Venom Kazvar

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Venom Jaitai Kazvar
Venom Kazvar Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Falleen[1]
Homeworld Corellia (adopted)
Mother Unknown
Father Demetri Kazvar
Spouse Jurel Simook
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Horizon Corporation
Title Warlord

Venom Jaitai Kazvar[2] was a powerful warlord in the Outer Rim Territories, a long-time rival of King Eldrik Kuraine of the Falleen Federation, and one of the richest entrepreneurs in the galaxy. An abrasive businessman, Kazvar was the autocratic ruler of the Horizon conglomerate which became a major threat to neighboring governments in the Outer Rim Territories. At the zenith of its power, Kazvar's Horizon conglomerate owned and controlled a diverse number of subsidiary companies including the Horizon Security Corporation, the Horizon Salvage Corporation, the Horizon Speeder Corporation, the Horizon Mining Corporation, Galactic Salvage Inc., Haven, and several others. His second-in-command was Tyr DeMeer who would later become the feared leader of Mandalore. However, Kazvar's vast empire spectacularly collapsed after the Battle of Ingo, a disastrous conflict against the united forces of the Trade Federation, the Hapes Consortium, the Falleen Federation, and the Antarian Rangers. Kazvar famously disappeared on the eve of the battle and then reappeared months later.

According to one legend, Kazvar eventually died aboard a Carrack Light Cruiser in Falleen Federation space while resisting arrest by Admiral Slip Stream, a former StarVengers officer. In another legend, Kazvar was murdered by a Sith assassin — Darth Knyte — after being lured into a trap. Following his demise, Kazvar's holdings were sold off piece-by-piece to various businessmen in the Core Worlds.[3] Today, Kazvar is often portrayed by galactic historians as a power-hungry financier, a political opportunist, and a failed empire-builder.


Early Career

Although he would later become a crucial figure in the galaxy, Venom Kazvar came from humble origins. He began his lucrative career as a small-time trader for the Falleen Federation and quickly amassed a small fortune. In Year 3, Kazvar joined The StarVengers, a legendary mercenary outfit led by Lukastar Narvaka (a.k.a. Lukakin Skywalker), Max Solusar, and Squall Chitose. When Narvaka declared a leave of absence and disappeared into the Unknown Regions, Kazvar launched a coup d'état, stole the StarVengers' battleships and merged its assets into his infamous Horizon Corporation. The Horizon Corporation became even more powerful near the end of Year 4 when Jim Stratus sold Galactic Salvage Inc. to Kazvar. Celebrating the success of his business endeavors, Kazvar married his long-suffering consort Jurel Simook on Year 4 Day 113.

Battle of Ingo

The Xenon

By this time, Kazvar's considerable holdings consisted of a conglomerate of subsidiary companies which orbited around the Horizon Security Corporation led by Kazvar himself. The latter corporation was headquartered on the planet of Cona. During a six month period, rumors claimed the Horizon Corporation was constructing a colossal fleet of vessels at the Cona shipyards. These upgraded capital ships included the modified Carrack Cruiser Apocalypse and the modified Modular Star Hauler Xenon which possessed a reinforced hull, upgraded shields, and was equipped with a hundred ion batteries.

As time passed, the Horizon Corporation became a pest in the Outer Rim Territories and was constantly threatening its neighbor, the New Anzat Order. Eventually, a coalition was formed between the Trade Federation, the Hapes Consortium, the Falleen Federation and the Antarian Rangers to eliminate the Horizon threat. Realizing the necessity of striking first, the Horizon Corporation attacked the Anzat stronghold of Ingo with the intent of stealing Anzat's Guardian cruisers and bolstering its fleet. In response, a coalition task force was dispatched to Ingo in order to repel the Horizon invaders.

Unfortunately, the Horizon invaders gained the advantage in the battle. The Horizon fleet entered the system with its formation centered around the Xenon and the Apocalypse. The fleet was complemented bya number of Carrack Cruisers and several squadrons of Y-Wings. The bulk of the New Anzat Order's defensive forces were destroyed or routed shortly. The Horizon forces managed to disable two or three of Anzat's Guardian cruisers and Horizon strike steams boarded the disabled vessels to claim them. Resistance was minimal after the initial attack. However, the coalition fleet arrived sooner than expected at a location just outside of Ingo.

Subsequent Downfall

Tyr DeMeer served as Kazvar's second-in-command.

During the battle, Kazvar mysteriously disappeared and the Horizon fleet fell under the command of Tyr DeMeer. At this point in the battle, the Horizon invaders were confronted with two choices: Retreat from Ingo and allow the New Anzat Order's forces to survive, or to continue the battle. Unexpectedly, a large fleet from the Hapes Consortium arrived from hyperspace to aid their Anzat allies. The Horizon forces were now out-gunned and out-manned in every aspect and with minimal room for tactical maneuvers within the Ingo system. DeMeer decided that it was better to retreat and fight another day than stay and perish in the space over Ingo. The Horizon fleet retreated into the darkness of space and regrouped. DeMeer ordered the fleet to plot a course towards Sullust. Following this voyage, DeMeer stepped down as leader of the Horizon forces and returned to Corellia.

Unconfirmed Death

Long after these events, Kazvar reappeared once more in the galaxy and attempted to fulfill his grand ambitions of interstellar conquest. None of these wild schemes came to fruition. According to one legend, Kazvar died aboard a Carrack Cruiser in Falleen Federation space while resisting arrest by Admiral Slip Stream, a Federation officer who had previously been a member of The StarVengers. In another legend, Kazvar was murdered by a Sith assassin — Darth Knyte — after being lured into a trap.


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