Xzar Versia

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Xzar Versia
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Biographical Information
Race Cathar
Homeworld Cathar
Born Year -25 Day 278 (38 yrs old)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.95 meters
Coloring Brownish/Yellow skin
Eye Color Brown
Political Information


Xzar Versia was born on the planet Cathar, with his litter of two brothers and a sister. However he wasn't with them long. When his home planet was invaded by Mandalorians he went missing.

He found his way onboard a ship that was smuggling goods to Coruscant. His ships owners he found to be Jorj Varsarius a little known smuggler. When he found the young cub he didn't know what to do with it. Jorj decieded to let the little Xzar stay aboard and be raised on his ship.

Xzar began learning to fly the ship and trade and many other useful tactics at a very young age. By the time he came of age in his early teens he was flying the ship for Versarius.

It was in -2 when Versarius was stricken with illness. Xzar waited with him on his deathbed until the old man passed. Xzar then took on the role of captain much to the dismay of some of the senior crew of Versarius' ship.

After a year of flying the crew began to mutiny. Xzar and his followers batteled with many of the other crewers in which many ended up dead. It was here that the crewmen found out Xzar's true strength when he ripped the arms out of the socket of a human male crewman.

Xzar and the followers took the business and decided to start smuggling in the inner sectors of the galaxy for many years. On one mission he happened to meet a fellow Cathar, Caren Katherion. He had never encountered another of his species at that point and was immediately aw-struck. The two connected although she was known as a troubled soul to many locals of Chamm. Xzar and Caren became lovers and joined in union.

Their marriage was cut short however during one such smuggling operation his crew was captured and killed by their mark, Kash Morlev. Morlev saved Xzar for last as he watched his entire crew put to death, Morlev offered him his life in return for total fealty. Versia swore his life to Morlev and became a pilot and bodyguard for Morlev in exchange for getting to see his wife for one day every month.

In the year 0, while on a mission with Morlev,Xzar was part of a landing party at the Cly Farm and was witness to the murders of Joana and Celus Cly. Versia watched as Morlev's men burned the farm to the ground as well however he found hiding in the house a young Kali Cly. Morlev ordered her to be taken onto the ship and Xzar did as he was told.

Over the years Xzar was placed as Kali's protector and personal guard/watch. He was to report everything she did to Morlev but also make sure she followed through on her orders. After years of working together Xzar developed a fatherly relationship with Kali and began to truly protect her and love her as his own.

Xzar later one day met a fellow trader by the name of Cavrth Cly and learned of his relationship to Kali, Xzar set up a fake mission behind Morlev's back to have Kali and Cavrth meet and began a plan to have the two escape Morlev's clutches for good. After the meeting was a success, Xzar, Kali and Cavrth all fled and were on the run from Morlev and the Cartel.

Kali and Xzar began doing business with Cavrth as part of operations for Jorus Aklios. Xzar was present during the mission in which Cavrth and Kali met Valen Zoller. Xzar was very distrusting of Zoller at first but soon learned of his kinship and love for Kali. After months on the run Kali and Valen began a relationship much to Xzar's dismay but he quickly changed his tune and approved of the relationship after Valen asked Xzar for permission to marry Kali.

Even though their wedding was small, Xzar was present for the wedding of Valen Zoller and Kali Cly. After the wedding, Kali and Valen decided to take residence on Tattooine, while Xzar approached Cavrth Cly for help in finding his wife Caren Katherion. Cavrth used all of his connections and was able to find her working in a cantina resort as a brawler. Xzar and Cavrth arrived at the cantina and in order to speak with her Xzar enlisted himself to fight her, at first she did not recognize but when she turned to battle her next opponent she was amazed to see her husband.

Xzar while running a smuggling mission for Cavrth became trapped by Cartel operatives and informed that the Cartel had placed bounties on himself, Kalin Vos, Cavrth Cly, Kali Cly and Valen Zoller. Xzar managed to escape his captures by tearing their limbs from their bodies and killing them, he went to send messages to the others only to find he was too late in warning everyone. He soon learned of the demise of Zoller and Kali Cly on Tatooine. Xzar couldn't bare the loss of his friends and took off for refuge in solitude with his wife.

After months in hiding and solitude, Cavrth tracked Xzar down and visited with an offer of work. Cavrth approached Xzar and another friend Kalin Vos about a possible partnership and creating of a new logistics company. The three agreed and had another partner as they created Amnethyst Line logistics. While on one mission for the new logistics company, the three pilots were lead into a trap, Cavrth managed to warn Xzar and get him away but Cavrth was killed and Vos captured quickly after the transmission sent.

After learning of the betrayal and loss of Cavrth and Vos, Xzar fled to the only man he knew that could help them, Jorus Aklios. Aklios offered them a place to live on the resort and noted both of their skill sets. Aklios hired Caren to be the official head of security onboard the Luxury Space Colony Sanctuary while offering a lead logistics position to Xzar as he was to be given his own smuggling ship and crew that he could hand pick. They accepted the offers and thanked Aklios for the positions, Xzar asked for one more favor in which he could use his contacts to find any information about the whereabouts of Kalin Vos and Aklios promised he would do all he could to find them.

Little is known about Xzar's whereabouts after Cavrth's death and Vos's disappearance but some have caught wind that he continues work for Aklios but is mostly retired at this point to spend time with his wife.