Yasira Shran

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Yasira Shran
Biographical Information
Race Twi`lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother Uyocsaso
Father Wejo Shran
Born Year -2, Day 63
  • Galactic Basic
  • Huttese
  • Twi`leki
  • Various in Limited Capacity
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Prior Affiliation
Signature Yasira-Signature.png

Yasira Shran is a pink Twi'lek with an alluring physique and experiences to die for. Using her unmatched beauty, she is almost always found in a vibrant cantina dancing on the stage or starring in the latest exotic entertainment present on the galactic extranet. A user of the force, Yasira maintains no alignment to a cause, deciding instead using its mystical prowess to enhance to experiences of her clients and her own enterprises, while letting her body do the rest of the negotiating. A business proprietor, she maintains a number of exotic entertainment ventures throughout the galaxy, while remaining open to clientele from all walks of life and genders.


Innocence Personified

The Twi'lek know to the galaxy as Yasira was born to a large family on the planet of Ryloth two years prior to the CGT metric being adopted across the galaxy. The seventh child, and fourth girl in the family, the pink Twi'lek was not treated as special or as an individual within her family. She was expected to maintain the labors of the family mining business in order to maintain the roof over her head. Her parents Wejo and Uyocsaso had lived their lives predominately on Kor Hestilic and Kor Besadii, cold planets within the Bootana Hutta system as servants of the Hutt Clans before purchasing their freedom after the birth of their third child and resettling to Ryloth. After they had resettled and acquired a small plot of land within the mountains under the guise of Clan `Katr, they spent their years demolishing the mountainous rock and ice glaciers, trading their raw materials to merchants predominately in the adjacent Roost system.

With no real education presented to her, Yasira spent her formative years being picked on by her older siblings, rarely finding time to enjoy their company. She was kept within her mothers' care for several years before sent to the glaciers to help move materials from the peaks down to the capital of Kala'uun. While the back-breaking labor in cold temperatures was not kind of their mood, it did allow her to maintain a strong level of stamina and fitness for someone of her young age. Once the materials were loaded onto numerous Personnel Skiff Model IVs, Yasira would regularly stow aboard amongst the cargo to escape the cold and the bickering abuse of her family in order to explore the capital. Thanks to the high sibling count within her family and the lack of apparent unity, Yasira was gone from the peaks for days at a time, ingratiating herself into the society of Ryloth. While the anger of her father awaited her upon her return, the time within the city allowed her to explore other avenues. Gathering a street education by supporting numerous market stalls and observing transactions closely, the Twi'leki spent years learning from the street, experimenting with drugs and alcohol from the age of twelve, while her desire towards numerous sentient forms began to follow soon after as Yasira marveled at the people that visited the planet, from all walks of life.

Midway through the fourteenth galactic year, Yasira was approached by a Nautolan traveler outside a restaurant near the underbelly of Kala'uun who began explaining the marvels of the criminal haven of Nar Shaddaa under the control of the Hutts. Yasira saw through the scheme, understanding that the opportunity wasn't one of freedom, but indentured servitude. However, having no real love for any of her large family or the cold climates of the Ryloth mountains, Yasira decided to accept the alien's proposal and traveled with him to Hutt Space, like her parents before her. After a short hyperspace journey in a decrepit YG-4210 with no possessions outside of the clothes on her back, Yasira was escorted to a lively club within the city of New Vertica. Still young and somewhat innocent, Yasira was placed within front-of-house operations, responsible for greeting patrons, waiting tables, and throwing around her charm to convince patrons to empty their credit-laden pockets into her tip jar. While she maintained her ties to her Nautolan pilot who acted as a liaison, Yasira became the property of a Quermian who wanted to leverage as much money out of the pink beauty as possible. She was thrown credits to go towards various cosmetic surgeries, ensuring her body was the perfect physical specimen by the time she crossed her eighteenth birthday. Once she was of age, she was transferred from typical front-of-house operations and promoted as a key talent throughout the red-light districts of the criminal super haven.

Yasira on the cover of the Club Kasakar Magazine

Finally Unleashed

Far from the innocence of Ryloth, Yasira had finally begun to experience life as she wanted. Comfortable in her body and more than willing to show off her ample assets for some credits, Yasira began branching out into a number of various enterprises. Traveling throughout the various underworlds of criminal planets, Yasira would often be spotted with her legs around a pole on the stage of a cantina, escorting a local warlord with deep pockets, or promoting her latest erotic holovid at a high-class premiere. Her enjoyment extended outside of her regular employment when she experimented with various rare brands of alcohol and random assortments of barbiturates to heighten her pleasure centers. The constant surrounds of pheromones and the pleasure of alluring, skimpy aliens and humanoids drew Yasira into numerous relationships and exotic parties, maintaining numerous open sexual relationships both personally and professionally into her early twenties. Through these relations and exceptional talents with her professional work, Yasira began becoming widely known through both criminal and upper echelons of society as the woman to know, hire or enjoy the company of. She began to broaden her clientele while using the extended time with various sentients to improve her linguistics, learning numerous galactic languages. Despite her natural ability to learn languages, she uncovered her most impressive talent during a trip to Club Skoria during the nineteenth galactic year, when she discovered an affinity for the force.

Using some of her now vast earnings to purchase her own contract from her Quermian controller, Yasira took her leave from Nar Shaddaa and its surroundings to explore her newfound talents. Renting a KR-4B Luxury Star Cruiser from one of the many starports across the metropolis, Yasira ventured toward the Cathar homeworld within the Quelii sector to spend some time with some of her more exclusive clientele. Through these connections she had established, the Twi'lek was able to learn the fundamentals of the force from a number of various teachers, While the need for self-defense was never needed in her eyes, and the definitions of Jedi and Sith not appealing to her a single iota, Yasira instead decide to use these talents to further improve her professional talents. She'd learned the basics of lightsaber combat, but spent most of her free time on Cathar practicing channel inner feelings and emotions, tantric bodily movements, and movement of objects. After several weeks of training and time between the sheets, Yasira had not only grown her client base but also enriched herself to a greater level that she would feed into her next exotic ventures across the galaxy. Over the next year, she spent her time crisscrossing the galaxy throughout numerous underbelly. Spotted by paparazzi and obsessive fans at Skoria's Crucible Station, Spira Resort on the Imperial controlled sanctuary of Spira and The Gehenna on Venaari under the guise of the Exelis Crime Syndicate. Throughout these locations, she would spend several months as a central attraction for their respective exotic entertainment schedules, often purchasing real estate across the planets' she ventured to allow easier entertaining of private clients for functions, rendezvous, or personal comfort.

Over time as numerous corporations closed or changed management, Yasira would traverse to another location to offer her talents without the stresses of having to look for additional work. Since her arrival on Nar Shaddaa in her mid-teenage years, she had never need to search for work proactively. Work was provided for her either by her employers or after the dissolution of her conservatorship agreement, Yasira was heavily desired by promoters and clients, allowing her to sit back and allow the best deal to come to her. Upon the dissolution of the Exelis Crime Syndicate in the twenty-second recognized year, Yasira found herself receiving numerous offers out of Ord Cantrell's vibrant cantina, the Drunken Pirate. While she still had a strong desire for removing her clothes in front of a crowd on stage, she had more than enough financial support and surplus to drive her own agenda instead of what a promoter wanted from her. Through this new negotiating position, Yasira found herself increasing her prices for appearances and private rendezvous to ensure only the best offers for her talents, while also exploring her own enterprises. Renting a large space within the city of Tortuga, she founded her own exotic production company known as the Teasing Tentacle to star and produce her own adult productions and ventures across the holofeeds of the galaxy.

Teasing Tentacle - Available to all galactic holofeeds

With her production company securing lucrative contracts across various galactic sectors, Yasira soon found herself with a highly sought-after exotic entertainment business. While content and products featuring herself or her likeness were always the highest revenue items, she began to enjoy the success of bringing new and exciting talent to the forefront of the galaxy. Humanoids and aliens alike were sending her audition feeds and requests for her training at varying levels of production quality, allowing her to grow her roster of alluring and professional talent at her desired level of quality. Without a single credit spent on advertising across mainstream avenues, Teasing Tentacle was seeing its client list grow across all corners of the galaxy, with security coming from a small sect of force users, Yasira included. With the organization functioning optimally, Yasira hired a small plethora of assistants to conduct the day-to-day operations, administration, and client assignments. Allowed to step back and do whatever she desired, Yasira maintained her desire to please herself and her clients, continuing to maintain a selective roster of new and veterans alike, while maintaining a presence in numerous holonet productions.

Yasira on the Datapad

Appearance & Religious Standing

Yasira maintains an alluring, fit physique, primarily maintained through her professional endeavors. Her pink Twi'lek body is easily recognizable, with a subtle tattoo pattern present across her lekku. While professionally she wears clothing ranging from the most revealing of lingerie to a majestic cocktail dress worth millions, personally when she's not working she is commonly spotted in somewhat less revealing attire. Her common dress is a tight pair of leather pants and a basic crop top or fitness bra to ensure she's welcomed in public establishments without the need to call authorities. Throughout her teenage years, she underwent numerous cosmetics to her chest, posterior, and various other areas of the body to make her physical appearance even more alluring to those seeking her services. She has maintained a lack of desire for cybernetic enhancement, wanting to maintain her Twi'leki integrity without mechanical interference.

A firm believer in using what you have to your advantage, Yasira has rarely struggled since leaving Ryloth, knowing her appearance is the ultimate weapon in her arsenal. While incredibly charming and skilled at negotiation and its additional powers to manipulate, Yasira regularly allows her physical form to do the talking to achieve her desired outcomes. Through this methodology, she has been able to maintain a steady stream of income from numerous sources, including some very expensive gifts from clients. She has numerous piercings throughout her body but has no additional art or tattoos aside from those on her lekku. She has maintained this stance in an effort to remain neutral to clients, not wishing the art to distract or potentially cause offense.

She does not follow any particular religious diety and follows no specific force sect or ideology. While she is kind-hearted and of nurturing nature, she has no desire to label herself a Jedi or follow its rigorous rules of lifestyle. She maintains atheist views to all throughout the galaxy, instead believing that the force is a gift she is able to harvest for her own pleasure, and the pleasure of others, nothing more.

Relationships & Family

Since departing Ryloth as a teenager she has not maintained any sort of contact with her family. Despite her large amount of siblings and two living parents, she has no desire to pursue a relationship with them due to her torrid upbringing. She feels no attachment to her former life, instead forging her own path to greater success than a small demolitions business back home. Likewise, with her relationships, she has followed a single mantra for several years. She has removed herself from romantic entanglements, keeping herself free for hiring by clients without the need of a jealous partner to complicate her lifestyle. She maintains clients of a vast array of sentient races, harboring no dislike to any. Identifying as a pansexual, Yasira has undertaken relations with all genders and many races, finding attraction wherever she finds herself.


While she has traveled across the galaxy, Yasira has been approached and hired as the headline exotic act for numerous entertainment-themed establishments. While her appearances in holonet productions are extensive, and her dancing talents in clubs and cantinas are too many to count, she has maintained a small dossier of her favorite establishments throughout the galaxy. While some have since ceased operations, some remain in business today for patrons to continue to experience their brand of entertainment.


Club Skoria
Crucible Station

The most well-known Skoria establishment is Club Skoria about Crucible Station, the station has remained a neutral meeting ground for all sentients of any walk of life. The station itself is an exceedingly old, re-purposed colony station, with most of the interior remodeled to accommodate a number of entertainment establishments. A trading hub overlooks the hangar bay, built into the wall of the vast open staging area and lavishly decorated with hanging silks and finery, adorned with comfortable cushions and chairs designed to accommodate the majority of sentients.

Further into the vast structure is a large inner dome, which houses the casino around the exterior of the dome, and the bar elevated onto a pillar in the center. After several years of operation, Club Skoria was opened and became a premier exotic cantina that attracted thousands of sentients daily to watch its various attractions. The club was of the highest class, with an excessively stocked bar and welcoming plush seats and booths littered around the various rooms. Stages and polls, along with private booths and quarters ensured every patron could enjoy themself while providing them every reason to continue returning for more.


The Gehenna

The Gehenna was a social establishment run by the Exelis Crime Syndicate on Venaari, providing hours of entertainment and plentiful refreshment to syndicate employees and the surrounding citizenry. Nestled deep within the underbelly of the planets' production district, the non-descript establishment looked dilapidated and unwelcoming from the outside, but inside provided the planet with a vibrant pulse and action and pleasure. Exelis leadership provided various alien slaves to dance on the numerous stages, while the more alluring employees were found hidden away in the highly inaccessible private areas for the exclusive clients.

While the club provided high-class entertainment for many, it operated primarily to gather intelligence and insights on neighboring operations big and small, using exotics to please the weak-minded and less fortunate employees, promising them in the galaxy in turn for even the smallest modicum of information that the syndicate to could to grow in stature or power. After an implosion from within the organization, The Gehenna passed onto Xyre Weltmon and Lone Star Industries and inevitably ceased operations during the twenty-second galactically recognized year.


Club Kasakar
Coruscant Undercity

Club Kasakar is a nightclub within the undercity of the planet Coruscant. Given its location it primarily features Imperial personnel, with its employees being either of the humanoid origins or enslaved alien. Select few employees are recruited from abroad as special talents or exotic acts in an effort to either bolster attendance for a particular event or ensure variety to visited soldiers returning from deployment. Trading hands between Imperial Ministry of Culture and numerous private investors, its operations have continued over the years despite its uneasy management volatility.

Featuring common Imperial threads throughout the club, its bars offer beverages only from Imperial Union sources worlds, while its maintains a high security presence in accordance with the vast array of Interior Ministry regulation regarding Imperial business operation.