Viraxo Industries

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Viraxo Industries
General Information
Status Active
Leader Coleman Rendar
Owner Dac Kain
Historical Information
Founded Year 17 Day 143
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrotica Conglomerate
Industry Manufacturing
Holosite Mecrotica Conglomerate

Viraxo Industries, formerly simply Viraxo, was the transportation branch of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. As the need to provide public transportation services became less a priority, the corporation internalized into a branch of the Mecrosa organization. Fueled by the passion of Dominic von Black, patriarch of and close friend to the Kain family, Viraxo Industries is the manufacturing hub for the Mecrotica Conglomerate. The blood, sweat, and tears of Mr. Von Black grew Viraxo Industries into a thriving organization within an organization. Ready to once again stand on her own, Viraxo Industries joins her sister companies Mecrosa, Xucphra, and Renew as the forth group of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. Continuing to focus inward and supply her sisters with the tools of their prospective trades, Viraxo Industries currently does not sell her wares to the public. Instead, they provide management services backed by the trusted names of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, the Kain family, and House Black.


Viraxo Industries is, in fact, a revival of a disbanded organization within the Mecrotica Conglomerate previously known simply as Viraxo. Viraxo was a transport group which merged the brand-name recognition and history of the Viraxo Shipping line and the strength of another shipping company: Galactic Freightways.

Galactic Freightways

Founded in Year 10 by Jaghatai Khan and Slai`fon Zih, Galactic Freightways (GF) began humbly as a sentient transport business, but quickly became a premier multi-modal transport service provider with an extensive team of pilots and logistics personnel operating out of the Abrion Sector. To offer further value to their clients, GF invested in its own ship production and repair facilities to further its range and transport capacity. Soon enough, Mecrosa, a trading and transport group led by Dac Kain, began sub-contracting with GF to handle smaller transport duties and the two companies found the arrangement was exceedingly beneficial to both of their businesses.

While the Galactic Freightways star was rising, Viraxo Shipping's was fading. Though it once dominated multiple markets, decades of inept leadership and neglect saw Viraxo bleed clients and pilots. Its CEO, K'Armyn Viraxo, hoarded his inherited wealth and the company's dwindling profits. His daughter, Grace Viraxo, became disgusted with her father's mismanagement of the family's legacy. Declining a role in upper-management upon maturity, she set out to pursue her own destiny.

While working in a prominent hotel in Crevasse City, Grace met and married Jonathon Logan, who was a stakeholder in what was to become a very successful mining operation. Though K'Amryn had refused to meet his new son-in-law, he disapproved of the union and viewed it as an intolerable disrespect to the family. When Grace refused her father's demands to have the marriage annulled, K'Amryn publicly disowned his only heir. However, after a sudden heart attack took him two decades later, it was revealed that the shipping magnate had failed to update his will; Grace was still the sole heir of what little remained of the once lucrative Viraxo Shipping business and her father's much more substantial cash reserves. Approaching their retirements, the Logans were not inclined to take on the management of a failing business far from their home on Corellia. Their daughter Alysia, however, had recently married Dac Kain, and as the newly weds worked together to build up a successful business empire, Grace saw that Viraxo could be a new opportunity for her daughter.

Grace gave the Viraxo legacy to Alysia Kain, along with the inherited credits from K'Amryn Viraxo's personal accounts, but little remained of the actual shipping business beyond its name. Galactic Freightways, meanwhile, approached Dac Kain about finding investors to help the group achieve its goal of serving the vast markets outside their sector. A deal was drawn that would have Alysia provide that investment, in exchange for a controlling share of the group's stock. In Year 11, Galactic Freightways officially became part of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, fusing with Viraxo.

By combing the experienced pilots and fleet of Galactic Freightways, the investment and clientele of Viraxo Shipping, and the guidance of Mecrotica, Viraxo aimed to serve the transport market with speed and reliability.


In the years following the merger, Viraxo began again to fall into disrepair. This time, however, was not the fault of the leadership, but of an unfortunate decline in patronage. The vast galactic market for transportation was dwindling, and as the need declined, so did the need for Viraxo's existence. Slowly Viraxo faded into the background until it became nothing more than a department within Mecrotica. By Year 14 there was nothing left of the company, as its fleet and employees were transferred to Mecrosa for reassignment. Many of its ships and employees are still with Mecrotica to this day.

Rebirth & Viraxo Industries

In the middle of Year 17, the lights in the Viraxo department sprung to life again. This time, her name was to be used as a brand for a manufacturing company under Mecrotica's watchful eye. Dubbed Viraxo Industries, the company sought to rebuild its name with the fires of industry. Fueled by the passion of Dominic von Black, patriarch of House Black and close friend to the Kain family, Viraxo Industries produces almost everything for the Mecrotica Conglomerate. The constant movement of materials, workers, and datacards to the various production facilities the Conglomerate owns keeps the needs of the Conglomerate met. The blood, sweat, and tears of Dominic have grown Viraxo Industries into a thriving organization within an organization. Ready to once again stand on its own, Viraxo Industries joins her sister companies as the fourth group of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. Continuing to focus inward and supply her sisters with the tools of their prospective trades, Viraxo Industries currently does not sell her wares to the public.

Since its creation and management of all Shipyards and Factories inside the Phu Sector, unemployment in the sector has hit record lows as wages have skyrocketed under the Viraxo banner. Great care is taken by Viraxo to ensure the thousands of workers under the production arm of Mecrotica receive the best pay and benefits in the galaxy. Workers also receive free medical benefits from Xucphra. Led by visionaries like von Black and Coleman Rendar, Viraxo continues to grow and expand its operations across the Phu Sector and its products can be seen across the galaxy.

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