Veril Line Systems

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Veril Line Systems
VLS Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Simon Eusnomis
2IC Wade Flynn
Owner Simon Eusnomis
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 257
Political Information
Affiliation Empire of the Hand
Industry Recycling
Holosite [1]


Veril Line Systems was a small industrial company which specializes in reconstructing cities and recycling unneeded assets. Veril Line Systems was created by a group of sentients with years of experience in the engineering and mining industries of various factions. Veril Line Systems aims to be the most trustworthy and responsible team for all recycling needs. With the help of machinery such as EVS Construction Droids, GRZ-6B Wreckers and repair droids, its target is to establish its place as the main service provider for nearby dismantle and junk yards.

Veril Line Systems was recently purchased by The Empire of the Hand and is now a nationalised company, we offer our services to the whole of the galaxy from private individuals to Governments, we have a recycling solution to suit your needs. Services and pricing can be found on our holosite from a full recycling service, management of your own staff and data card rentals.

Datacards Owned