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General Information
Status Active
Leader Hayden Atreides
Owner Independent
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 128
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining company

Triple X MINERS (TXM) is one of the oldest and reliable independent mining company. During the years of commodity hoarding by governments and large conglomerates, TXM was the only company that publicly sold to independent customers without access to those materials, facilitating the productive and economic development of the galaxy. Selling more than 1 billion materials annually, the name TXM was known from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim Territories.

Today TXM sells raw materials at a fair price at its central hub in Tapani sector (0,-100). Also, the company offers mining management: prospects whole planets, builds strategic mines, starts and oversees the mining activities, dirt haulers and LIN droids.


Although TXM has various infrastructures spread throughout the galaxy (mainly offices, homes and small hotel businesses), there are two places where its activity is concentrated.

The company is well established in the Sern and Tapani sectors (in the Colonies region south of the Core Worlds), where it forged solid business alliances with almost all the human ruling aristocratic houses. Their great investments have rewarded them with a great influence on planetary politics in those sectors, whose rulers see with pleasure the prosperous economic activity that Triple X MINERS generates. The Fondor system is the chosen place where the company concentrates most of its space shipyards, while its main trade hub is located in Lamuir system.

A secondary activity nucleus of the company is located in the Vorc sector, in the Mid Rim territories in the north of the galaxy. Present in Glee Anselm system since almost its creation, the company has promoted industrial and economic development in the nautolan civilization, allowing an improvement in the living standards of the natives.

To all this it must be added the facilities it manages for its clients in different sectors of the galaxy. Triple X MINERS does not establish geographical limits when providing mining management services, so the locations of these activities are distributed throughout the galaxy. The information of these locations is confidential and nobody outside the company (except the clients themselves) is informed about these activities.


Creation and start of activites (Y5 - Y7)

At Y5 the company name was registered [1] and leaded by Joe Monson (a well-known Eidola pirate [2] ) in the Elrood sector. However, the company created was not used for any commercial activity. Instead, the Pirate Queen Teniel Djo gave the ownership of the company to Clarr Solo.

Clarr Solo.jpg
Clarr Solo

Clarr was a contracted pilot for the Imperial company Trans Galactic Transportation (TGT), working on the Thyferrian Freighter Fleet. But in the few months that he worked there, he was very disenchanted with the atrocities that the Galactic Empire inflicted on the native race vratix. So when he found himself with Triple X MINERS documents, he convinced the other pilots of his fleet (Tyron Krayzzz, Fizyk Saah, Hayden Atreides, Mike Kr'upa, Mike Dante, Iblis Ginjo, etc...) to flee with the ships and embark together on the adventure of developing a company of their own.

From the first moment Triple X MINERS had a visionary and proactive attitude. The company became involved in the Consortium Of Mining Summit [3] , being Clarr Solo the one in charge of negotiating and reaching an agreement with other corporations to regulate prices and rates of materials and transportation at a galactic level.

Consolidation in Sern and Tapani sectors (Y7 - Y12)

The company was run by Tyron Krayzzz assisted by corellian Fizyk Saah, with Hayden Atreides as Scanning / Prospecting Director. The team included effective and hard-working sentients such as pilot Balmur Wielki, prospector Zeta Blix, Mike Dante and Balthazar Osk. However, Clarr held the power and was well respected by management and workers alike.

During these years, Triple X MINERS was involved in a frenetic expansion of its infrastructure and intense commercial activity. By bartering with Nikklon Mining Incorporated for the scarce but necessary varium to build droids and mining equipment, the company was able to build its first mines at Lamuir IV, Procopia and Glee Anselm planets. But it soon focused its investments on the cold planet Ghorman, gaining the favor of the local aristocracy by empowering their economy and allowing them access to imported supplies and military equipment. After the fall of the Galactic Republic and the use of force by the Galactic Empire, the proximity of the imperial sectors was seen as a serious risk by the noble houses of Sern and Tapani. For this reason the rest of the rulers of these sectors did not hesitate to imitate Ghorman, reaching strategic agreements with the mining company. Nautolan rulers signed similar agreements in Vorc, as the Nautolans also had an attitude contrary to the Galactic Empire's plans for domination of their planet. By then, Fizyk had replaced Tyron at the head of the company, and investments were being multiplied by the three sectors. In turn, the sale of raw materials was not abandoned, and by this time the company was the only public supplier to governments and independent companies.

Zeta Blix
Iblis Ginjo

But not everything was an easy road to travel. On the hostile ice planet of Vlur'Poc, later renamed Claer, the leaders of the existing colonies had diplomatic dealings with other governments, pirates and companies, with the Falleen Federation having the most influence. In Y9 the mon calamari Zeta Blix and the falleen Iblis Ginjo arrived on the planet with an intense diplomatic and commercial agenda, earning the favor of the ruling houses without cutting corners on expenses for the population. In less than a year Triple X MINERS had achieved almost total influence on the planet, and by the time the Falleen Federation reacted there was no room for action. The leaders of Vlur'Poc planet sealed an exclusive alliance with the mining company that lasted for years.

Where they were not so successful was on the leafy planet of Mlrsst, the homeworld of the flightless birds Mrlssi. These small, technologically advanced aliens held the entire jungle and vegetation of their planet in very high regard, and gave the mining activities of Triple X MINERS no chance. Nor were they successful in their attempts to consolidate in other sectors, since wherever they tried to enter there were powerful rivals already installed who were taking advantage of their previously accumulated power base.

Hayden Atreides

In the last five years the mining company had grown exponentially in land infrastructure, ships and vehicles, and it was necessary to implement a control of the properties for an effective management of the resources. In Y12, for a short period of time, Zeta Blix was in charge dividing her time between the management and her duties at the Mon Calamari Society. She supervised and organized all the company's holdings, putting under management's control numerous operations that until then had been carried out without a unified criterion. After this optimization of the company, Zeta terminated its contract with Triple X MINERS but without losing contact with its former colleagues. Hayden Atreides was chosen to lead the company for the next few years, receiving ownership of the company formerly owned by Clarr.

Development of Fondor Shipyards (Y13 - Y18)

With its influence well established among the governing houses of Sern and Tapani, the company decided that it was time to increase its production capacity of ships and vehicles instead of depending on external suppliers. Over the next six years Triple X MINERS drastically decreased its volume of planetary investments. Instead, the surpluses from the mining trade were used to build more than 25 space shipyards.

Fondor shipyard.jpg
Shipyard XXX White 1210 in Fondor orbit

After various geostrategic studies, the Fondor system was chosen as the location for this space production center. The system was located in a central place between the Sern and Tapani sectors. Also, two major hyperspace routes crossed the system: the important Rimma Trade Route (connecting the Core Worlds with the Outer Rim Territories in the south of the galaxy) and the Procopian Shipping Lane (the largest within the Tapani sector, connecting most of its systems).

The head of the production project for the Fondor system was the falleen Iblis Ginjo. In order to make sustainable the growth of the labor demand that all these space shipyards implied, Triple X MINERS did not spare in investing in the most inhabited planets of the system, the cold Fondor and the hot Faliar, in Y17 and Y18. With the increase of the population and its better qualification, the construction and start up of the space shipyards was carried out successfully. After this major operation started, Iblis retired from the demanding world of work and dedicated himself to living a quiet and discreet life.

Development of Lamuir Trading Hub (Y18 - Y20)

Iblis' departure coincided with the return of Zeta Blix. The mon calamari, who had the confidence of the management, was chosen to lead the next projects of Triple X MINERS. Her plans were to continue the orbital expansion begun years earlier, although Clarr Solo was pushing for the company to attend and grow the commercial benefits of its planetary facilities. Both strategic lines were developed during these years.

Merchant Space Dock XXX Lamuir HQ in Lamuir system

On the one hand, Zeta's vision of organizing materials into orbital logistic shipments became a reality. In addition to continuing with the construction of the space shipyards in Fondor, the mon calamari set her efforts on developing the nearby Lamuir system. There, she built the merchant space dock known as XXX Lamuir HQ, as a control center for the company's commercial operations. And in deep space (0, -100), a short distance from the Lamuir system, space depots were built to form the current hub where the company concentrates the cargoes purchased by customers for collection.

On the other hand, Lamuir's orbital development would not be sustainable without a major development effort on the seven planets of the system. All this with the aim of improving and increasing the workforce, as well as substantially improving the economy of those planets. Investments in planetary infrastructure increased significantly to reach the numbers obtained a decade earlier. This dynamic did not go unnoticed by the other planetary governments in both sectors, and many of them claimed their share of investment to maintain the same mining rights. In exchange for these investments, the company negotiated an increase in the percentage of its commercial income, and after signing the agreement, Claer, Vindalia and Vycinth planets joined the planetary infrastructure development program.

The technological improvements developed in the field of galactic mining were quickly incorporated into the company's activities. Prospecting teams on board Action VI transports toured the sectors scanning deep space in search of asteroid fields rich in mineral deposits. But effort was also put into extracting the precious tibanna gas from inside the hostile gas giants, concentrating most of the effort on developing the infrastructure in the huge Albrae-Don II.

But not all the efforts made in these years were successful. The discovery of the isolated Hosnian system in the eastern part of the Colonies region, right on the edge of the Galactic Empire, started a tough military campaign within the Second Galactic Civil War known as the War for the Hosnian system. Members of Triple X MINERS went there and contacted the leaders of the planet Cardota, with the intention of establishing themselves and exercising a commercial influence similar to that of Sern and Tapani. However, many governments and companies did the same throughout the newly discovered system, initiating a fierce rivalry through weapons, politics or kidnapping. Within a year, the die was cast. Triple X MINERS had invested an important part of their resources in Cardota, but the Galactic Empire obtained the submission of all the leaders of the system. Although the mining company was not formally confronted with the Empire, its presence in the Sern and Tapani sectors had allowed the planetary rulers to resist falling under imperial influence for years, annoying the Empire. The Emperor interpreted the company's actions in Cardota as hostile, and since Y19, D290 Triple X MINERS has been on the blacklist [4] of hostile organizations with which it prohibits trade.

Professional excellence (Y20 - Y22)

With the Lamuir Trading Hub completely built and a large fleet of ships distributed throughout its orbital facilities, Triple X MINERS had the necessary infrastructure to make a leap in quality in its mining and economic activities. But to take advantage of it, it was necessary to make detailed analyses of the production, expense and performance of each activity in the company. The addition of Chief Engineer Alister Jacobs to the team enabled these analyses to be implemented.

Alister Jacobs.jpg
Alister Jacobs

The rodian Alister had extensive experience in other corporations, and when he arrived at Triple X MINERS he dedicated himself, along with Zeta, to thoroughly reviewing all the company's processes. It soon became clear that Glee Anselm system was not self-sufficient due to the lack of various raw materials and the remoteness of Sern and Tapani, so the company focused on optimizing as much as possible all its activity in the two main sectors. Under the careful supervision of Alister the numerous infrastructures planned in Albrae-Don II were polished and finalized.

Late in the Y20, news of the discovery of the Jakku system in the Western Reaches sector (located in the southwestern portion in the Mid Rim) attracted the attention of the galaxy as it did the previous year with the Hosnian system. But unlike Hosnian, Jakku was far from the center of the galaxy, and the struggle for influence was less fierce there. Alister traveled there to seek out the influence of local leaders, but the powerful Trade Federation was quicker and more efficient, bringing local governments together within the Federation in only five days.

For the last 15 years Triple X MINERS had conducted its activities in Glee Anselm respecting the mutual agreement between the local authorities of nautolans and the company. These activities had brought prosperity to the inhabitants of the planet, but not all the natives were happy with the presence of the mining company. This discontent reached the ears of the Nautolan Society leaders, Siejo Kutol and Yakubu Fista, who issued a public announcement in Y21 D80 showing their intention to constructively address this situation [5]. From Triple X MINERS, a working commission led by Clarr Solo was appointed and was in communication with the Nautolan Society. As a result of these conversations, the company restored Sanktuary, the former capital of the Nautolans under the ocean, and gave it to the local population as a sign of good faith. This was the beginning of a fluid communication between the company and local leaders to defend the sustainability of the planet.

Y21 ended with the start of another ambitious project of the company: the exploitation of the gas giant Mzeh in Fondor system. Starting from the two settlements built ten years earlier on the surface, Alister Jacobs developed a careful construction planning that Zeta Blix and the recently hired corellian pilot Kirlan Krane dedicated themselves to implement on the planet. All of this was part of the company's strategic plan, which was based on optimizing internal processes, increasing its fleet building their own ships and improving services to its clients in order to continue being one of the most important independent mining companies in the galaxy.


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