Wanu Spiritstalker

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Wanu Spiritstalker
Biographical Information
Race Hapan / Human Hybrid
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Lana Daraay (née Sei)
Father Marik Daraay
Spouse Diji Spiritstalker
Siblings Aaminye Soulsaver (née Daraay)
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.8 meters
Weight ≈ 55 Kilograms
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Medical, Pacnorval Defense Systems
Rank n/a
Positions n/a
Prior Affiliation n/a
Awards n/a

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Wanu fullbody.png

Personality & Appearance

Wanu is a very mild and flirtatious woman, but if you threaten her family and friends; May the Force be with you!

Most of the time, Wanu wears an altered version of a uniform dress. She shortened the hemline and deepened the neckline. She wears calf-high boots and gloves to complete her uniform. She has a varied wardrobe from her dancing career which she turns to when necessary. Her tailoring skills and performing background allow her to create disguises when necessary.

Early life

She ventured away from her family to join a traveling performance troop as a Dancer. While performing in Mos Entha, she met Diji and Corin. They were forming a guild of artisans to work for the Empire and were looking for people to help. She was deeply infatuated with Diji and decided to offer her abilities as a tailor, since she had made many of the performer's costumes. Over time, she picked up various skills and discovered that she loved making things as much as she loved dancing.

Freelance career

Wanu Stage small.jpg

Smuggling career

When Diji began smuggling to support the guild, she stood next to him with pride. Since her crafting abilities were needed less and less, she began learning how to use a blaster to better help Diji. Now she is a very skilled marksman and operates as a blastfighter and spy. As Diji's wife she holds the second-in-command position along with Cur'en. While leadership does not come as naturally to her, she manages to do a good job.

Legitimate Operations