Vex Kyru Sevadris

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"So... this is what it is like being offworld. Dathomir give me strength"
— Vex Kyru Sevadris, upon arriving at the Imperial Academy.
"The Empire accepted me with open arms, yet I can not serve to my full potential... because I am part Zabrak. Curse's!"
— Vex, after rejection of her Naval Service request.

Vex Kyru Sevadris
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak/Dathomirian
Homeworld Dathomir
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Volfe De Rayne
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 193
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 6'4
Coloring Pale Skin (White), Charcoal Hair
Eye Color Crimson (Pigment Tampering)
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Junior Assistant
Positions N/A
Prior Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom

Vex Kyru Sevadris, is a Dathomirian Nightsister, whom has yet to be proven Force Sensitive and therefor was never a true member of her culture. During the year 12, on the 200th day, she set out on a mission to enlist for galactic service under the Galactic Empire, to which she succeeded with in the year 13. Prior to leaving her home of Dathomir, while she was still very young, Vex occasionally wandered far from her village to spy on encampments of Off-Worlders. It was during these excursions that she had originally heard about the tales of the Empire; at this time still a foreign thing to her.

During her earlier years, she happened to see an Imperial Convoy depart the planet and fly through the skies above. It was at that time that young Vex knew she would day wanted to fly such a gorgeous Sky-ship, which she later found out was an Imperial Star Destroyer.