Xiann Bondara-Corleone

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Xiann Bondara-Corleone
Xiann Bondara.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek (Darian)
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother Seela'Bondara
Father Zelada'Freetaa
Spouse Vincent Corleone (Assumed Dead)
Siblings Cazne'Bondara (Y -9, D 13) (brother)

Sienn'Bondara (Y -11, D 67) (sister) Talik'Bondara (Y -14, D 132) (sister) Orn'Bondara (Y -12, D 245)(twin brother)

Children none (biologically), 3 step-children
Born Year -12 Day 245
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.5 meters
Coloring brown (Darian)
Eye Color green
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance (Deepcore Mining Corporation)
Rank n/a
Positions n/a
Prior Affiliation Alissma (Through Freelance)
Awards n/a

Basic Information

  • Languages: Basic, Ryl, Lekku, Droid-speak


Xiann was from a merchant family. Her father was a merchant and so were most of her siblings. Xiann had always been one to follow in her twin, Orn'Bondara's shadow. So when he had ventured off to start his own merchant company she had tagged along. It was harder than she had thought but the work was rewarding and for the first time Xiann was starting to find herself outside of her brother's shadow.

They had barely had enough money to start when they had left Ryloth. After months of Freelance work they had found themselves with enough to buy their first ship. It was a Chir'daki Deathseed they dubbed the Rynne. From there they had split up for a bit each pursuing their own Freelance work.

Xiann had worked with Alissma building facilities until she met and fell in love with Vincent Corleone. They had a whirlwind romance and married. She went to work for Deepcore Mining Corporation afterwards. Not long after though he was Banished and presumed dead. Xiann had taken care of his children seeing them settled safely with family before she had struck out on her own again.

She remained with Deepcore Mining Corporation but turned her focus back to her and her twin's business. One day to cheer her Orn'Bondara presented her with a Horizon Star Yacht he had dubbed the BB Bouncy Bantha. Xiann knew it must have cost him most of his savings. She chided his goofiness but did not turn down the thoughtful gift. Orn'Bondara took over the Rynne. With their own ships working on their business became easier. Xiann took her savings and began buying stock.

While she mourned her husband, her future looked bright. She turned her attention towards it and buried herself in work. She had a lot to do to establish herself as a good and honest merchant.