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System Vinsoth
Sector Quelii
Galactic Coordinates (130, 257)
System Coordinates (11, 10)
Astrographic Entry Vinsoth
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: desert, grassland, glacier
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 814,683 inhabitants
Controlled By Chevin
Governor None
Magistrate None
Sentient Races Chevin

The planet Vinsoth is the capital of the Vinsoth system, Quelii sector.


Vinsoth, home to the Chevin, is a dry planet characterized by endless plains interrupted by a vast desert. Most of the planet's water is locked away in large glacial formations at the north and south poles. While small villages dot the entire planet, there is only one major city, Chev, which hosts the planet's only starport. While the zoo at Chev is popular, most of the off-world tourism is focused around wildlife observation expeditions outside the city.

A large colony of humans, known as the Chev, resided on Vinsoth thousands of years ago. As the Chevin and the Chev both grew in population size, they fought vast and bloody wars for control of territory and natural resources. The Human colonists were nearly driven out of the planet before the two sides reconciled. They now live in harmony, though occasional tension exists, with each side accusing the other of whitewashing certain atrocities committed during the wars.

Ternion Corps Training Grounds

Between Year 21 and Year 24, Ternion Corps operated a large training complex at Umalor, a suburban area north of the city of Chev. The training facilities closed down after Ternion Corps relocated to |Austan System in Arkanis Sector. Ternion Corps paid the planetary government the contracted amount of fees and ended the 5-year lease ahead of schedule.