalelord of Duskscale


Prior Affiliation Pre-Empire Confederacy of Independent Systems (formerly)
"Sham Ba Davjäan inyameet"
— Venari Haliat

Venari Haliat is the Force-sensitive Trandoshan, scalelord of the Duskscale Clan. Haliat was in the service of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars but would become independent after the Jedi Purge. Years after the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Haliat would lead a coalition of his clansmen to explore the galaxy.


Early Life

Venari was born into the Duskscale Clan, the ruler of a powerful region on Trandosha. In his youth Venari was trained in the ways of fighting by his grandfather Tann Halissk, around this time he and his grandfather discovered his affinity with the Force, he would often train with a local shaman. He later joined the Confederate military, he changed his last name to Haliat since most non-Trandoshans seem to have a problem pronouncing Halissk. He would later inherit his father's role of Scalelord after the latter's death in a hunting trip on Kashyyyk.

Hutt Problems

Main article: Anon Drekk

Having transported mineral goods to Mandalorian space in a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, Venari decided to sleep in the hot parts of the ship during the entirety of the journey. Somewhere along the trip, pirates attacked his ship. During the boarding action, Venari first helped Aaryn Averrod repel the invaders. After the ship's defenders were all active and the pirates had been driven back onto their own ship. Soon, Venari and several other troops infiltrated the enemy craft, proceeding through the vessel's hallways.

During the short battle, Venari encountered a number of slaves that had belonged to the ship's Hutt captain. One, in particular, caught his attention, Anon Drekk (the name he was quickly given), which would be adopted by him later on in the following weeks.

Aliit V'r'caah


Venari Haliat, for a short time, was a member of a Sith cult called Tsis Tvarka Reborn in order to see if they were a threat to other force sensitives. Sometime after, the cult began recruiting sentients near Starport entrances and exits. During this recruitment drive, Haliat infiltrated Tsis Tvarka Reborn by merely using a Mind Trick against the unwitting recruiter. When their leader, known as Darth Xez at the time, was at a hastily erected encampment on Derra, Haliat found an opportunity to discern the threat posed by TTR as Xez was preparing his combat Armour. However, after sensing in the force Xez's presence, Haliat quickly found relief in that this Darth Lord was merely an impostor and possessed the Force-sensitivity of a Mynock and was merely mad in his own delusions. After the two locked onto each other's eyes, Haliat left the tent after successfully Mind Tricking him into forgetting he was present.

Afterward, Haliat abandoned the cult, along with a list of names of agents, informants, and advisers from various factions, as well as managing to turn three other members of the cult to abandon him. Haliat later engaged in a duel with Darth Xez after finally realizing his betrayal, however, Xez was easily defeated and fled like the coward he is. Xez would later, suffering from the humiliation of this event, changed his title to Darth Siege and began a spiral of grandeur until being captured by a Kaleesh and turned into Venari, who would keep Xez/Seige, real name Vos Keldom, as a "pet" and feed off him until the end of days.

"New Body"

In Y18, Venari was made aware of a databanks error that listed him as a Vurk, another species of sentient reptilian. Although he petitioned his status to be changed back to his true species, he does not hold out hope for the matter to be solved anytime soon.