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General Information
Status Active
Leader Spree Razzix
Owner Dac Kain
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 239
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrotica Conglomerate
Industry Medical Service
Holosite Mecrotica Conglomerate

Starting as one of the bacta harvesting groups dominating the economic growth of Thyferra, Xucphra Corporation has slowly built both its reputation and consumer base over its lifetime. Prior to Year 5, Xucphra Corporation shared sale of Thyferra-produced bacta with Zaltin Corporation in the infamous Bacta Cartel. Seeds of success were planted in Year 5, when the Galactic Empire invaded Thyferra and officially disbanded the Bacta Cartel. The new Imperial government appointed Xucphra Corporation as the sole bacta-producing entity allowed on the planet. Flourishing for less than one year under the Galactic Empire, Xucphra vanished early in Year 6. In Year 10, remnants of Xucphra Corporation re-created the company on Lorell. Calling themselves simply Xucphra, the company joined the Mecrotica Conglomerate and opened its doors to the galaxy as a whole.

Currently it is owned by Dac Kain and is one of the several companies within the Mecrotica Conglomerate. It is led by Spree Razzix.


The long history of Xucphra Corporation is tied intimately to the development of the human presence on Thyferra and the synthesis of bacta. Bacta is a healing solution now known throughout the galaxy as the most efficient and effective treatment for even the most dire of wounds. For a long time the recipe for bacta had been known only to the planet's native species, the giant insectoid Vratix. Some time after the development and perfection of the concoction, Thyferra was visited by a group of Human settlers. Surprised by their new bipedal neighbors, the Vratix willingly shared the secret of bacta production to the Humans. Over time, the human occupants developed large cities separate from the Vratix hives. Their culture became more and more entrenched in the planet's history, and heir bodies grew taller and more slender (as a result of Thyferra's low gravity). Generations after their original arrival, the human colonists became the Thyferrans. It is here where Xucphra's story truly begins.

The Bacta Cartels

Over time, Thyferran influence on the planet grew. Large companies sprouted up around the commercialization of bacta and guided the Thyferran government to acquire more and more land to grow alazhi, a prime ingredient in bacta synthesis. As a result, Thyferran-made alazhi farmland expanded further and further into unclaimed territories until the giant corporations ran out of room. Wishing to continue their growth, the planet's two bacta-producing companies, Xucphra Corporation and Zaltin Corporation, formed a "Bacta Cartel" and began to take Vratix-controlled land by force. The reign of the Bacta Cartel lasted until it was disbanded in Year 5.

Imperial Occupation

"Our request to have them serve in our fields or be sprayed with bug spray was overwhelming accepted by their village leaders. The Xucphra Corporation will see to it that the [Vratix] will serve us whole-heartedly, or they will become soap available in your bathrooms."
— Moff Victor von Ismay

In Year 5, Day 187, the Galactic Empire invaded and seized control of Thyferra.[1] Noting that Xucphra was largely considered to be part of the pro-Human movement of the planets' non-Vratix residents, the Galactic Empire declared the Corporation the sole producer of bacta on Thyferra.

Shortly thereafter, the Empire replaced Xucphra's Thyferran CEO with Moff Victor von Ismay[2], the man who initially led the assault on Thyferra. Under the watchful eye of Moff von Ismay and the Empire, Xucphra continued its production in full force. Under the new leadership, Xucphra Corporation enslaved many of the Vratix hives. While the quantity is unreported, the Empire cites all non-dissenting Vratix villages were unharmed, while the rest were killed. Among those dead was the Vratix's hive leader, known as the Canir. The invasion of the planet, coupled with the Canir's death, sent the hives into disarray. This led viewers across the galaxy to believe that the entire planet was now under the control of the Galactic Empire and Xucphra Corporation. This, however, proved to be untrue.

Shortly after Moff von Ismay's announcement on the Galactic News Service (GNS), Zaltin Corporation released their own statement. They claimed that all of their cities and alazhi farms were entirely intact and undamaged. In addition, they struck a deal with the Vratix's new Canir, offering the race a safe haven in refugee camps in exchange for their labor on Zaltin's alazhi fields[3]. It was at that time that the leaders of Zaltin were growing sympathetic to the goals of parties opposing the Galactic Empire, and eventually the company switched affiliation. The Galactic Empire continued to back Xucphra while pushing Zaltin out of the galactic bacta market. This was to be the final nail in the coffin for Zaltin Corporation. However, they did not go quietly. With its dying breath, Zaltin quickly made public the secrets behind the art of bacta production, which allowed for new medical corporations to harvest Alazhi, refine it into bacta, and produce their own medical products without relying on the Bacta Cartel.

Zaltin's death left Xucphra as the sole bacta producer for the Galactic Empire, and the invasion led to the reorganization of Xucphra Corporation into an official partner of the Galactic Empire. Moff von Ismay assumed the role of CEO and began marketing wholesale bacta to the galaxy. The Moff's reign did not last long, though.

Death of a Moff

Just 114 days into his term, CEO Victor von Ismay was beaten to death by Teniel Djo. Djo, the leader of the Eidola Pirates, managed to evade eleven heavily armed capital ships and their 350 fighter complements and reach von Ismay's private ship orbiting Thyferra[4]. While Xucphra Corporation continued to function after the incident, Ms. Djo had dealt a major blow. This was not the last time Xucphra Corporation would see the leader of Eidola.

Death of a Corporation

"Damnit Vodo, I'm a pirate not a doctor!"
— Teniel Djo

Later in that same year, the Galactic Empire appointed Ms. Djo as the Second in Command of Xucphra Corporation. Shortly thereafter, she proceeded to fire every member of the Corporation and steal all of its assets. After struggling for a few weeks, Xucphra Corporation officially dissolved early in Year 6[5]. In total, Xucphra Corporation under Imperial leadership lasted less than 200 days. With that, the Xucphra name left the galaxy for four years.

Xucphra: Reformed

New Beginnings

The flame of Xucphra Corporation was never truly extinguished. Towards the end of Year 10, individuals who wished to reinvent the Corporation finally reformed it, naming it simply "Xucphra". Based in Lorell, the group joined the Mecrotica Conglomerate under the ownership of Alex Tylger and the leadership of Roan Axios. Prior to her affiliation with Xucphra, Ms. Axios was the leader of Mecrosa, another company under the umbrella of Mecrotica. Xucphra officially opened its doors to the galactic market on Day 239 of Year 10.

Mecrotica's complete control of the Phu sector, combined with its presence on Lorell, provided a plethora of space for Xucphra to farm alazhi and synthesize it into bacta. This plus the access to various high profile governments and individuals through the already well-developed Mecrotica essentially let Xucphra hit the ground running.

Changing Hands

In Year 15, Day 76, Xucphra changed hands when the leader of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, Dac Kain, purchased the company from Alex Tylger. After the buyout was completed, Ms. Axios announced her retirement from the company. Stepping in for her was Benjamin Kain, Dac's brother[6]. After 232 days in office, Benjamin Kain stepped down as leader of Xucphra and was replaced by his then second-in-command: Doctor Spree Razzix. The doctor spent the next five years building the Xucphra brand with care and love. On Year 20, Day 167, the doctor went on a brief sabbatical and chose to pass the leadership role on to fellow Mecrotica leader Alleria Liadrin, who then passed the role on to Coleman Rendar on Year 20, Day 278. About a standard month after that, Dr. Razzix returned to his role as Director.


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