Vorsia Companion

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Vorsia Companion
Vorsia Companion.png
System Vorsia
Sector Neshig
Galactic Coordinates 96, 90
System Coordinates 4, 5
Astrographic Entry Vorsia Companion
Type Moon
Primary Terrain: Jungle.gif Forest.gif
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 24,475,759
Controlled By One Nation Under Jou

Vorsia Companion is a large moon orbiting a Gas Giant in the Vorsia system. The surface of the moon was entirely covered in dense woodlands and jungles, however, since the easiest colonisation much of the vegetation has been cleared out to make room for urban development. Though what remains of the jungles still has great impact on the climate, causing high daytime temperatures and significantly colder nights. Prolonged rainy seasons are also common on Vorsia Companion.

Details about the first settlers on the moon are lost to history. The first recorded government of the moon was established by the original Bounty Hunters Guild when they found an abandoned base and claimed it for their own. The Guild developed many large cities on the surface, the population quickly increased, and eventually the Guild turned it into a large recruitment center and a military base. Every city hosted a number of barracks for all its paramilitary personnel. Unsurprisingly, the culture became highly militaristic and almost every citizen served in the armed forces at least once during their lives.

After internal struggle within the Bounty Hunters Guild, the government of the moon was crippled and the population succumbed to chaos and crime when control was given to the Black Sun syndicate. This was in exchange for assets stolen from the Guild by its former Second-In-Command Karl Korne. It did not take long for the crime syndicate to gain total control over the moon and establish a new political system. It is believed the moon was overseen by former Vigo Tar Alaks, as the only palace on the surface was known as the Vigo's summer retreat. After some time, Black Sun lost interest and the moon's control was sold into private hands, including Aries Rathakar and Anakin Aikinar, respectively. It is unknown what changes the moon underwent; however, population and crime levels remained high during this time.

In late Year 11, the control of the highly populated moon was sold to Lilith Delcroix. At that time she was part of the Black Sun Family and so it was easier for her to root out independent crime cells and decrease their activities. However, the moon remained independent from all political bodies and under her sole ownership, which was not fully welcomed by the populace. City administrators had enjoyed relative freedom for many years, but Lilith believed a political system with a single figure with absolute authority would be far more effective and efficient.

Landscape of Vorsia Companion.
City on Vorsia Companion.

Despite its militaristic heritage the moon lacked any form of united armed forces or a defense fleet. This is attributed to the fact that only the core population held the military tradition, while most of the other cities could barely sustain the number of people they contained. With the help of Black Sun Family, hired mercenaries and her own small private fleet, Lilith was able to quickly secure the orbit and airspace due to very little opposition. As the owner of all the major infrastructure, Lilith’s forces cut off power to whole cities at a time to minimize resistance. Some cities were without power for several days and among the original population it is remembered as "The Blackout".

After all the major cities were secured, the power began to be restored and the people were informed about the new form of government that was being established. Taking the moon's palace did not go without bloodshed and collectively Lilith's forces were called "Bloodthrone" by the locals, which later became their official name. After peace was achieved Lilith began her reign by proclaiming herself Sovereign Countess. From the several groups, clans, and corporations that held power in the main population areas, the three most prominent ones were approached to help form families and a council that would govern districts of the moon, act as advisors and to rule in the sovereign's absence.

Since then the moon enjoyed times of prosperity and stability. Despite orbiting a Trade Federation controlled planet, Vorsia Companion remained isolated and had little contact with the system’s government until Year 14 when development expanded into orbit and beyond. Several industrial space stations were built with the cooperation of the Federation to enhance the moon's economy, which prompted the larger government to improve the system's defenses with more military stations. Relationship with the Trade Federation continued to develop until Year 16 when Lilith was discharged from office of Regional Governor. The moon later received further support from the Tion Hegemony government whilst Lilith was the First Lady of Tion between Year 18 and Year 21. When Lilith’s wife Stephanie Barefoot resigned from her role as Lady Hegemon, Vorsian Crown expanded its territories to Morobe system and created One Nation Under Jou.

The capital of Vorsia Companion is Bloodthrone city, located in the moon's southern hemisphere. The palace, which was once a crime lord’s summer retreat, has been enriched with grandiose golden spires and countless windows, reassembling a cathedral fortress. Today it is the seat of power of the ruling government. The rest of the city contains entertainment centers for its citizens, luxurious skyscrapers and streets filled with statues. It also houses the largest hospital on the moon. The support and resources Countess Lilith was able to secure through her service in larger governments allowed a high standard of living to be common across the vast majority of the moon.