Veritas Press

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Veritas Press
VP Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kiie Cristal
2IC Zrosh Echas
Headquarters Lorell, Hapes Cluster
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 54
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Information Provider
Holosite Veritas Holo Nexus

Veritas Press (sometimes abbreviated to VP or simply Veritas) is a pan-galactic, privately owned, GSPI-listed media syndicate, it is presently composed of six incorporated divisions, and at least two associated free media enterprises. Combined these many aspects of Veritas promote a number of crucial intellectual concepts, including: freedom of speech and expression; free access to information; and the presence of multiple layers to any truth. The truth, or perhaps more accurately, the quest for it, plays a crucial role in defining the Veritas Way; the corporate ethos.

In the quest for knowledge, the major and minor stories that they cover are broadcast from their home system, Lorell. Here also lies the headquarters the Veritas Axon; former palace of House Antaria now redefined to serve as nerve centre for galaxy-wide information networks. Those seeking the finest in information, technology and news coverage have come to the right place. With incorporated media, engineering, sales and security divisions – as well as sister company the Galactic Stock Exchange – all under the Veritas banner, they offer a wide range of solutions to cater to an almost infinite number of customer needs.


Brainchild of Artemis de Chatillon and his friend Budai Gautama Tiure, the diminutive but vocal Veritas Press News Service emerged as a rebellious ‘voice of truth’ and champion of grassroots activism, among silent masses in the tense aftermath of a galaxy long embroiled in an extended war of attrition. The motto “YOU CAN’T STOP THE SIGNAL!” was popularised and made corporate slogan, after attempts by regional authorities in Ord Cantrell to shut down a Veritas-rigged satellite grid broadcasting a pirate signal were successfully thwarted by a coordinated hacking initiative of computer enthusiasts. This event in no small way helped usher Veritas into galactic consciousness, and by early Year 12 (Y12D53) the company had successfully established itself on the GNS as a news provider of lasting impact.

However, as Year 12 was nearing its end, both Artemis and Gautama left Veritas Press, favouring a quiet, retired life in the Outer Rim. With the two founding members gone, Asarya Katr led the corporation for a small amount of time, whilst searching for somebody to guide Veritas into the future. Then she discovered Mustafa al-Qadrim. He acquired the company and stepped in as Creative Director. In early Year 13 the corporate structure was revitalised and strengthened many projects and ideas began to take shape and stability was gained through the sheer determination and effort of each member of the syndicate.

The recruitment of Kiie Cristal, highly celebrated Imperial Governor, as Vice President was the next turning point in the history of the corporation, and coupled with the return of Vitruvius Bakara as Editor-in-Chief of Veritas News Inc., the Directorate and leadership was looking stronger than ever. With increased publicity and many potential buyers, the media syndicate began to make plans of its becoming a Conglomerate Company. At the turn of the year, Kiie Cristal is granted the position of Chief Executive Officer of Veritas Press.

In the final period of Year 13, Veritas reached a Golden Age of prosperity, with Finar Ambrose and Andy Longshot both being elevated to the Terrefel Reiki as Vice President and Security Chief respectively. The Veritas Engineering Corps was revamped under Alexander Darkstar and the Galactic Stock Exchange (formerly a Free Media Enterprise, now an incorporated Division) and the Stock Price Index (SPI) was undergoing revival at the hands of Ardu Nillian.

The early phases of Year 14 saw turbulent changes in leadership, as Andy Longshot swore allegiance to the Dark Star Hellions, and Allendi Solvan tendered his resignation and retirement. Ardu Nillian was made CEO of GSE and welcomed to the Directorate. Vicious murder of Mr. Darkstar by Fleur de'Rouge was slightly offset by the capture and subsequent life imprisonment of her ally in crime, Jay Ord. As Mr. Ambrose moved to direct Engineering operations, close kin Val Ambrose made a surprise appearance and stepped up to aid his brother in VEC. Jorus Serto was appointed Editor-in-Chief in recognition of his skill and dedication to VNI - Veritas GNS broadcasts broke new viewer records. The Derra virus changed Finar Ambrose on the genetic level, turning him into a Hutt - wanderlust struck, and he stepped down from Vice Presidency nonetheless remaining active in the community. Revolutionary advancements in cybernetics and information technology encouraged lateral thinking as Veritas Technologies 3000 series datapads were unveiled to the public. In accordance with its free research initiative programme Veritas launched specialised solutions for governments, corporations and organisations - particularly to the benefit of non-profit organisations. Mr. Nillian, for tireless inspiration is by unanimous vote was made a Senior Partner of Veritas Press.

Later on in that year, Orion Jenru, decorated Imperial officer and venerable friend of Mustafa al-Qadrim, was welcomed to Veritas. He assumed command of VSEC, transforming it with capable lieutenants and infrastructure developments into the taskforce VARDA. Meanwhile, Wolfgang von Schlavendorf, recently promoted to Division Adjunct of GSE, took responsibility of GSPI introducing his 'dailies' on stock market developments. Jorus Serto unveiled plans for the Veritas News Nexus, which under Directorate oversight evolved into a layered Holonet/Holoboard concept. The outlined corporate colony of Rehemsa became a partnership between GSE, VARDA, and VEC, and Val Ambrose spearheaded efforts to implement the first phase of construction.

Leadership Structure

The Syndicate Three is the mind, body, and soul of Veritas Press. It is a triumvirate of councils, and three distinct layers, or rings, of authority within Veritas' leadership.

The Soul : Terrefel Reiki The Mind : The Veritas Board The Body : The Directorate

Terrefel Reiki, also known as the Terrefel Group or simply 'the Group,' is the ultimate authority within the Syndicate. The smallest constituent part of the triumvirate, it carries the greatest burden of responsibility over all facets of Veritas. While Group members are defined as full equals in say, some internal distinction exists, for the Group is divided into a core of voting individuals with the power to ratify any agenda and two greatly respected categories of non-voting advisors.

The Board, or the Veritas 'one percenters', as they are sometimes called in galactic media, are the Syndicate’s policy-making organ; introducing projects and presenting them to Terrefel Reiki for scrutiny, ultimately leading to the Directorate for review and action. This gathering is comprised of corporate directors, enterprise leaders, senior partners, and other illuminaries affiliated with Veritas.

While the Veritas Board is the syndicate's policy-making group, the Directorate is composed of its executive leadership and managers of the corporate divisions of Veritas. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the head of the Directorate; seconded by the Vice President (VP), also master of personnel, who regularly liaisons between the Syndicate and corporate divisions/free media enterprises.

Past Leaders