Ximo Jobal

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Ximo Jobal
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Siblings Xer`rac Jobal deceased
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Red
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Hutt Cartel
Rank Konvicii (Circle Advisor)
Prior Affiliation Dread
De` Cobray
Granse Confederacy


Ximo is a reserved, often elusive red Falleen male. Hailing from the same poverty stricken area of planet Falleen, as cousin Ximaro Jix. Ximo unlike his controversial relative made a lifestyle of remaining in the shadows conducting operations supporting not only his kin , but also covert and criminal operations. Unlike many Fallen, Jobal has rare green eyes .

Past to Present

Ximo is a Dark Star Hellions founding brother part of the original founding 13. In his early years before the creation of the gang Ximo constantly engaged in various illicit activities with Ximaro Jix his cousin around the slums of Falleen Prime. Jobal like Jix was also incarcerated for various crimes and released after many years.

In the time before the rise of the swoop gang on an inter galactic scale Ximo was with Ximaro when he and Xek`ail Saverem attacked Falleen Federation taking hostages and various ships as contracted. Ximo a member of Granse Confederacy as well served as a decoy during the operation and disappeared from the government as quietly as he entered.

As time went on Ximo would play crucial roles in various operations through out the rise of and accomplishments of Dark Star Hellions including helping capture New Republic Flight Marshal Juraki Takeda and participating in both the war of the planet Axxila and the Oshora war as well as participating in the Hellions conflict on Shownar.

In Year 14 Day 300 Ximo became more recognized when he created De` Cobray medical supply company which he staffed with known Hellions gang members who specialized with chemistry and medical skills. He later changed the name to preserve the swoop gang when traitor Xakic Jix founded Alliance Special Operations. In Year 16 when Jarreth Darksky stepped down from Krestviniic of Zann Consortium , Ximo offered to fill the role as he had long served as a member of the Zann Consortium Defilers Circle.

Ximo like several other living Dark Star Hellions holds active membership in the gang serving as a patch of good standing.

Year 16 Day 182 Ximo was replaced by as Krestviniic by his cousin and previous leader Ximaro Jix.

Year 18 Jobal accompanied Ximaro along with 2 other Zann high command retired from Zann Consortium, to pursue a life of piracy among Dread, resigning his long held position as Zann Consortium advisory circle. Approximately 6 months later Ximo mysteriously returned with Ximaro and Greyson Abrams to Zann for equally mysterious circumstances.