Woldona (System)

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General Information
Sector Sevetta
Galactic Coordinates 370, -230
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 7
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 72
Population ~170 billion
Controlled By Blue Star Dominion
Governor Tomas o`Cuinn
Astrographic Entry Woldona

Woldona is a star system located in the Sevetta sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The sector has been controlled by several organizations such as The Exchange and Black Sun, but is governed today by the Blue Star Dominion.


Planet Position Atmosphere Size Population Control
Woldona I (11, 10) Hot/no Atmosphere 10x10 577,193,085 Blue Star Dominion
Woldona II (6, 10) Hot/toxic Atmosphere 7x7 34,004,626 Blue Star Dominion
Woldona III (16, 10) Cold/toxic Atmosphere 7x7 589,173,703 Blue Star Dominion
Woldona IV (1, 8) Cold/breathable 13x13 5,913,512,119 Blue Star Dominion
Woldona V (10, 4) Temperate/breathable 9x9 100,553,291 Blue Star Dominion
Woldona VI (3, 17) Cold/breathable 11x11 72,622,890 Rebel Alliance
Woldona VII (13, 18) Gas Giant 20x20 163,058,030,071 Blue Star Dominion