Xen Bandoo

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Xen Bandoo
Biographical Information
Race Pau`an
Homeworld Utapau
Siblings 2 sisters
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Coloring Ashen skin
Eye Color Onyx (without pupils)
Political Information
Affiliation The Hutt Cartel
Title Majordomo (former)

Xen Bandoo, sometimes called The Spider, is a tall Pau`an male and a former Majordomo for His Excellency Voragga Zuuma Ajurr's Hutt Cartel. A gaunt humanoid with gray furrowed skin and sunken eyes, he wears pleated garnet robes which more than likely conceal full-length body armor of some sort. He carries a customized bowcaster slung over his back and a vibro-blade with the unmistakable marking of the Hutt Cartel on its gilded hilt. Always nearby is an ornate boa-wood case with the Cartel's crest engraved upon its lid. Its horrific contents are left to the imagination of the passersby.


The Dark World

Xen Bandoo originally hails from Utapau, a rocky planet located near the Rimma Trade Route in the Outer Rim Territories. The harsh climate on Utapau's surface had forced the Pau`an civilization to permanently dwell underground. Xen's sire was a priest in his subterranean village's temple. He had been ritually-castrated after having offspring. His father was bald, soft, and fat, due to his castration. Xen's mother was the tribal chieftain of their village's council. Her body was adorned with mystical tattoos, and her curved teeth were filed to sharp points. One day, a nasty confrontation with a rival elder culminated in Bandoo's mother clubbing him to death with her gnarled ceremonial staff. This incident crippled her influence within the council and brought great shame upon their subterranean village. His mother claimed the rival elder had provoked the encounter, but the truth of the matter remains unknown.

Xen's mother drew even greater disapprobation when she publicly announced her family was moving to an Outer Rim planet to start a new life. Most Pau'ans rarely travel beyond their own underground village until their mid-forties, let alone voyage to other star systems. Despite the village's collective disapproval, she refused to reconsider her hasty decision. Thus the family — consisting of Xen, his mother, his father, and his two sisters — migrated to a distant world that he had never heard of. Only much later did he even learn its three syllable name: "Taw · too · een." When their family boarded an AA-9 Transport and entered hyperspace for Tatooine, his mother explained en-route to their new home that she had signed a labor contract with a muscular Dug female named Lady Sandblood. She would work as Sandblood's assistant in an import-export business. The wisdom of signing a permenant contract without first meeting your employer or examining your living quarters struck Xen as injudicious, but he nonetheless chose to remain submissive and obedient.

The Dust Ball

Shortly after arriving on Tatooine, however, Xen's family realized that they were to be the lowliest of servants and to perform the most menial of tasks. The family was paid low wages which were often confiscated by Lady Sandblood's cruel overseers as payment for their food, lodging, and medical treatment — all of which were practically nonexistent. They were watched day and night to prevent their escape. The family soon fell into disarray. Xen's mother gambled away the few Imperial Credits they received in Sabacc games and always lost. Soon enough her gambling debts were out-of-control and could not be amortized. Lady Sandblood demanded payment. To settle her mounting debts, his mother gave her youngest daughter to Lady Sandblood to be a chattel-slave in a starport brothel. The loss of this sibling inflicted great sorrow upon Xen.

Feth Ophoxi recruited Bandoo into The Cartel.

Life on Tatooine for Xen became intolerable, and he longed to escape the drudgery of his indigent existence. Xen believed that if there was a bright center to the universe, he was on the planet that it was farthest from. And then one day, while running an errand for Lady Sandblood in Mos Espa, Xen was approached by a peripatetic Duros star-pilot with bright red eyes and bluish skin. This curious individual was dressed as an itinerant beggar and yet carried himself with a cocksure pride which seemed in stark contrast to his humble vestments. On one of his torn sleeves were the faded chevrons of the Royal Anzatan Navy. Gesturing to his hip pocket, the Duros offered a snort of noisome Gamorrean Grog to Xen. Surprised by this minor act of unexpected kindness, Xen accepted the off-worlder's hospitality.

As the Duros pulled out an ornamented flask from his grimy clothes, Xen suspected there was something amiss. The star-pilot engaged in idle chatter with Xen as they passed the flask back and forth. They strolled beneath the twin blazing suns of Tatooine. Soon enough, they sought the refreshing shade of a side-street to escape the midday heat of Mos Espa. Then they entered a local cantina named The Come On Inn. Finally, alone in a cantina alcove, the star-hopper began to ask many questions which he seemed to already know the answers to. He inquired about Xen's impoverished family, his sister whom Lady Sandblood had sold off-world, and his mother's indentured servitude. He asked Xen if he desired revenge upon Lady Sandblood.

Alarmed by this intrusive conversation, Xen demanded the Duros to reveal his identity. The pilot smiled a hideous grin and nonchalantly told Xen his name: Feth Ophoxi. He informed him that he was a high-level operative for a Hutt crime lord named Voragga Zuuma Ajurr. Filthy and corpulent, Voragga the Hutt ruled a criminal syndicate with an iron three-fingered fist from his desert alcázar on a wind-swept planet in the Outer Rim. The Duros further told Xen that Voragga had marked Lady Sandblood for death over a spice dispute and that Voragga's Cartel would pay a substantial reward for any useful information concerning Lady Sandblood's organization. Xen was intrigued by the offer. His malice towards Sandblood for the enslavement of his beloved sister fueled his desire to destroy his tormentor at any cost.

The Hutt Cartel

Voragga Zuuma Ajurr, obese ruler of the Hutt Cartel.

And thus Xen began his work for the Hutt Cartel compiling information that would deliver his family out of bondage and speed their exodus. After a dangerous period of working as an informant, the Cartel arranged the assassination of Sandblood, and Xen eagerly agreed to their plans. They provided him with an E-11 blaster rifle and a time-table of Sandblood's nightly processions. When he confronted her on a moonless night, he realized she was armed. Her blaster pistol and his E-11 rifle rang out almost together. The pistol fired just enough after the rifle to seem its echo. Sandblood crumpled as her laser bolt burrowed into the adobe wall near Xen's torso. Xen saw the look on her face and leaped forward as she crashed forward into his arms. He was trying to hover her as she closed her teeth in the flesh of his forearm. They came down heavily. Xen struggled to a sitting position and pried the dead Sandblood’s teeth from his bleeding forearm.

Xen arranged for his family's return to Utapau. They began life anew in another village under new identities, although his mother was reported to still be causing trouble. Xen did what he could to locate his little sister using the Cartel's ties to the galactic underworld, but to no avail. She was lost forever in the galaxy's thriving slave trade. As the years passed, Xen became a valued operative for the Cartel, and Voragga the Hutt seemed moderately pleased with his service. His fellow Cartel members jestingly refer to Xen as a profiteer who does whatever it takes to make a credit while remaining loyal to Voragga Zuuma Ajurr. Eventually, Xen became the Master of Whisperers on the Hutt's Inner Council. He then rose to the position of Majordomo himself and served as the Hutt's right-hand before retiring in Year 19.

Majordomo of the Hutt Cartel
Preceded By:
Qaun Wain
Xen Bandoo
Year 18 Day 271Year 19 Day 187
Succeeded By:
Dash Ghent