Ylvia Skelgard

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Ylvia Skelgard
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Clan Clan Skelgard
Mother Myilda Skelgard
Father Vizimir Skelgard
Siblings Solveig Skelgard (sister)
Hakon Skelgard (brother)
Born Year -8 Day 132
Languages Kiffu, Galactic Basic
Quote 'I hear the winds for the very last time'
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.77m 5'10"
Weight 65kg 143lbs
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Veilhal Nomads
Positions Konginde
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire

Ylvia Skelgard was born on Year -8 Day 132 in the northernmost region of Kiffex where with her two siblings and dozens of cousins she had spent most of her life and only few times left her homeworld to visit her uncle Ygremor on Kiffu. Because of her Kiffar clan origins, Ylvia developed an aptitude in hunting and from early childhood went to all Skelgard's gatherings that always started with the ceremonial Grand Hunt in the forests and fields of Kiffex. There clan retainers and family members tried to prove their prowess to each other and to Pegrotis - God of the Hunt. Her clan itself - Clan Skelgard, in which she was born in to, had always been known to foster artisans of various trades, most notably her father Vizimir Skelgard was a well-known blacksmith and forge always needed helpful hand, where Ylvia was eventually put to work as she reached her teenage years. Long hours and many days there ironing the metals and smelting them in tools and weapons of war, had resulted in Ylvia becoming physically strong and adept in metallurgy. During these teenage years she found inspiration in life through art and as such one of Ylvia’s favorite pastimes was to wander the great wilds and capture the unspeakable beauty of nature on an empty canvas. In her room at Skelheim Greathall where she grew up there is a wall that is covered by her earlier works.

As she reached full adulthood, Ylvia became interested in political side of the Galaxy. Even if Kiffex was a neutral planet when it came to the Galactic Civil war, Clan Skelgard was always considered pro-Imperial, both from rhetoric's against the New Republic that were thrown out by her father to the clan's overall given encouragement for its members to join the Galactic Empire. This made Ylvia to grow up in atmosphere that harbored warm sentiment towards the New Order, and as such when she reached twenty-six years, she signed up for the service in the Empire and joined in the Imperial Academy to serve faithfully to the Imperial cause and make her clan proud. The place to Ylvia was a sharp contrast to her every day life on Kiffex, as there she grew up in an secluded clan community and rarely saw alien species or was exposed to grander places than few larger settlements on Kiffex, but at the academy there were dozens of recruits, droids, Training Officers and even aliens she had never seen or heard about, all bustling about and paying no attention to her.

In few weeks of her time in the Imperial Academy, Ylvia was given her first command of two Stormtrooper recruits: Alsten Virai and Astrid Cote, with whom she was tasked to investigate disturbance in an energy supply in the adjacent district of Prakith. There the small fireteam was ambushed by squads of battledroids who were under the command of two criminal cartel Jawas. Using her battle proves and quick instinct Ylvia with her team was able to overcome the assailants and capture the culprits, delivering them to the hands of the Imperial authority. With the first successful assignment as an Imperial officer under her belt, Ylvia soon graduated the Imperial Academy with Honors and was assigned to serve in Imperial Army as Second Lieutenant.

During her service to the New Order, Ylvia was deployed on a ice world of -classified-, where she was assigned as CO of couple of stormtroopers. With them under her command, Ylvia was given assigment of patroling the frozen wastes that laid between the population centers of the planet. Harsh weather and deadly weather were not the only things that made this task difficult, as Ylvia found out that the wastes gave perfect hiding spot for the more radical and criminal elements of the society.