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System Cha Raaba
Sector Hutt Space
Galactic Coordinates (397, -20)
System Coordinates (9, 7)
Astrographic Entry Ylesia
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: glacier, grassland, ocean, jungle, swamp
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 35,612,355 inhabitants
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Governor Syn
Magistrate Syn


Ylesia is a lush, tropical world with three large continents. Many chains of islands jut from its shallow seas. All of the landmasses, apart from the frozen poles, are thick with vegetation of one type or another. Each of the world's many distinctive vistas is over-topped by the dull, yet memorable, blue-gray sky.

This is a very watery planet, with large areas of rainforest and a consistently humid atmosphere. The moisture combines with the high temperatures and the very rapid rotation of the planet to cause chaotic winds at most times, and many intense storms. Navigating through the upper atmosphere is always a difficult task. During the worst periods, landing safely may be impossible for even the best of pilots.

Because of the fertile soil, abundant rainfall, and the extra sunlight provided by Ylesia's 10 hour days, plantlife is very prolific. The jungles are spectacular; thick with blue-green foliage and a colorful panoply of enormous flowering plants. The plains are carpeted by dense moss and grasses, and the world's many swamps boast a startling array of botanical growth.

One fungus from these swampy areas, which thrives on fresh blood, must be continually combated while there. If left unchecked, it will spread over any animal, completely overwhelming their bodily systems in a matter of days.

The only known animal species native to Ylesia is the reek, a herbivorous ungulate that dominates the open plains. Although they have no natural predators, reek are fierce and belligerent. However, it is quite possible to train and domesticate them; their great strength and surprising agility makes them highly valued property on many worlds.

Reeks are also known to frequent Ylesia's jungles, and reek attacks are usually blamed for the many deaths which have occurred along their periphery. However, much of the world remains entirely unexplored, and it is widely believed that the planet may have many other indigenous creatures. Whatever the truth, though, visitors should remember that the wilds are dangerous, and take sensible steps for self-protection whenever venturing near them.


Originally, a small, outlying Outer Rim world taken over by the Eidola Pirates, Ylesia has become a prosperous center of commerce and production under the administration of Pozz Umgee. Its numerous cities house both residences and production facilities, and it is orbited by research and trading stations providing services to its residents. More than half of the planet's land surface remains free of construction projects and industry, instead providing wildlife refuges and national parks at part of environmental preservation projects.

In recent years, the planet has become renowned as a hunting ground popularized by Eidola pirate Syn, and personal ships of hunters and government officials from across the galaxy can occasionally be spotted within its orbit. Notably, Ylesia was also the site of Syn's capture and ransom of Executor Seele of the Galactic Empire.