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Posted by: Cort Danakar - Faction: Veritas Press
Date: Year 16 Day 167 Location Onboard the YV-666 [VNI] Investigator in system Dreighton (-100, 250).

Veritas News Exclusive

Liberation of Kalee and the Abbaji System


Greetings Ladies and Gentlesentients, I am Astrid De LaRouge, Field Reporter and Operator for Veritas News Inc. In recent times, as most of you are aware, the Avance Coalition made a surprising move, and joined the Trade Federation, now one of the more prominent governments in the galaxy. Following the merger, the Trade Federation gained control of the entirety of the Zuma sector, with the exception of the Abbaji system, which remained controlled by the mining company, Kolkpravis (formerly Akheton Mining). The Federation transferred all of its assets on the Kaleesh homeworld, the planet Kalee within the Abbaji system, to Kolkpravis in a deal that many now believe was not in the best interests of the population.

One native of Kalee, Armus Zod, took it upon himself to speak on behalf of his brethren and protest the alleged mistreatment of the citizens of Kaleesh. Zod, known for his independently freelance lifestyle, made this statement regarding his hopes for the future of his homeworld.


:: Holo Recording - Start

The camera pans to a white room, containing both Astrid and Armus, sitting across from each other in white leather seats. Astrid holds a datapad as droids hover about the room, capturing the interview from different angles.

Astrid De LaRouge: Mister Zod, we all know you to be quite the lone wolf, and when it comes to large corporations, you seem to distrust them. But I must ask, is that distrust what spurred your anger towards Avance, or was there something else?

Armus Zod: Avance kept my home shielded, and the Trade Federation was no different. They would not allow Kaleesh access to our homeworld to hunt or to build. They disrespected our race.

Astrid De LaRouge: What do you hope to see from the new occupational government, Kolkpravis? Do you think we can hope to see any improvement in the treatment of the Kalee people?

Armus Zod: Kolkpravis showed interest in helping other Kaleesh, and giving access to the planet. It is too early yet to tell if this arrangement will benefit the Kaleesh as I do not know the group well. Hopefully this Kaleesh ruler is no puppet, and only has the best intentions for our race.

Astrid De LaRouge: Armus, I mentioned before your mistrust of large corporations... But would you be willing to work with Kolkpravis to reach an understanding? Would you be able to set aside your mistrust and work towards a common goal for yourself, and your people?

Armus Zod: It`s important to us, but so far it seems like we`re just another planet in the inventory to pass around, to trade. Just another asset.

Astrid De LaRouge:Thank you for your time, Armus. I wish you and your people the best of luck.

The cameras refocus, taking in the room as both parties stand, offering final parting thanks as the video coverage ends.

:: Holo Recording - End


Not long after, the leader of Kolkpravis (formerly Akheton Mining Corporation), Rael sul C`an, spoke briefly on the matter as well after being contacted by the same representative from Veritas Press.

Astrid 1.png
Astrid De LaRouge, moments after boarding the Dreadnaught {RsC} Leviathan.


:: Holo Recording - Start

Astrid De LaRouge: Do you believe this deal is in the best interest of the Kalee people, or in the best interests of Kolkpravis?

Rael sul C`an: I do believe it is in the best interest of my people. Let me ask you this... When was the last time Kalee was controlled by a Kaleesh? I haven`t studied the matter, but how many home worlds are actually controlled by their native sentients? As I have said, I have no plans to mar Kalee`s landscape with smoke stacks and mines. I want to see my home as pristine as possible. I am not exactly well known in the galaxy, but while I owned Naboo I was never overly restrictive with planetary access.

The camera cuts away from Rael, focusing once more on Astrid as she prepares to fire her next question.

Astrid De LaRouge:Regarding the recently acquired planet of Kalee, can we hope to see the Kaleesh people and your corporation work together, and share planetary access, as well as build rights?

The camera shifts to a different perspective, focusing on Rael`s calm demeanor, and waits for his response.

Rael sul C`an:It is my intention to let Kaleesh return to Kalee and visit their home. At present, my people are working on clearing the land of unneeded building sites that cover the planet. You can`t tell it from orbit but I would say that 95% of the terrain is developed, and we are stripping all of the non-essential areas to allow Kalee return to her natural state.

Kalee 1.png
Multiple images flash across the screen, displaying the view of Kalee from orbit. The final image fades, and the camera focuses on Rael sul C`an`s face once more.

Rael sul C`an:The question of build rights are a different matter altogether. There will only be minor construction going on Kalee. I don`t plan on dropping the shields, but access is not out of the question by arrangement. As for what if this is in the best interest of Kolkpravis, that is a loaded question. No one makes any deal that would be a detriment to themselves, but I am not sure what anyone thinks we would gain from the acquisition. You could keep in mind that we stepped out of the production game and traded a largely developed system for Abbaji so I can`t see the assumption that this was done to hurt my race.

Astrid De LaRouge:Also, as a last note, will Kolkpravis, as the prominent corporation in the system, offer career opportunities to young Kaleesh?

Rael sul C`an:Of course we offer jobs to any Kaleesh looking, and most anyone else for that matter. But there is more to this than that. My plan is to develop this group and make it centred around Kaleesh culture, helping us to work collaboratively with the Kaleesh people.

The holo-vid cuts out for a moment, revealing the Kolkpravis banner, before revering back to the the interview, showing both Astrid and Rael sitting across from one another once more.

Astrid De LaRouge: Thank you, Rael, it`s been a pleasure,

:: Holo Recording - End


Kalee faces hard times as it transitions from one hand to another, and its political and economic future remains shrouded in uncertainty. Will Kolkpravis chairman, Rael sul C`an, hold true to his word and help to restore Kalee to its natural state, and provide much needed jobs for the millions of young Kaleesh they`ve adopted through this trade agreement? Will the Kaleesh be allowed free access to their home world in the future, or will they be held at bay by shield generators and paperwork? And will we ever see an improvement in the treatment, and respect, of such a great minority race?

Time will tell, and all of us here at Veritas Press will cast a vigilant eye on Kalee until we find the answers to these questions. Until next time,

This has been Astrid De LaRouge, Field Reporter for Veritas News Inc.


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Zuma Sector

Mini System.gif Abbaji (-177, -255)
3306.png Kalee (12, 16)





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