Xya Howie

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Xya Howie
Xya Howie1.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Died Circa Year 6, Day 200
Adumar system, Wild Space
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Dyed brown hair, naturally blonde
Eye Color Green eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Rank Dark Princess
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire
Hammers Slammers

Dark Princess Xya Howie was a female Human and twice served as the charismatic ruler of the infamous Black Sun crime syndicate. Born Tee Ubo Tarkona, she later changed her name to Xyanax Jasper before marrying Irv Howie. Prior to serving as the leader of Black Sun, Xya was a well-known member of both the Galactic Empire and Hammers Slammers.


Xya Howie followed Tara Tylger to the Black Sun organization several months after Tara had become the Black Sun bodyguard. Both individuals were greatly hated by the Galactic Empire for various reasons. When the Black Sun decision to accepted Howie as a member became public, the Empire objected and decided to declare war upon Black Sun. Neither adversary ultimately won the war but rather cooler heads prevailed with war being downgraded to mutual dislike and animosity.

Circa Year 5, Prince Plojo Rosom — the ruler of Black Sun — decided to retire and handed the reins to newcomer Xya Howie on Year 5 Day 91.[1][2] Princess Xya Howie ruled Black Sun for eight months before retiring. But in that time she had grown Black Sun to self-sufficiency, not only in gaining even more members but also by seizing control of many corporations. She led the Family through many dangers and was beloved by all members. Prince Joseph Roscha, her loyal Regent, took her place once she stepped down on Year 5 Day 339.[3] Roscha ruled for just over three months and was ultimately expelled from Black Sun when Howie returned and reclaimed the throne as leader on Year 6 Day 77.[4][5] Xya Howie then ruled Black Sun until her untimely death, the details of which are still unclear. Tara Tylger, her good friend and regent, took Xya's place as Princess of Black Sun.


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Dark Princess of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Plojo Rosom
Xya Howie
Year 5 Day 91Year 5 Day 339
Succeeded By:
Joseph Roscha
Dark Princess of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Joseph Roscha
Xya Howie
Year 6 Day 77Year 6 Day 209
Succeeded By:
Tara Tylger