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WendelCo. Emblem Year 1.png
General Information
Motto "Save Credits. Live Better."
Status Bankrupt
Leader Wester Wendel
2IC Kether Möbius
Owner Wester Wendel
Headquarters Corellian System
Historical Information
Founded Year 1 Day 13
Dissolved Year 1 Day 161
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Industry Banking Conglomerate
Holosite WendelCo. (Year 1)

The Wendel Corporation (WC), also known as WendelCo., was a shortlived umbrella entity that owned and managed the Bank Corellia. Although existing for generations, the Wendel Corporation was formally chartered on Year 1 Day 13 by Wester Wendel, an eccentric Corellian mogul, who was the determined grandson of industrialist Walter Wendel. The corporation was staffed by graduates and young interns of the prestigious Coronet University. The staff included President Wester Wendel, Vice President Kether Möbius, and Morph Dysan, who also served as Executive Officer for the InterGalactica Lottery.[1] As a formal entity, the organization briefly existed for five solar months — from Year 1 Day 13 to Year 1 Day 161 — before stagnating due to a galactic recession. Following its dissolution, the majority of personnel in WendelCo. transferred to other financial institutions or merchant guilds in the galaxy.[2] According to various unconfirmed rumors, Wester Wendel himself later became a notable entrepreneur in the Outer Rim Territories.[3]


The history of the Wendel Corporation is the saga of three generations of the Wendel family. The latter family were wealthy industrialists from Coronet City. In the past century, the family accrued both monetary and political capital. As a result, they also attracted controversy as an icon of unfettered capitalism. Their saga begins with Walter Wendel who grew up in the Old Republic before the Clone Wars.

As a student at Coronet University, Walter was a below-average scholar but was popular among his classmates, winning election as class president, and playing on the institution's Pazaak team. After graduation, he worked his way up to become director of one of the largest confederacies of agro-communities in the Corellian System. When Walter wedded Shyla Surina, an heiress whose dowry included another large agro-community, their two vast estates were fused together. Thus they became the largest agro-community in the Corellian Sector. This preeminent status opened up a realm of new possibilities. Walter entered the finance industry and founded the Bank Corellia as a means of providing welfare for his employees. This led to investments and loans, as well as a quantity of real estate on several temperate planets.

Corellia was the home of WendelCo. in Year 1.

Eventually, Walter grew old, frail, and near-sighted. His ambitious young son, Werner, took over the Bank Corellia. He was a graduate of the famous School of Starship Engineering, and he envisioned the organization as as an umbrella entity with other revenues outside banking. He soon acquired uninhabitable gas giants in order to exploit their vaporous Tibanna Gas resources as he shrewdly remembered the need for this product during the devastating Clone Wars. Before his death, Werner ensured that ownership of the corporation was based on hereditary. Hence Werner's first-born heir, Wester, became the corporation's next president.

During Year 1, Wester recruited a number of students and researchers to work for hims. He entered into a lucrative business partnerships with Rahm Zarkov of the fearsome Lumini Pirates and Paraic of Argoth, the Baron Administrator of Cloud City. He also expanded his corporation's sphere of interest to Tatooine and granted a sizable loan to the fledgling Rytorian Trading Company. Realizing the necessity for military protection, he signed a mutual defense pact with the Corporate Sector Authority on Year 1 Day 14.[4] Unfortunately, a galactic monetary recession forced Wester to shutter the doors of both WendelCo. and Bank Corellia on Year 1 Day 161.

Bank Regulations

Wester Wendel

  1. WendelCo. is governed by the Wendel family patriarch who perennially serves as President.
  2. The corporation is headed by the President and a Board of Directors. Each board member has 1 vote. The President has 2 votes and the right to veto.
  3. The position of Vice President is appointed by the President. The ability to appoint personnel to the board is exclusive for the President.
  4. Any member of the Board of Directors may employ personnel for his given tasks as he or she sees fit.
  5. One should know one's place in the hierarchy. This means those above you are your bosses.
  6. Within the corporation, one should be open to suggestions of any kind both upwards and downwards in the hierarchy.
  7. Everyone within the corporation should strive to be as friendly and courteous towards others within the organization.
  8. Everyone within the corporation should strive to make decisions by themselves; following the guidelines of their superiors and the President.
  9. Individuals within the corporation who show creativity, earn a profit, and/or show other signs of good work will receive bonuses for their labors.
  10. Anyone found defecting or leaking information concerning WendelCo. and/or customers/business partners will be dealt with accordingly.[4]


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