Zachill DeSol

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Zachill DeSol
Zachill DeSol.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Defel (birth), Kubaz (later)
Homeworld Af`El
Mother Insri DeSol
Father Mat´raim DeSol
Siblings Tog-Arim DeSol
Born Year -9 Day 184
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.2 meter
Coloring dark green skin (orange in ultraviolet light) with black hair (Blue in ultraviolet light)
Eye Color orange
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore,MandalMining,Imperial Union
Rank [C-2] Al'verde
Prior Affiliation none
Awards [BS][ASV][ASP][HWK][OTH][LOC-4][MLA-4][DB-12][DBA]

Zachill DeSol is a Defel from the planet Erervoal. He is a member of Mandalore for over two years now and is currently working in MandalMining as an Alor'ad.


Zachill was born on the planet Ereroval in the Opoku system. Mat´raim, his father was a great meleenium trader under the Defels, who wants to live his life with his family in peace. And at least Zachill grew up in this peace with many brothers and sisters. When he gets the age of 15 some famous customer was not satisfied with the trade and made a complot against my father and his business. My mother was killed and my dad get cached by some bounty hunter. While hiding with 2 brothers Zachill heard the commander saying that he want every one of this family dead or alive, even if he have to hunt them till the end of the galaxy. So the tree start running as fast as they could. "I never get to know about what was happen to the other, but I assume they get killed too. The last thing I see when I watch back, was a burning house." said Zachill about his memories of this event. The three brothers start life by running and hiding in the large desert of this planet. This was the main thing they did for the next year. Because Zachill was the oldest he need to take care of the other two. Hunting for animals for eating, searching for water to drink and a place to rest and hide was the main things that need to be done by Zachill. From time to time, he sneak throw some of the cities near the desert to steal some food or other useful stuff, but always kept hiding. Once Zachill came back from one of these trips and found one of my brothers killed. Tog-Arim, the other brother, somehow escapes that but Zachill never gets to know how.

Way to Mandalore

So Zachill decides to get to Af`el, the home planet of all Defel. It would be much easier to hide there. Finally, he found a way onboard a supply transporter. The ship pilot flies often to system Nimban and makes some deliveries for the Mandalorians. The way he tells stories about the mighty army group fascinates Zachill. No one could ever defend a single Mandalorian, not to tell about a whole army. But before Zachill want to go to the Mandalorians he wanted to look on Af`el to find there some other relatives. After 2 years, Zachill get to know that my brother was here too and leaving Af`el some month ago, but nobody could tell where he was going. The only thing they knew was that he bought an old ship, repaired it by himself, and leave with it. So Zachill assumes he is safe now. With an own ship, you could at least fly everywhere you want to.

The next step would be to get to the Mandalore system. But without money and no skills in building a ship it would be difficult. So the travel continues on another transporter. This was a very slow and old ship, but the pilot was proud to have it and says that one of the most important rebellions had an old ship. He also told about the many places he has visited with this ship before. The trip took a week, or some days more, where Zachill and the pilot talked about nearly everything. Argon, the pilot, tells how fascinated he was by the idea of freedom from the Galactic Empire, and that he wants to join the Republic one day. Zachill told about his life, what happen to his family, and about his plans to become a strong warrior, to fight against those, who killed his family. That Zachill was about to join the Imperial Union was no matter of discussion. On this trip, we get close friends and Zachill gets sure about this: "Now I know, whenever I need some supply, I can ask him." Finally, they reach Tau Sakar, the Mandalorian Planet with the academy for new recruits. Both say goodbye to each other, Argon continues his trip, to visit some more nice places and Zachill starts up his career within the Mandalorian Army.

Life as a Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Army was exactly, what he was looking for. Every single warrior is an army for itself and all the warriors stay together like a family. Everyone tries his best to make the family proud and greater. Zachill did the same: He finished his assignments as good as he could to become a real warrior among the Mandalore brothers. Because he did his job with all effort he get promoted quite fast. "I like the training I get, the missions that need to be done, the honor I get to honor the Mand'alor, and most of all I like the family." Zachill said about his job.

Another chance encounter is worthy to mention here. Zachill was on a trip to pick up some stuff from Coruscant when he meet Ronny Dace at a cantina. He was just booted out of his organization because he don`t get along with his superior. Ronny wanted to honor his father by becoming a famous admiral on the Royal Hapan fleet, but now he has no opportunity to get back. Both spent quite a long time together talking and sharing stories. Zachill wanted to give him a new chance to start again like he had a chance to start again when he get to the Mandalorinas. The Defel spend serval days with the Hapan helping him to find another opportunity to become a battleship admiral. Finally, he joins the Tion Hegemony when he gets the opportunity to join a recruiting ship, and started there as a new carer. Zachill gave him some useful stuff, to get a good start. Another good friendship was born.

After a year in the army, Zachill decides to help his brothers in MandalMining. The work was very hard there. Worked in the dirt of the mines, driving all day over the planet to search for new materials and to build up new mining cities, but the Defel did all he could. All this work is not as exciting as the work in the army when you sit in a battleship or do scout missions, but this is work, which needs to be done, and Zachill likes it to help out where ever another hand is needed. So another year pass by.

Finally, he had the desire to know more about the Mandalorians, his ancestors, the clans, and the culture at all. So Zachill decides to join the K‘yltek clan. This hunter was the final addition, which make his life as a Mandalorian complete. And then Zachill took some time for himself to visit the planets like Mandalore, Abrion Major, Dxun, and Pil Dillar. There he researched for the history, train his skills with hunting and live the way ore earlier clan members grow up.


Dxun Besuliike.png

Since the second season Zachill plas in the Mandalorian Shockball Team Dxun Bes`uliike. It is unusual for the Mandalorian to have a Defel in his lines, but for shockball it’s a good addition. Zachill plays as a guard on the field and he defends the pitch with all of his strength and agility. For this guard, aggressiveness is key to his play. When one of the other team members tries to come in the defensive area, Zachill hits them back, and hard. The second shockball season was the first one for Zachill, during which he made 129 tackles and 111 hard hits on the opponents during tackles. Every season Zachill fights with more strength, more power, and more tricks. The enemy has to fear this guard of the Dxun Bes`uliike.


Zachill as he appeared when a Defel:

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