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System Voss
Sector Allied Tion
Galactic Coordinates (352, 264)
System Coordinates (6, 11)
Astrographic Entry Voss
Type Temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: River, Mountain, Grassland, Forest, Glacier, Ocean
Rotational Period {{{rotation}}}
Orbital Period {{{orbital}}}
Population 590,319,241
Controlled By Tion Hegemony
Governor Tion Hegemony
Magistrate {{{magistrate}}}

Planet Voss was at one time the centerpiece of the strategic Tion Cluster, but it is now a poor, fringe planet isolated by neglect and its position just beyond the Perlemian Trade Route. Numerous ruins across the planet’s surface tell a tale of the wealth that was once held there.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient tyrant Xim the Despot built an opulent city and immense treasure vaults on Voss. These vaults and Xim's city are located near a cold lake on the southernmost of Voss' continents. This city was once an impressive metropolis designed by Xim's engineers but it has since fallen into poverty and ruin. The outermost of the apparently empty vaults house the Dellaltian Bank and Currency Exchange and the Landmark Preservation Office, while the actual treasure vaults lie below these empty decoys. The vaults are studded with anti-weapon defenses and hold a now-worthless cache of Librium and mytag crystals.

Though its economy has never reached a shadow of its former infamous glory under Xim, Voss does have a working economy. Large mining operations have flourished on Voss, stabilizing the once volatile drift, the planetary currency that dates back millennia. Humans and the random Mon Calamari are the primary settlers in the world, largely occupied in the mining and ship transport fields. Most of these settlers take root in the large abandoned structures that still stand from the height of the planet’s wealth.

The predominant native species on planet Voss are aquatic bipeds known as the Swimming People of Voss, which inhabit the planet's watery regions. They are large creatures, attaining lengths of ten to fifteen meters, with small heads atop long, muscular necks. They have blowholes instead of nostrils on top of their heads, and their mouths are filled with pointed teeth, which are used to catch fish and other food and also in battle. They have paddle-like flippers for locomotion, and short, heavy tails. They communicate in a form of speech not unlike Galactic Basic, using their mouths to form words. The colors of their hides range from light gray to green and black. Their chief source of income on the planet comes from a ferry business they run at lakeside docks, towing passengers across on rafts.

Deep within the mountains is a colony of a hundred people calling themselves the Survivors. Apparently stranded on Voss during Xim’s reign, their culture survived for tens of thousands of years in isolation, and their religion involves watching over Xim's remaining war robots and making human sacrifices to increase the strength of their rescue beacon. All Survivors are Hypno-imprinted at childhood, and Survivor infiltrators can be found working in Voss' cities.

Other species on the planet include dog-like animals with prehensile tails, eight-legged dray beasts that were of great use in pulling carts on farms, and the lake crustaceans which provide a stable food source for humans and the Swimming People alike. Dendroid vines and a soft blue moss, which can be burned as a natural fuel or eaten as a spongy snack, dominate the planet’s extensive plant life.