Vorian Hadal

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Vorian Hadal
Biographical Information
Race Selkath
Homeworld Manaan
Clan Aetos
House Bes'uliik
Born Y14 BCGT
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.6m / 5’3”
Weight 60 kg / 132 lbs
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation The Creators
Title Architect
Prior Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate


Early Background

Born into a well-off merchant family of Manaan, Vorian was the third of four offspring. Naturally, the eldest received the most privilege in the family business, and Vorian wound up being tasked with shuttling the family’s wares from place to place while the other, more ‘senior’ siblings had more direct roles. Not successful enough to trade offworld, Vorian’s family shipped goods between the kolto companies and foreigners.

Essentially a glorified quartermaster, Vorian had his lot in life fairly well established until one fateful day the cargo sub he was overseeing was attacked by a large and rambunctious firaxan shark. The sub’s countermeasures did little to help and the cheap sub, little more than a box with a propeller, was doomed. But the Force was watching out for him, for his salvation was already aboard the sub.

One of Manaan’s wealthiest clans had purchased a savage krakana from Mon Calamari as an exotic pet, and this happened to be Vorian’s cargo. As the sub lost power, the krakana escaped its force-field enclosure and butchered the rest of the crew. Breaking off its assault on the ship, the firaxa engaged the krakana in a deadly dance in three dimensions while the sub plummeted down one of Manaan’s deepest trenches.

Trapped within the twisted, shredded shell of the sub his family was too cheap to reinforce, Vorian’s well-fed posterior couldn’t squeeze through the mangled wreckage. Stranded in the deepest darkness, serrated shrapnel embedded deeply in his side, Vorian gave up and waited to die.

And waited.

And waited.

But the Force had other plans for him, as Vorian’s wreck had settled atop a kolto vent, and this miraculous substance brought him back from the razor’s edge of doom. For six months—an eternity in pitch-blackness of the trench—Vorian was stuck in the wreckage, living off of unrefined kolto and marine snow, until he was finally emaciated enough to simply swim through the mauled wreckage. Alone, barely alive, Vorian clawed his way up the food chain until he found another Selkath pod.

Finally reunited with his family, his ordeal having focused his will and sharpened his mind, Vorian claimed his share of the family assets, liquidated them to secure a ship, and took to the stars.

Fish Takes To The Stars

His first venture was piloting for Rivengold Industries. Sitting inside a cockpit was something he knew well, zoning off during long hyperspace trips just like the long sub trips he used to make. It was even similar in that if you didn’t pull the stop lever on time, you crashed into your destination.

But every calm and quiet job eventually becomes too dreary, too dull, and Vorian wanted more. Something more exciting than watching hyperlines zip past for days on end, just to turn around and watch the same hyperlines on the return trip.

Finding An ORDinary Home

It’s not that Vorian didn’t like Mr. Rivengold, it’s more that Avelyn ca Vella just made him a better offer, and on Y20 D21, Vor was doing his job with a Cantrell Conglomerate sticker on the side of his ship now, and a planet called Ord Cantrell as his home.

The Guildmistress saw more potential in Vorian than he saw in himself, and pushed him to study computers. She had an odd way of teaching him to learn computers, though: she gave him a shotgun, some bacta, and said, “Go kill things for a couple months.” It made no sense to Vor, but hey, he was being paid to do it, so whatever. Soon enough, he was accomplished as a software scientist and raw material surveyor. Go figure, eh?

Now Vorian had a legit vocation, prospecting, for Orbital Research and Design. It was pretty great, as well. He got to work his own hours, and made solid credits. His bank account was actually in the positive for the first time in forever.

On Y21 D127, Vorian saw in the galactic news that Cantrell Institute of the Arts was founded. He had to read the article several times because it listed him as the Chancellor. Someone had actually put him in charge of a faction. This was one of the best days of his life so far, and he quickly set to making plans. Besides selling SySat DCs and Zoo Stations, Vorian began stockpiling resources to create a galaxy-wide SySat network and sought out the services of nearly a thousand Scouts to create vision grids across the most visited planets…plans that were destroyed on Y23 D8 when across the entire galaxy, nefarious bandits began destroying everything they could get their sights on. Left with raw materials for over two thousand now-worthless SySats, Vorian had to go home and rethink his life.

A Forceful Fish

On Y22 D218, Vorian was summoned for an audience with one Sadie de Chatillon. She had some weird questions for him, and eventually made him put his hand in a box? It was painful, but at the end of it, she informed Vor that he’d won the genetic lottery, as the Force had sparked within him. It was also a twofold declaration, for Harmonia de Chatillon was also found to be attuned to the Force that very same day, with Sadie proud to have discovered them both.

Despite sharing the same ForceDay and the same discoverer, Vorian and Harmonia would develop in diametrically opposed directions. Two sides of the same coin, Harmonia was drawn to delve deeply into the dark arts while Vorian pursued the light side, joining the Jedi Order on Y22 D284, though he departed the Order on Y24 D190.

On that fateful day he was found to be force-sensitive, Vorian won the coin flip, and got to train with Master Sadie first. This would start him on the path ahead of his Force Sister, and give him bragging rights. But their time together was short, and Vorian still thirsted for more. Enter the Master of Thirst, Yasira Shran. Her teaching style was radically different. While Sadie was more academic and instructional, Yasira was very hands-on and aggressively pushed Vorian out of the boundaries of what he was comfortable with. Through her vigorous instruction, Yasira taught through deed and action as much as through word & speech, and Vorian’s progress was as relentless as Yasira’s methods. Before long, Yasira was running out of lessons to impart, and the two amicably parted ways.

Now that Vorian was free, he was eager to share all that he had learned, and had far surpassed his first master, Sadie. It was she who wanted to learn from Vorian now, and her tutelage was scheduled to begin Y23 D51 but it was canceled with Vorian’s notification to Cantrell’s leadership that he would be departing the Conglomerate. Sadie declined to begin her apprenticeship with the receipt of this news, and she took over as interim Chancellor of CIA.

In his new home, Vorian had the fortune to discover that one of his coworkers, a sparky Togruta by the name of Alaenoor Shouna, was exhibiting signs of force sensitivity, and the two embarked upon a master/student tutelage that continues to this day.

The Creator Of A Fishhook

Just as Vorian had left Rivengold Industries because Ava gave him a better offer, now he was leaving Cantrell because another had given him an even better offer. This offer came from one San Krar, a Muun with whom Vorian was familiar, for San had cut his teeth at Gordian Reach Authority, a close friend of the Cantrell Conglomerate.

What could possibly be a better deal than leading your own faction, setting your own hours, and performing whatever work you wanted? Well, harkening back to Vorian’s origins, coming from a mercantile family, and with his shotgun-study of computers and mathematics, Vorian was incredibly numbers-smart. He couldn’t process as quickly as a Muun’s computerized brain could, but Vorian’s savvy more than compensated for a lack of biocomputational raw processing power, and San needed someone to run the diplomatic and trading aspect of his new venture - Hyrotii Ventures, the mining arm of The Creators. Vorian was exceptionally suited to this position, taking to his new duties in earnest, so on Y23 D222, he was promoted to the level of Architect and became the chief officer of Hyrotii.

Odds & Ends

  • Vorian joins the Ga-Lactic Dairy Conglomerate (GLDC) with the galaxy’s largest herd of Thala-Sirens, topping out at 57 of the beautiful creatures.
  • Vorian participated in the first ever UFC #1 held by The Skulls Swoop Gang on Y21 D234, as the opening fight of the night. His opponent was Nisru Blackwing. Vorian, the underdog, won with a Technical Knock Out in the 3rd round, having scored more points than his opponent.
  • UFC #4 on Y22 D24, Vorian’s opponent was Jido Kalradia, and Vorian again won, making his record 2-0-0.
  • GFL #1, Vorian’s opponent was Burgo NaKuda. In a shark vs whale story, Vorian again claimed victory. Burgo retired from fighting on the spot. Vorian’s record was now 3-0-0, the highest it would ever be, and it was at this point that Vorian should have retired from dueling.
  • UFC Rematch vs Jido Kalradia, The Grudge Match. Jido wanted a do-over, and Vorian was kind enough to agree. It was instantly clear that Jido had upped his game, and Vorian took his first-ever loss, now ranking at 3-1-0
  • Private Duel vs Kassandra Aetos, Y22 D328. Desiring The Fish of Cantrell to join Aliit Aetos, Kassandra challenged Vorian to a duel. If Vorian succeeded, then Kassandra would leave him alone as he clearly had nothing to learn. If Kassandra was victorious, Vorian would be a member of Clan Aetos. And who should win this duel but Kassandra. Vorian’s perfect record was now down to 3-2-0, and he was ofishally on a losing streak, but the real treasure was the friends he made along the way.