Yen Angavel

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Yen Angavel
Yen AVA.png
Biographical Information
Race Togorian (Birth)/ Anx/ Amani / Whipid
Homeworld Togoria
Mother Nim Angavel
Father Rad Angavel
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Liz Angavel (cousin)
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.5m
Coloring black shadow
Eye Color Bright red
Political Information
Affiliation Sienar Technologies
Garuda Remnant
Prior Affiliation Tion Hegemony

'Trust is earned, how can someone earns when others refuse to give it?..'

'I had enough with these Bantha Sh**'

Yen Angavel

Early years

Yen Angavel was a Hunter back in his home planet, living his nomadic live like any other males of his race. He always carries a spear and couple of daggers. But one day when he returns to his female mate for mating season. He discovered that his other half was killed by the space pirates. Drove by anger and vengeance, he began his journey to space, to a vast land that he never imagine before...

Become a Tionese

Then he met the Tion Hegemony, where he then joined and learn about every basic thing he needed to know. but space travels is not without a risk, Yen was exposed to a disease of what people call the Derra flu which have changed his appearance into a different race.

During his attempt to change his appearance back to Togorian, the Bacta tank that contains Yen after an operation was exploded due to unknown reason. Somehow he survived that explosion but now Yen doesn't have a solid body, his entire cell turned into a black gas.

Now he wore a mask and a special suit in order for him to be able to interact with solid object. After that incident Yen was back on duty... but his service on the Hegemony wasn't for long, he spent six months on the Construction department.

Even though he learned a lot but then he realized that a solitaire nomadic sentient like him wouldn't fit in the community, He have seen how ambition can changed someone and how trust is one of the main concern for everyone. Yen took a hard but wise decisions to leave Tion. He went back to what he love the most... hunting

Present days

After a short time of hunting to ease his mind, Yen went somewhere else to help his friends. In a galaxy full of Backstabbers, Snob young-lings who sit on high position... Friends are the real treasure.

Yen's personal Action VI on orbit.

Yen in his battle armor