War for the Hosnian System

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Battle of Hosnian
Date19.19519.269 (CGT)
LocationHosnian system
ResultImperial victory
Imperial Logo Small.png Galactic Empire
Faerytail Family Logo Small.png Faerytail Family
CorSec Logo.png CorSec
NRlogo.png New Republic
TC-general.png Triumvirate Coalition
Zann Consortium.svg.png Zann Consortium
Deathwatchlogo.png The Death Watch
Numerous independent forces
Commanders and Leaders
Emperor Seele
Grand Moff Icarus Carinae
King Simkin Dragoneel
Grand Marshal Neria Derycke
Chief of State Orion Chran
Casualties and Losses
General Fede Vonrico
Agent Vladamiur Veselov (ransom)
Commander Olifa Omicron (ransom)
Senior Captain Mark Inkster (ransom)
Major Ron Mueirech
Lt. Commander Du`bas Tyra (capture)
Lieutenant Adam Linon (capture)
Unknown number of soldiers/workers
Carmen Sundane
Unknown number of soldiers/workers
Ontares Phirr (ransom)
Vitoria de Silva (capture)
Matt Solomon (Capture)
Unknown number of soldiers/workers

The Battle of Hosnian, also known as Operation Swiftsure in the Galactic Empire and Operation Urgent Fury in the New Republic, was a major battle in the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War in which the Galactic Empire faced off against both the New Republic and a large number of independent forces for control of the Hosnian system. The resulting conflict would prove to be one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the civil war in recent memory, with an estimated tens of thousands of lives lost and the capture of numerous high profile individuals and several Imperial officers.


The Hosnian system was initially discovered on the 188th day of Year 19 (CGT), allegedly by Kellen Deming, though he failed to realize that the system did not yet exist on his star charts. He quickly departed, but not before his ship recorded the existence of the system and, one standard week later, it was revealed to the galaxy when his navigation computer synced with the network of a public starport. On Day 195, the existence of the untouched system was revealed when the coordinates were added to every available star chart in the galaxy, starting a race to secure land rights and colonize the new star system.

The Galactic Empire broadcast a proclamation across the galaxy on the 197th day of Year 19 (CGT), declaring the Byblos sector Imperial territory under the stewardship of Grand Moff Icarus Carinae[1]. The Empire threatened criminal prosecution against all who attempted to stake a claim in the Hosnian system and announced the dispatch of Imperial military forces to enforce its own claim. Despite, and in some cases, directly because of the Empire's broadcast, numerous individuals and organizations set course for Hosnian in an attempt to claim their own land rights and potentially profit from selling them to any who would pay.

The New Republic broadcast a report on the 240th day of Year 19 (CGT) explaining how both Galactic Alliance and Non-Alliance forces continued to oppose the Imperial Union in the Hosnian system.[2]. The New Republic's full-scale military operation was named 'Operation Urgent Fury'. Just one day earlier, however, the Empire had seized control of Cardota and the New Republic broadcast acknowledged that the fight was far from over. One week later, Lahasa Fy's news agency published an article on the number and status of military officers held captive.[3]. The article was not substantiated by official reports of the parties involved.

While no official date exists for the end of the battle, the Galactic Empire internally announced victory and the scaling-down of its operations in the Hosnian system around the 269th day of Year 19 (CGT). By the time Year 20 (CGT) started, the Empire had maintained a secure hold over the system for approximately six months via the worlds of Cardota, Hosnian Prime, and Raysho, while the New Republic remained entrenched in its holdings on Hosnian, Courtsilius, and Hosnian Companion. As a result of the battle, the Faerytail Family became a permanent member of the Imperial Union due to the assistance they provided to the Galactic Empire throughout the conflict.

Hosnian Anti-Imperial propaganda.


The individuals known to have participated include Anarax Lorell, Artor Skyhopper, Ashibar Altair, Atom Mirrabel, Belloq Tull, Bjaco Acker, Blaine Kenobie, Bork Shalas, Braxit Dhaal, Caedmon Gaines, Cer Killid, Cisrani Sabacc, Coil Each, Cornelius Tuspin, Cynthia Dean, Daehd Moroz, Dain Thurith, Darin Byrch, Dash Kaiser, Davin Markyle, Dra`nakyurk Yashki, Elaine von Veritrax, Eleonore Silvermoon, Faryn Lokren, Fede Vonrico, Felidae Takeda, Fenris Soontir, Gurard Garder, Hans Gala, Harlin Abe, Ho Pihe, Jaiken Tansden, Jalen Kobar, Jax Calder, Jay Ortega, Jaylin Ritt, Jeff Kronn, Jessica Wick, Jett Blackheart, Jic Uiji, Jiwoo Mieds, Jorn Stones, Josh Jericho, Joshua Little, Kara DuMonte, Kodiak Voidjumper, Kohl Straffer, Kuga Morguul, Kyota Navic, Lahasa Fy, Lan Artemis Morbus, Lazarus Grimm, Legend Myre, Logan Shivers, Lor Halayen, Lucas Dragomir, Lucian Vax, Maha Michi, Mami Ogawa, Mark Inkster, Matt Solomon[4], Max Ameeno Baca, Mila Vliegendeur, Mishka Sorokin, Navarro de Molay, Neria Derycke, Nikolaj Eyre, Noah Alexandria Traner, Olifa Omicron, Ontares Phirr, Orion Chran, Patrick Bisson, Pat Ruula, Pravus Malum, Ralph Repcon, Redjon Mirrabel, Robert Reynolds, Ron Mueirech, Rui Jormar, Set Vuun, Seth Haze, Simkin Dragoneel, Squall Chitose, Taan Polo, Takar Resk, Tomas O`Cuinn, Thaelos Kolarr, Umbeck Traxer, Vernon Foxtail, Victor O`Cuinn, Vitoria de Silva, Vladamiur Veselov, Walter Watts, Waymar Cliffton, William Kain, Ximaro Jix, Ylvia Skelgard, and Zao Nephalem.

The organizations known to have participated include Aeyris, Bounty Hunters Guild, Chimaera Consulting, Corellian Engineering Corporation, CorSec, DEEPCORE Recycling, Eidola, Endless Endeavors, Galactic Empire, Imperial Mining Corporation, Mecrosa, New Republic, Nova Blades, Quatrium Disciples, Republic Medical, Space Rescue Corps, The Death Watch, The Faerytail Family, The Flower Company, The Galactic Stock Exchange, The Kingdom of Lyceum, The Wraiths, Tresario Star Kingdom, Veilhal Nomads, XXX Miners, and Zann Consortium.

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