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A Chiss Nightclub that started as the officers's club for the CEDF, it now is open to the public. Located in the city of As'ciel on Csilla in a Hotel Complex owned by Chiss Ascendancy.


Atraena Sarethi an officer of the CEDF, founded Vocehn as a social gathering for Chiss officers during the Aristocracy of Rachel Keiko-sho. After Rachel's abdication, Sarethi resigned and disappeared. Prard`aga Rono encouraged House Yar to not only purchase the club but move it to a new hotel on Csilla.

A large entertainment complex on Csilla that is the most popular locale for the elite of Csilla and visiting offworlders. It was briefly relocated to the orbiting Csibei Station while finding its new home in the open port city of As`ciel in Year 22. By the end of Year 22, renovations on the new complex had been competed, including many of the same features as the older site at K`eb but also some new venues


Vocehn’s Main entrance gives off a sense of sophistication yet simplicity and it seems to blend seamlessly with an understated elegance. The burgundy, gold and other accenting colours brought to how well this place is., the floors are made of sleek marble and there strategically placed crystal chandeliers hang on the ceiling which cast a welcoming glow on the patrons as they enter.



The Manager of the Casino is the strict but caring , tall and silver-haired Chiss Adelina’str’akins(Astra). Concerned with the rules and keeping order, she sees it as more a means to an end for keeping taking her of her own people. Born into House Adelina, how much she considers herself independent of that House is not something she publicly shares.

Clarr’in’astra(Rina) is a chiss who works in the casino, most commonly taking customer requests. She is known to be very kind and excited, showing a genuine interest in her job.

Zilke is a Kaleesh. She works security at the casino and is known to be calm and kind, but with an aggresive side on occassion.

Coduyo’lan’david(Yolanda) will make it very clear that she wants no trouble from any customer, but and deal with any customer who tries to start such trouble.

Nakesh’ann’onaga(Shannon) is a chiss interior artist, specializing in interior decorating. She is the top choice for many private and corporate customers seeking to renovate their spaces. Her fame skyrocketed after she won the contract to redecorate banquet hall space aboard the Csibei Station. Now she has long term contract to do continuous improvements of Vocehn in both the casino and other areas of As`ciel. She has a reputation of being very helpful.

Adelina’aro’noble(Aaron) is partial owner of the casino. It is a matter of personal pride for Aaron and he is always on the lookout for other games of chance.

The human Walter from Relus can be found among the bar staff known for telling "dad jokes" and being very caring towards his coworkers and customers. The Thyferran Leo also works at the bar is known for spreading rumors and an interest in gossip.

Frequent Customers

The Middle Aged Chiss Obbic’onn’eric(Conner) runs the mechanic shop at the spaceport in As`ciel. Known to visit the casino between shifts, he is known for being as hard a worker of any his employees. Coming to Vocehn appears to be his favorite downtime activity.

Nakesh’aur’yach(Shaurya) is an older chiss civilian. They have been known to both cautious of and curiousity towards non-chiss.

Prard’avi’decan is a middle aged chiss who visits Vocehn in between duty shifts as a utility worker in Csilla's tunnels. They come across as cold and detached, and can often been found tinkering.

The silver-haired Obbic’ai’neal(Cain) is the Chief of Spaceport Security. She can often be found in Vocehn when following up on an investigation or during their off time, but makes every effort to conceal which.

Mitth’aira’sabosen(Thairas) is a near enigma beyond her name. She works spaceport security.

Working alongside Thairas is the human Avery, known to be from Lysatra whose moved to Csilla when he felt that it was a better option than his homeworld.

Merritt is an alderaanian who has been on Csilla for over 7 years, hoping to escape conflict on his homeworld. They are known to be kind and helpful.

Droc’aitli’neal(Caitlin) is known as a cranky older woman by staff and other frequent customers. Despite being a civilian, she does seem to have some unknown degree of influence in chiss society.

Prard’aley’zaina(Daleyza) is the Head of Utilities for As`ciel. She is a known workaholic

Coduyo’rda’nuroudo(Yordan) is known to be xenophobic towards chiss and non-chiss alike. A peculiar outlook, as they the head of one of the main shipping company that transfers goods between csilla's tunnels and the spaceport.

Bridging the gap between Yordan and his employees is Chaf’in’nuroudo(Finn) , his Chief of Security

Obbic’aide’noble(Caiden) owns one of the shops in Vocehn, geared towards selling replicas of chiss artifacts along with other items designed to allow offworlders to have a "taste of Csilla" to take home with them.

Jorsa is from Sriluur and works at one of the shops in the spaceport. He is obsessively concerned with cleanliness.

The Bothan Moth is a Bothan Freelance merchant who makes trips to Csilla. Known for being uptight due to a strict commitment to his schedule.

Sunax formerly worked at the shipyards before becoming a pilot for Star Tours, which excels at fast transport of VIPs between the homeworlds of the galaxy.


Vocehn is considered the Sovereign Territory of the Chiss Ascendancy, and therefore all patrons must act in accordance with the Chiss Legal Code. Only authorized personnel may be armed upon entering Vocehn, all other patrons must surrender their weapons to security staff before entering(Wearing ceremonial Armor and Weapons is permitted). Unauthorized use of force abilities or violations of the Chiss Law are grounds for removal. Exiled Chiss will not be permitted entry.