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Yurok Kin'ailo was a notorious criminal who was known mostly for fumbling up his capers. He was a Human born on the planet Tatooine in a long line of descendants to the original princes and rulers of the planet.

Infamous yet a failure

Kin'ailo, in year 1, having been the only one left of his descendants had proclaimed himself the official "Prince of Tatooine". The claim resulted in many riots and complaints until finally the Galactic Empire, which was the controlling government at the time, had sent four Star Destroyer class ships to apprehend the one whom they now claimed was an official criminal of the Empire.

Cyber Technologies

After his escape, Yurok encountered the owner of Cyber Technologies, Davpa Bolom. They became business partners. After a short time, Yurok swindled away Cyber Technologies from Davpa in Year 3 day 192. Luckily for Davpa, the authorities were able to regain control of his assets and Yurok once again was in the spotlight of Imperial forces.

Capture and Death

Yurok made his escape from the authorities and had reached the capital city of Coruscant. There he was able to hijack a smuggled A-Wing which he proceeded to then fly directly towards the Imperial Palace in the hope that he could take down the imperial throne room and assassinate Emperor Vodo Bonias. His ship had run out of fuel shortly before he reached the palace and had to eject. As he ejected, the A-Wing crashed in a nearby landing pad. Luckily no one was hurt.

He made his way to Dathomir which at the time was under control of the Aruu family. The Aruu Police had apprehended the young criminal and brought him to their leader, Keibak Aruu. It was there that the young, soon to be Sith, decided to return the criminal to Davpa Bolom. During Year 3, Day 282, Davpa had the authorities sign and approve a death warrant for Yurok with the help of Keibak and his reputation. He then had Keibak publicly execute Yurok for his crimes.

Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes

After a series of blunders in-game, much of which he took flack for from Ranma when he swindled away Davpa's faction and assets, he decided to start fresh. He turned his character in for arrest to Davpa as they worked an In-Character way to have his new character, Keibak Aruu, be involved in the RP Story.

After dropping his handle as Keibak, he now goes by the handle of Crull Savik.

Keibak's character has been included in an unofficial spin-off browser based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) sim game: "Star Wars: The Battle for Supremacy . His character is key to the Vong Invasion nearly 300 years into the future.

Keibak/Yurok/Crull was a previous Asim and Links Librarian as well as the Newsletter chief for several articles. He joined the Combine in December of 1999, during which the game was played through ICIS (Interactive Combine Information System) which was later enhanced via the Holocom.

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