Xerik Jix

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Xerik Jix
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Colony 1223, Outer Rim Territories
House Jix
Mother Unknown
Father Ba`adblood Jix
Marital Status Single
Siblings Ximaro Jix, Xakic Jix, Chokk Ovin Jix
Born 150 years ago
Languages Basic, Huttese, some Mando`a
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.95m
Coloring Crimson
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Neon blue
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium


Born in a slum on a small colony known only as 'Colony 1223,' Xerik spent the first twenty years of his life fending for himself on the streets of the small colony. His mother had left him as soon as he was old enough to fend for himself, telling him nothing about who he was. The only thing he knew was that his name was Xerik and he was a crimson coloured Falleen. He had nothing, save his wits and his will to survive. He started fighting with and stealing from the other street dwellers on the colony to feed himself, quickly learning how to use his natural pheromones to influence people's mood. Calmness to make his stealing more successful, enraging his opponents in a fight to use to his advantage. Before long he began to develop a reputation among the slum dwellers as a dangerous fighter and someone to leave well alone. The local crime boss, a hutt named Janava, heard the rumors about a crimson Falleen terrorizing the slums, and began to watch Xerik closely. By the age of twenty Janava hired Xerik as one of his enforcers and debt collectors. Xerik took to the job with gusto. The hutt had offered him the two things he wanted, permission to fight with impunity, and a pledge to find out who Xerik's father was. He was elated at the thought of finding his family, but in time the feeling began to fade.

Xerik spent the next ten years as Janava's best enforcer and debt collector. It had come to a point where the crimson skinned Falleen was only sent out when an example had to be made, the brutality of the Falleen's encounters had made him quite infamous in the hutt's territory. He had left more than a few debtors breathing through a machine for the rest of their lives, though never killing unless ordered. Janava couldn't collect from a corpse after all. Janava took Xerik under his wing and began teaching the young Falleen in business, primarily slaving. Xerik drank in every word, every lesson, and before much time had passed he began to excel. Janava was, of course, pleased and gradually started teaching Xerik more and more of the business and how to run a criminal organization.

Forty years after joining with Janava, Xerik watched the hutt's organization become stagnant. The older hutt was besieged on all sides by assassins and rival crime bosses. The hutt was becoming frail and weak, and years as an enforcer and slaver Xerik had begun to detest weakness. He had learned nearly everything the Hutt had taught him, and began a side business in the black market with his own slaves. Originally he started as a test, to see how much the hutt paid attention to what was going on in his territory, but the business had become extremely lucrative and was now part of Xerik's forming plot to take over the organization. Xerik kept his hand out of the business, conduction business through proxys and disposable assets. Janava soon realized that he was being pushed out of the slave trade by an unknown entity. Xerik had watched the Hutt for a long time and learned how to remain invisible in business dealings.

Soon Xerik had taken over nearly half of all black market sales in all areas. His plans were beginning to bear fruit, and he began to hire assassins to attack the hutt. They were never intended to succeed, but to help in the breakdown of the hutt's mind. Xerik was patient, he still had one use for his boss, the name of his father, and thus the Falleen's true name. After nearly half a century of life, Xerik still had no clue as to his surname.

After several more years, in which the hutt's empire had nearly crumbled and been taken over invisibly by Xerik, Janava called Xerik into his throne room. Xerik felt an excitement, the messenger had said something about Janava finding the information the hutt had promised many years ago. He knew that it was nearly time to topple the shell that was Janava's organization, as soon as he had the information he would kill the hutt with his own hand.

Ba`adblood Jix. He finally knew the name, and Janava had taken his final breath. It was time to come out in the open. When word of the hutt's death got out, the underworld erupted in chaos. Xerik wasted no time. With an iron hand he killed all who opposed him. Soon there was no one left who dared challenge his superiority. Through his brutality and cunning he had either destroyed or subjugated all other organizations inside what he considered his territory. He was on top, and he loved it.

The crimson Falleen had reached the pinnacle, or so he thought. He wanted for nothing, and needed nothing. He was in control. Nothing happened inside his territory without his approval. That was about to change. A new government had taken over the area, and it had quickly begun dismantling everything the Falleen had built. Trade routes that had previously been safe for smugglers were being regularly patrolled by government forces, who were seizing the smuggler's ships and disrupting Xerik's business profits. Xerik tried to pay off the government but to no avail. They had decided he had to much control, and they wanted him dead. Before Xerik could prepare himself the police had arrested or killed half of his organization, and put a bounty on his head that would bring Bounty hunters all over the galaxy to collect. The Falleen had no choice left, he fled the system, his body guard Galatea with him. As he left the planet he heard two grubby looking sentients whispering to each other, something about a Falleen criminal named Ximaro... he was curious and listened closer. One of the individuals asked the other, "Ximaro? Ximaro who?" the other looked around nervously before whispering, "Jix." Xerik was floored, Jix? Ximaro Jix? A long lost family member? Xerik had to find out.

Xerik spent the next decade searching for this Ximaro Jix. It couldn't be a coincidence, it just couldn't. He watched the holos religiously, and listened closely to every mention of the criminal. The local spaceports were full of rumors, and Xerik went to every location that was mentioned. Each place with a new rumor, new location. He kept close watch on the rise of the Dark Star Hellions, the introduction of the Zann Consortium into the Galactic spotlight. He chased shadows all over the galaxy before finally catching a break. He heard that Zann had just taken over a system named Vaxal. The crimson Falleen wasted no time getting there. Upon arrival to the system he sent a message to the nearest vessel flying the Zann identification, "This is Xerik Jix, son of Ba`adblood Jix. I am looking for Ximaro." He got no response for several minutes until another crimson colored Falleen appeared on his holo communicator, "So... another long lost brother..."