Yar'll ganar at nar dralshy`a

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Hacked by: Xanxus Drol - Faction: Zann Consortium

Date: Year 17 Day 156 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [ZCC] Kilipso's Requiem in system Vaxal (87, -92).

The State of Zann entered into what they have called "a mode of emergency status" that restricted media/ external communications, led to curfews and the complete lockdown of an entire star system over a week ago after reports of a failed attack against a Zann Consortium High Command member that left three dead in a remote location near the system of Vaxal, an attack which left sources speculating who was responsible for the hostilities.

The assassination attempt which led to the arrests and subsequent executions of all attackers happened just south of the system of Vaxal after Zann Consortium's mechanized reconnaissance teams were concluding an operation of routine scouting led by Jawa, Komoniic [Second in Command] Greyson Abrams.


Zann operations went into an immediate security lockdown across the galaxy from small outposts to entire planets and asteroids, including public commercial services such NexCore Mining Corporation, who broadcast an emergency travel advisory that shield activation upon the Moon of Ord Vaxal had been established. The moon is known as a safezone for all travelers and traders ensuring neutral commerce from the mining corporation and Zann Government. Nexcore's broadcast specified that "for the duration of the advisory all non citizen visitors immunity from detainment on Ord Vaxal's Moon would be compromised due to the emergency protocols in effect", an action cited by trade analysts that speaks well of Zann's promise and intent to support neutral commerce despite any enemy affiliations.

New information that is now released due to today's restoration of public communications explain Greyson docked inside of his government issued YV-666 corvette, and while exiting onto the ship, three rogue Defilers identified as A`yala A`dia, Kyoto Onren, and Jax Xanbot quickly boarded Greyson's craft to apprehended him locking down all exits. The perpetrators went on to explain they were bounty hunters with Hutt Cartel and were sent by order of Feth Ophoxi, the second in command of Hutt Cartel, to capture all high ranking members of Zann Consortium including its former leader Krestviniic [Crime Lord] Ximaro Jix.

Zann holo-feeds just now shared with galactic news services show Kyoto Onren, who held the rank of 3rd Defiler, boarding the corvette accompanied by his fellow agents and chasing Greyson before losing track of him in the corridors of the ship. The recording also reveals Kyoto being ambushed by Greyson, executing Kyoto instantly. Additional camera feeds reveal the assisting attackers fleeing the vessel on board additional Zann ships. Members of the Zann Analysis Bureau go on to explain that they are unsure why the assailants chose to flee in Zann ships, however revealed that the appropriate measures were taken to restrict ship controls with a master override from Zann HQ within minutes as the lockdown procedures began.

Following the ship restrictions intelligence sources within Zann, stated Byveks [special security agents] along with other Defilers from Zann's “Insurgency” cells were able to board the vessels, capture, and execute A`dia and Xanbot with minimal resistance. No further information to identify any of the three individual’s origins was identified and an anonymous security member with the government explained neither enemy agent provided any information during breif interrogation.

With the initial reports around Vaxal being that the attack was perpetrated by Hutt Cartel, it is reported that acting Krestviniic Ximo Jobal and Greyson himself spoke with the smaller crime outfit to identify its potential role in the event. After a brief discussion, Cartel leader Qaun Wain along with his accused right hand Feth Ophoxi explained their organization was not responsible for the attacks, nor would they endanger their own organization by attacking the Free State of Zann. Qaun stated despite a past rivalry with the Consortium, the cartel offered its full support and would create a special team of intelligence operatives and bounty hunters, to assist Zann in identification of the true organization behind the attacks as well as apprehension.

"We would like to locate these individuals responsible that dare implicate Hutt Cartel in such a conspiracy and offer our support to Zann" Qaun officially explained during a brief press release.

An unnamed source stated the attack came not long after one of Zann's prominent members Cell Leader Tal "Blood Dragon" Archer placed himself in permanent cryo freeze. The source was unable to determine whether or not the attacks were related or coincidence but explained Bvyeks were investigating for possible connections.

”While some of our investigators believe that this attempt at me was specifically aimed to damage Zann's economy. My personal conclusion is that these sleeper agents acted prematurely, pursuing me as they were unable to locate Ximaro or our acting leader Ximo Jobal," commented Greyson Abrams publicly when asked to speak about the events. Zann Circle (High Command) Members have access to all information, resources and operations however some Circle Members have particular areas of oversight. In the same way the leader specializes in military, security, and intelligence operations while the co-leader specializes in economic, infrastructure, and diplomatic areas respectfully according to Zann political analysts.

Zanns founding leader Ximaro Jix was able to be reached via holo communication despite his recent hiatus from Zann affairs briefly stating "We're all quite used to attempts against us from our enemies, however to utilize three agents for one single arrest either proves dangerous enthusiasm or gross incompetence”

Circle member and Overseer of Nexcore Mining Corporation Xanxus Drol who issued the travel advisory to the public received positive and negative criticism alike mostly behind closed doors due to many customers engaging in Zanns neutral commerce and privacy policy, used by many to circumvent contractual obligations imposed by employers to adhere to trade bans and blacklists. Xanxus Drol commented "The safety of our customers and our employees who are majorly non-combatant civilian class citizens outweighs any inconvenience in travel plans, If you trust us to honor our promise then you will have to deal with the cost of doing so, those customers who had legitimate issues resulting from the lockdown have been satisfied with case specific solutions."

In regards to the lockdown itself Xanxus added, "I work very closely with Greyson daily and while I cannot elaborate on the measures taken Zann wide what I can say is that Circle is extremely satisfied with the response time and precision of our personnel during the emergency. While Zann Circle is not invincible in any sense this attack and Greyson's reaction was an exemplary example for new generations of our people of how a Defiler gets to be a Circle member let alone 2ic of the government. I personally was impressed these assailants infiltrated us and that shows a level of skill we can respect, while simultaneously laughing at the foolishness of the tactics employed when they were activated."