Xinta Kreen

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Xinta Kreen
Biographical Information
Race Devaronian
Homeworld Devaron
Mother Felsna Kreen
Father Garis Kreen
Spouse None
Siblings Varyn Kreen (Sister)

Giris Kreen (Brother))

Children None
Born Year -10 Day 57
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.8 metres
Coloring Red skin, White hair
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation, Federation Holdings Group
Rank O-4
Positions Senior Trade Officer
Prior Affiliation The Avance Coalition, Rendili StarDrive,

Dark Skies Gearworks, The Kreen Pirates

  • Ancient Gear II
  • Holonet Activity II
  • Employee of the Month: February, June
  • Logistic Ace II
  • 1st Year Memorial Gear
  • Foundry Foreman II
  • Kindleflame I
  • TAC I
"One minute you think you have everything worked out, next, you're looking to the skies..."
— Xinta Kreen, after the death of her father

Xinta Kreen (born Year -10 Day 57) is a Devaronian, and the third child and second daughter to space pirate Garis Kreen. As with most Devaronian families, Garis left the children and their mother to seek adventure in open space oftentimes not returning for years to see them as they grew up. In his absence, the family did well as Varyn eventually followed her mother Felsna into politics and Giris was married into a wealthy family of academia women. However, all was turned on its side on Xinta's eigth birthday when her mother suddenly died of a rare blood disease that attacked the very silver base of their life source. Upon news of Felsna's death, Garis returned home and tried to push Xinta off on her sister who was too pressed with government business to also raise a child unwed. Therefore, Garis eventually decided to take the young girl off world with him to live amongst his pirate crew where she learned the ropes of nomadic space life. Life continued for the pair as they ransacked ships and interrupted trade businesses throughout the galaxy until Xinta's twentieth birthday when a raid on a Huttese cargo ship led to her father's untimely death and eventually to the death of the Kreen Pirate crew. Thrown back into the world, Xinta had a hard time finding legitimate employment until an offer was given to her to join Dark Skies Gearworks by Lilith Delcroix.


"Surviving is simply doing what you can with what you have."
— Xinta Kreen

Although Xinta has a lot of her father in her and is as reckless a pirate as he ever was, she also retains a bit of her mother's strength in her personality. As a female Devaronian, she embraces the fact that she is to be strong and must excel at what she does no matter what. However, as an ex pirate, she is a blatant opportunist looking for any way to get ahead.


Early Years

Xinta was often introduced to high society on Devaron through her mother's influence. As such, she was taught proper etiquette, political science and galactic relations. She was assigned as a junior assistant to her sister when she took office in the planet's government and was enrolled in the finest schools available.

However, everything changed when she was taken off world by her father after her mother's death.

Life as a Pirate

The Beginning

Xinta, during Pirating

Initially, Xinta didn't take well to the pirate's life, displeased by the lack of cleanliness and manners in the ship that her father captained. However, as the years passed, she became more accustomed to the life and adapted to a career as a pirate in her father's employ.

After she came of age, her father entrusted her with more dangerous missions when he sheltered her before and after a while, she became an officer in his ranks just under the first mate.

Upon her Father's Death

It happened during a botched up raid of a Huttese cruiser. Things turned bad for the pirates quick and Garis was stabbed through by a vibroblade that had caught him off guard. His death shocked the pirates and caused them to retreat, fleeing in panic. Most were caught by the Huttese mercenaries, however, thanks to the help of Jarn Kacksna, Garis' Hapan first mate, Xinta managed to escape, taking her broken ship into hyperspace just in time to save her life.

Dark Skies Gearworks

Alone and in possession of her broken ship that used it's last bit of reserves for the short jump, Xinta was lucky to find a passenger cruiser passing through that she hailed and claimed herself a survivor of a pirate attack. Eager to assist her, they brought her asteroid side to Polis Massa where she hired transport to Sullust. Once in Sullust, she found the information on the holonet of a recycling company that was looking for capable pilots to work for them. Upon discovering that they were a neutral company that was led by a Hapan, she was sold on the idea of working there. After an interview with the Forgemaster Lilith Delcroix, Xinta started employment with the company, hoping for a new start safe in neutrality.

Shortly after the alliance between the Trade Federation and Dark Skies Gearworks, Lilith extended an invitation to Xinta to participate in the newly created Trade Federation Department of Trade as a member of the board of trade. This opportunity has allowed Xinta to not only use the diplomatic skills she learned in her childhood but also taught her about galactic business as a whole, possibly opening new doors for her in the future. She is currently the Quartermaster for production between DSG and the Department of Trade.

The Closing of Dark Skies Gearworks

After a successful time with DSG, Xinta built up a nice savings account and started her collection of ships that she hoped to grow throughout her life. After a prosperous year with Dark Skies, Lilith Delcroix made the executive decision to close the company as she was unable to physically keep it running. Saddened by the news, Xinta reclused to her ship and spent her time watching old holovids and participating with the board of trade through hologram. She understood Lilith's need for rest and was in no way upset with the woman, but she had come to accepting the organization as her family and once again felt as though she was left alone. As she brooded, she felt more and more everyday the desire to do something and eventually bit the bullet and decided that she needed to head back to work. After a short stop in Devaron to visit her sister and brother, she made her way over to The Avance Coalition to speak with people there about possible employment. After all, Coalition members were the next closest beings to a family after Dark Skies.

A New Beginning with Avance Coalition and Rendili Stardrive

Upon entering TAC space, Xinta first headed to House Soyak-Ikron, having heard of them from Lilith and another fellow co-worker, Kyran Caelius. She was impressed with the establishment and an sense of unworthiness quickly came over her. Her application sent and waiting for an opening, she departed the palace and made her way to the closest shipyard, feeling much more at home amongst the clanging of ship building tools and the smell of burning metal than in a high class marbled palace. Luckily for her, she stumbled upon a Rendili Stardrive shipyard and was introduced to the CEO Bannor Skyglow who impressed Xinta immediately with her laid back approach to the industry and extremely friendly demeanor. After a few words and a quick interview, Xinta handed over her resume to Bannor and found herself accepted as a new employee. The unease of her situation quickly went away as she felt positive that Rendili and Avance would make for a wonderful new home with excellent co-workers to add to her galactic family.

While with Avance, XInta joined House Soyak-Ikron where she visited Lilith from time to time and also found peace in physical training, something she had missed since leaving the pirating life. Joining up with Clan Ky'bris she added to her family and perfected her training, giving her more purpose to her new life.

Avance Coalition and Trade Federation merger

After becoming comfortable in her new life with RSD and Avance, Xinta was frightened at the idea of losing another home when news of a merger with the Trade Federation came up. Understanding the necessity and trying to be positive about the change, she approached the Federation as an old friend remembering the good times she spent in the Department of Trade. Much to her shock, however, she found that Lilith had made a new life for herself in the Trade Federation as Director of the Department of Trade! Feeling that her destiny had to be tied with Lilith, Xinta leapt at the chance to move her efforts toward gaining employment with the Department of Trade and excitedly went to work.

Personal Ships

  • "The Lunar Wasp" - YT-2400
  • "Wasp's Sting" - PLY 3000
  • "Daddy's Little Girl" - Firespray
  • "The Hydrospanner" - JV-7 Escort Shuttle
  • "Deathtrap" - TIE/In
  • "Moonlight" - YT1300
  • "Blood Moon" - JM5000
  • "Wasp's Nest" - C-3 Passenger Liner
  • "The Thorax" - Barloz-Class Freighter
  • "The Lunatic" - YG-4210
  • "Eclipse" - YT-2000
  • "DSG Bug" - GRZ-6B Wrecker
  • "Double Sting" - Agressor Assault Fighter