Wuma Uxal-Lumir

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Wuma Uxal-Lumir
Biographical Information
Race Gand
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Born Year -21 Day xxx
Died Year 16 Day 35
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Freedom Warriors
Positions Commander
Prior Affiliation The Antarian Rangers, Galactic Alliance
Awards TAR Academy graduation ribbon TAR Meritorious Service Medal

Early life

Wuma Uxal-Lumir was born in the year -21 on the Hapan homeworld as a member of a family with two children, Wuma and his brother. His father was a retired Commander in the Hapan Navy and had always prepared Wuma to follow in his ancestors foot steps. Because Wuma was proud of his families military history and was awed by the beauty of Capital Ships, it was his dream to become a recruit in the navy.

When Wuma finished his standard education on the Hapan homeworld, he started to hear more and more about the Antarian Rangers. That they protected the weak and fought the evil forces of the universe. So Wuma started to do research on this Paramilitary organization until he finally took the step and contacted The Antarian Rangers and applied for a recruiting spot in their academy.

The Antarian Rangers

At the TAR academy Wuma graduated as top of his class and received the rank of Master. After one month of duty in the navy, Wuma got promoted to Ensign and continued to pilot TAR Capital Ships. Wuma then quickly rose through the ranks and became the SST division commander of TAR.

As division commander he was responsible for several operatives.

Confederate Mining Corporation

After a while Wuma wanted to make his own fortune and decided to join the Confederate Mining Corporation as Lieutenant, but soon he became the director of the department of logistics.


After a few months, Wuma decided to leave CMC and become the director of production and logistics at Haven. There he stayed several months until he became a freelancer once again.

ZeroGravNomads(Y9 D337)

So a new adventure started when Wuma decided to build his own empire together with friends....

Rogue Squadron

Freedom Warriors

Commander Wuma Uxal-Lumir was betrayed in early year 16 by his subordinate Jett Blackheart, who had taken control of the Freedom Warriors after the disappearance of his direct superior, Valkiry Fair. Shortly after Commander Uxal-Lumir's demise, Blackheart renamed the outfit Silhouette.