Xakic Jix

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Xakic Jix
The Doctor1.png
Biographical Information
Race Whiphid
Homeworld Falleen
Mother Deceased
Father Location unknown, presumed dead.
Spouse Thali`a N`ightshade (divorced),
Baroness Aubrey Cronce (deceased),
Maggie Duce (deceased)
Siblings Ximaro Jix (brother),
XaBull Jix (brother - deceased),
Xerik Jix (brother),
Chokk Ovin Jix (brother)
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Died Year 16 Day 36
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 m (as a falleen, now changes with race)
Coloring Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Alliance Special Operations,
Title Masterblades
Rank Cobra Commander
Prior Affiliation Dark Star Hellions,
Raging Banthas
"If a man hasn't discovered something that he is willing to die for, he isn't fit to live."
— Xakic Jix


Early Years

A young Xakic Jix

Xakic Jix is the third son of a wonderful Falleen woman who died while giving birth to him. Xakic's father, resenting Xakic for killing his wife, shortly left their Falleen home world to help search for new worlds with in the unknown regions. This left the care of Xakic to his oldest brother Ximaro Jix. Ximaro trained Xakic in the arts of combat and survival for the majority of Xakic's young life, believing that with the galactic war raging all over the galaxy, that everyone would either fight or die. Xakic also believed that Ximaro was so hard on him because he really did not want to be burdened with Xakic at all.

Around the time Xakic was in his twenties, he contracted the Findris Flu which permanently weakened his immune system and almost killed him. Because of his illness, it caused him to have to have a special suit made to help him breathe. The Flu had also left Xakic very disfigured do to the flesh eating bacteria. In the meanwhile, Ximaro was arrested and sent to prison. With one brother dead and the other in prison, Xakic was now completely alone. While recovering from the Findris Flu, Xakic passed the time by gambling with the other patients and a few of the younger doctors, which he developed a very unhealthy liking to it. Once back on the streets, Xakic did nothing but gamble and steal to pay his gambling debts. As much as he loved to gamble, Xakic really was not good at it. Fortunately though, Xakic was a good thief and criminal. This life continued on for several uneventful years until one night, Xakic stole a speeder from an off-duty cop, not knowing it had a tracking device on board.

Hospital image of Xakic putting on his breathing mask for the first time

Kessel Prison Colony

After a very quick trial, Xakic was sent to prison. While in prison Xakic was targeted by one of the main prison gangs, the Dark Star Hellions. They would attempt to extort him, or blackmail him, and when Xakic wouldn't back down they would attack him. But Xakic had been trained for these situations and usually was able to fight his way to safety. This went on for a few months until Ximaro was released back into population from being locked down for murder. Ximaro informed the Hellions that Xakic was in fact his brother, and so Xakic became a prospect for the gang. During his prospect days Xakic, would steal, strong arm, blackmail... what ever the Hellions told him to do.

The Hellions ran the prison for the entire time Xakic was held there. Xakic had been tasked with the making of shivs for sale to other sentients of the prison colony and found that he rather enjoyed making the weapons. While making shivs Xakic began a successful relationship with a, at the time, pirate name Sevk Ill`er who often helped Hellions with whatever they needed in ways of contraband. After a few years Xakic was told that Ximaro had been released. This came as a odd shock to Xakic and the other Hellions since the only way to leave Kessel was either escape or death. Not long after the Hellions heard the news of Ximaros release they where also called up and escorted off of the prison colony. There has been wide speculations of how this was achieved but only Ximaro knows for certain and to this day he has never spoke of it.

Once the Hellions were out of prison Ximaro formed the interplanetary swoop gang known through out the galaxy as the Dark Star Hellions. Here Xakic really took off his criminal life style doing anything his brother needed, and quickly rising to the rank of Sergeant-at-Arms with in the club. Xakic was now a patched Hellion, and started doing everything he had done in prison only now it was not isolated to a single building, it was now galaxy wide. This served two purposes in Xakic life really. He had long tried to erase the facts that he had a weaken immune system from the Findris Flu, do manly because other criminals that learned the purpose of his suit would try and exploit that fact. Now when ever in a new area he would try and search out any medical documents about him and destroy them.

Personality profile

Xakic is a well known trader, and facilitated the founding of Invisible Economy and took the black market in the galaxy to whole new levels. He earned a reputation as a master thief after stealing 200 million credits worth of weapons from Wraith and Nomad supporters during the war Dark Star Hellions had against the Nomads and The Wraiths. Since then, Xakic has been reported (with no real proof) as stealing well over 1 billion credits worth of items, though the exact estimate is arguable since many have not come forward with details as of yet. Xakic has gone into a new range with his thefts, no longer caring to steal speeders and swoops. Xakic has moved to stealing ships, most recent ship was a Lictor-class Dungeon Ship from a one Fleur`De Rouge. Xakic can be found in many back allies selling his stolen goods. Xakic claims that no one has come close to busting him as of yet, but holoimages taken of him in a fire fight trying to escape tells a different story. Many have said that unless it is bolted down, Xakic will try and steal it.

Xakic is labeled by many medical professionals as a sociopath. He seems to care little, if at all, for life beyond what credits he can make from it. Xakic also does not like to be trifled with, and will respond with aggression first when provoked. To date no one has crossed Xakic and been able to tell their side of the story.

Xakic fighting with local authorities

The Raging Banthas

Xakic over seeing one of the Raging Banthas' factories

Xakic, being a well known trader, was offered a position as leader of Zer Corp by a one Vinz Zer which Xakic happily accepted. After a short while, Xakic realized that he really enjoyed producing weapons and armor. After some time Xakic had saved enough credits to offer to buy out Doc completely, and after many days of negotiation, Zer Corp was sold to Xakic. He wasted little time setting up the 3rd Hellions chapter from the ruins of Zer Corp and Raging Banthas was born.

The first few months was nothing more the a transition period and Xakic spent many hours within the walls of his new compound of factories. Raging Banthas went forward fast producing many different weapons, ranging from vibro-blades to C4-CZNs, armor and everyday tools, as well as venturing towards a few vehicles and small fighter ships. There has been rumors of Xakic putting together a Research and Development team that will be placed in a base made of a cluster of various space stations.

Xakic has also made it no secret that Raging Banthas does not hold a political view of any kind and will sell their weapons to anyone with the right amount of credits.

The Raging Banthas are a chapter of the Dark Star Hellions, who specialize in weapons production but also make various armors and other items that they can convert their factories to produce. Xakic leads the Banthas and often personally oversees production.

Xakic watching the production of new weapons

Criminal Record

Known Crimes:
  • Murder - 28 accounts
-Kadivi Cruithne
-Devus Matiazi 
-Zain Khalifeh
-Kane Macleod
-Zerop Singh
-Casis Derycke(Krath Spy)
-Raile Hunt
-Toouy-la Oont
-Telemachus Rhade
-Jaxon Sorrell (Krath Spy)
-Zomil Lash Darkpaw
-Nestcol Whitestar
-Dash Ragnos
-Tsuchiwan Chuba
-Hoj Terrop
-Vatari Helkosh (Spy)
-Kraak Ak-Xaiva (Citizen of New Republic. Aided by Avigail Ak-Xaiva)
-Rico Dorchadas (Spying and Plotting to murder Hellions' affiliates)
-Jane Blushing  (bounty for spying)
-Mark Rand (Trespassing)
-Ace Beanstalker 
-Hasta`el Silvertongue 
-Czarius Vladvostoika (Member of TSK. Aided by Avigail Ak-Xaiva)
-Orikazi Soulblade
-Alexandros Di-Neon
-Kazark Knave
-Diaul McZar
-Oola Blankuna
  • Theft - unknown account (estimated over 1.5 billion credits worth of items)
  • Ship Theft - 3 account
-Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle (owner: ~Classified~) 
-Lictor-class Dungeon Ship (owner: Fleur`De Rouge)
-X-Wing (Owner: ~Classified~)
  • Unlawful Imprisonment - 17 Accounts
-Kadivi Cruithne
-Devus Matiazi
-Ben Holo (bounty)
-Jason Richard (bounty)
-Luke Windo (bounty)
-Jay Ord (bounty)
-Zerop Singh
-Casis Derycke
-Jaxon Sorrell
-Tsuchiwan Chuba 
-Kraak Ak-Xaiva (Citizen of New Republic)
-Jane Blushing (bounty for spying)
-Orikazi Soulblade
-Alexandros Di-Neon
-Kazark Knave
-Diaul McZar
-Oola Blankuna
  • Conspiracy to Commit Murder - 43 accounts
  • Possession of Illegal Substance - 31 accounts
  • Drunk in Public - 21 accounts
  • Speeding - 23 accounts (he got caught)
  • Trespassing - 278 accounts
  • Failure to Appear in Court - 56 accounts
  • No convictions at this time
Status: Considered to be always armed and extremely dangerous, if seen do not try to approach alone. Call for back up.

Metamorphosis Plague

During his travels though Xakic caught a disease known as Crazed Bantha Fever from a tick. Being the doctors in the area where poor, their treaments where as well. The Crazed Bantha Fever eventually lead to Xakic being one of the first victims of the Metamorphosis Plague Xakic was transformed from a member of the Falleen race to a member of the Sluissi race in the blink of an eye on Year 14 Day 25. Xakic has noticed that the Metamorphosis Plague is still affecting him, no matter how many doctors he sees, since then he has changed races several times. Almost a year from his original changed he was transformed again on Year 15 Day 12 this time from the Sluissi race into the Gotal race. Just a few days later he was transformed from the Gotal race into the Aleena race. He never knows when or where it will happen, or if this will be the last time. Not to long ago Xakic had yet another Plague out break and changed into a Herglic. This has caused much aggravation to Xakic do to his need for custom armor in order to breath properly.

Raging Banthas' High Command

Story of Krmar

Xakic first landing on Krmar
Xakic and his personal bodyguard The Baroness

It was just before dawn as the citizens of Krmar scrambled around trying to figure out why they had lost all power. Not yet realizing it was sabotage, the maintenance personnel tried to restore the power generators. As the sun rose a few ships could be seen in the distance just over the horizon, well what looked like a few ships at least. Soon though the people could make out about four YV-666, a Neutron, and about 6 BFF-1 bulk freighters. Two YVs landed on the other side of the water, while the other YVs dropped of an enormous amount of various fighter ships.

It did not take long after the YVs landed that many assault vehicles as well as about 100 swoops took over each city. By sea, two Hunter ships came into view, on the bridge of the first stood Cobra Commander Xakic Jix, accompanied by his personal body guard Baroness Aubrey Cronce, as well as his Crimson Guard. Once on land it took Cobra little time to take full control of the planet Krmar, aided by the Baroness and the few Raging Banthas, they came with the first assault. Shortly after the first assault, the 2nd wave of troops landed, led by the Hand of Cobra Thali`a N`ightshade.

After the assault was finished and the planet under full control of Cobra and the Raging Banthas, Cobra Commander Xakic Jix wanted to show his loyalty to his brother, Original President Ximaro Jix, and to the Hellions as a whole. Cobra presented Ximaro with the planet and gave control over to the Dark Star Hellions.

Krmar has since become the main base of operations and head quarters for all of Raging Banthas production and sale of the finest weapons in the galaxy. The Banthas now operate under the full protection of the Hellions and have since started producing ships, vehicles and meds. Cobra has even started a training camp on Krmar where the strongest of soldiers can be recruited to whoever has the most credits.

The loyal customers of the Raging Banthas can all agree that this location is safe and easy to enter to pick up their weapons. Raging Banthas is pleased to call Krmar their home.

Xakic and Ximaro Jix assessing their new planet of Krmar
JixBrothers3Bdarkleather2 zps8a76c090.png

After Krmar

Some time after the assault on Krmar, Xakic announced the closing of Raging Banthas. Many speculate that the company was failing, but when looking at Centrepoint Market data based, it looked as if RB was doing rather well. No one other than Xakic really knew why he decided to close it. Xakic is now flying around the galaxy trying to find a cure for the Metamorphosis Plague that is still affecting him today.

Xakic, now plagued with paranoia and fear of most people he comes across, due to his known weakness, has broke off on his on until he can either erase it or cure it. Playing the role of a sociopath to get answers about this Plague that now controls his life, Xakic has spent the last few months trying to figure out where this started so he can find a cure. So far he has been told it started on Derra, a suspected testing sight of the New Republic for testing biological war fare to use against the Galactic Empire. Xakic has since been planning and plotting his revenge to those who created this plague, and is now training troops to aid him in his assault on the New Republic.

Xakic with Advisers and Guards

President of the Dark Star Hellions

After the take over of the Vaxal system, Xakic brother Ximaro asked if he could take over as president of the Hellions. Xakic accepted and is currently planning the chaos and mayhem that he and the Hellions will be unleashing unto the galaxy.

Dark Star Hellions President

Xakic and the Hellions have killed several members of the New Republic. Xakic also aided Zann Consortium in the hostile take over of the Octagon League (A NR faction). Shortly after Xakic went public against the leadership of the Republic, pointing out their lack of care of their citizens. It is rumored that all the attention proved to much for CoS Kara, causing her to step down as leader of the Rebellion.

Alliance Special Operations

After many standard months of feeling his life had no purpose other then killing and causing chaos, Xakic decided it was time for a change. Many debates and arguments with is brother Ximaro later, Xakic disbanded the Hellions and formed the Alliance Special Operations. A new merc group that would aid those with in the Galactic Alliance in fighting the Empire and those that made up IU.

With the first few standard weeks of ASO, Xakic was able to arrest a Storm Trooper on the planet Loedorvia II. Shortly after Xakic then arrest a member of Twin Suns after agents of ASO infiltrated the pirate group and Seth Haze took out the Pirate King Uli. Special Agent Zibbi also arrested an agent of Black Sun. All three prisoners where handed over to New Republic Intelligence for an official trial.

Xakic Jix - Year 16

After a short but powerful period, ASO was looted and dissolved. Xakic disappeared, leaving many to think he was arrested and held for his crimes. Others thinking he was killed. Where he is is still a mystery, some say even to Xakic himself.....