Wedge Achilles

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Wedge Achilles
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Born Year -11 Day 15
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Hair Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Positions Deputy Chief of State
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Awards Detailed below


Wedge Achilles was born on Day 15, Year -11 and grew up on Tatooine. He was accepted into the Rebel Alliance Academy mid Year 7 and joined Starfighter Command soon after, at the rank of Flight Officer. Seven years later, he has participated in numerous operations and has risen to the rank of High Marshal, Chief of Military Operations. He is in charge of the entire New Republic military.

Joined the Recruitment Department towards the end of Year 8, becoming a senior Recruitment Officer quickly. Upon being recommended to become part of ARGH!, the morale team, Wedge joined up with them. He also joined the Academy in the position of Department Chair of Military Command Courses, midway through Year 9. He became Dean of Military a few months later and started helped with the overhaul of the NR Academy. On Day 200 of Year 10, Wedge became the Education Administrator; Headmaster of the Academy. Held this position for a few years, and was required to step into lead and resurrect a failing Recruitment Department on two occasions. Eventually rose to lead the ARGH! team for a short time to help get it back on its feet.

Was a Senator for roughly a year in which he was able to serve the people of the NR as an elected representative.

Named Deputy Director of the New Republic Intelligence Service in mid Year 12, and became Director of NRI in mid Year 13; this was his first position on the New Republic Advisory Council. At the election of Cheda Quche to Chief of State at the beginning of Year 14, was named Deputy Chief of State of the NR. Became Acting Chief of State after Cheda's death and oversaw new elections in which he did not participate. Azzi Blackgate was elected as CoS and retained Wedge as his Deputy. In a series of changes to the military, Azzi wished to move Wedge to lead the military so he stepped down from his DNRI position mid Year 14 to allow his promotion to Chief of Military Operations. Azzi's was plagued by inactivity during his term and Wedge found himself Acting as Chief of State for the majority of it. Eventually Azzi resigned as CoS and again Wedge was officially named Acting Chief of State in order to oversee elections. Lukastar Narvaka was elected mid Year 14 and retained Wedge as his deputy.

Service Record


   Flight Officer O-1
   Lieutenant (JG) O-2
   Lieutenant O-3
   Lt Commander O-4
   Commander O-5
   Captain O-6
   Lt Colonel C-1
   Colonel C-2
   Flight Marshal C-2 (Rank Name Changes)
   Vice Marshal C-3
   High Marshal C-5, Chief of Military Operations* 


   ARGH! Monkey
   Jester Monkey 


   Recruitment Cadet O-1
   Recruitment Officer O-2
   Recruitment Senior Officer O-4
   Recruitment Director C-2 

NR Academy

   Department Chair of Military Command Courses O-6
   Dean of Military C-1
   Professor of Military Studies O-6
   Administrator, Education C-2
   Distinguished Professor C-1 

NR Intelligence Service

   Deputy Director of NRI C-4
   Director of NRI C-5 

NR Senate

   Senator, Session 11
   Senator, Session 12
   Senator, Session 13 (resigned) 


   Deputy Chief of State* 

Positions still held denoted with *

Awards and Ribbons

   5 Year Military Service Ribbon
   SFC Command Ribbon
   Training Ribbon
   Operational Service Ribbon *2
   Joint Operation Ribbon
   Operation Forging Freedom Ribbon
   Operation Fortification Ribbon
   Operation Underdog Ribbon
   Operation Argo Ribbon
   Celegia Campaign Ribbon
   Balamak Campaign Ribbon
   Operation Ancile Ribbon
   Republic Readiness Ribbon *2
   Republic Service Medal
   Meritorious Unit Medal *3
   Meritorious Service Medal
   Military Commendation
   Good Conduct Award
   Chief of State's Medal *2
   Superior Service Medal
   Instructor Dedication Award - New Republic Academy
   Recruitment Award *2 - Recruitment Department
   Dean Dedication Award - New Republic Academy
   Oustanding Excellence Award - Recruitment Department
   Leadership Award - Recruitment Department
   Long Standing Meritorious Service Award
   Hydian Star of Excellence Award
   Friendship Award