Victor von Ismay

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Count Victor von Ismay XVI
Biographical Information
Race Coruscant
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Xalil Zaarin
Father Victor von Ismay XV
Spouse Several
Siblings Alexander Tylger, Gavin von Ismay, Kaninen Tylger, Jennifer Tylger, Cordelia Tylger, Kattarina
Children House Ismay
Born Year -60
Died Year 5 Day 331
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation House Ismay
Title Conte (House Ismay)
Positions Moff of Corellia

Victor von Ismay's parents separated when he was very young and he was raised primarily by his father and namesake. After working for a time in the family's business holdings, Ismay began his Imperial career as Governor of the Bilbringi system. While serving in the Imperial Government he also became an agent of Imperial Intelligence, rising to the rank of Chief with responsiblity for the propaganda operations of the agency.

On Year 3 Day 317, Sector Adjutant Ismay was promoted to Moff of the Corellian Sector by Emperor Charon. During the reign of Emperor Greyson Uebles, he was appointed Minister of Propaganda for a period. Unlike many other members of Imperial High Command, Victor von Ismay continued to serve through the reigns of Emperors Uebles and Vodo Bonias. Near the end of his life he was appointed Chief Executive of the newly nationalised Xucphra Corporation and given responsiblity for building up the Empire's medical infrastructure and supplies of bacta.

Ismay was vacationing at Thyferra when the Eidola pirate Teniel Djo infiltrated his Star Destroyer using credentials faked by Cam Antilles, an old friend of Victor's who was serving as deputy head of Xucphra. Xanathar Branwen would later claim credit for masterminding the assasination, although speculation remained that Xya Howie, Dark Princess of the Black Sun and ex-wife of Victor, was truly behind it.

A number of his children would go on to be notable in their own right.