X-45 Sniper Rifle

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X-45 Sniper Rifle
Class Projectile
Designer SoroSuub Corporation
Manufacturer Rebel Alliance
Type Energy
Effective Range 10 - 16
Zeroed 13
Rate of Fire 1
Weight 6.5 kg
Capacity 25

A specialized weapon that only the most experienced can wield effectively, the X-45 is exactly what it promises to be: a sniper rifle for the one-shot kill. And with the weapon's low rate of fire, it is essential that a single hit be deadly. The X-45's phenomenal power is typically sufficient in this respect; however, more often than not, it is difficult to deliver.

Retaining the front metal sights of the rifle's original design, an upgraded military-grade scope is mounted slightly higher than usual. This makes the weapon even more difficult to wield by certain species, while for others, the discomfort is counterbalanced by the addition of an elevated headrest on the stock of the rifle.