Zane Apex

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Zane Apex
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Kamino
Mother N/A
Father A Dark Lord of the Sith - Classified
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Coloring Silver with Black tattoos
Eye Color Gold
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Void Wolves
Rank Kamiriic (Circle)
Prior Affiliation Dread
Dark Star Hellions
Ni`Lyahin Smugglers


Zane Apex is a male hybrid clone created on the planet of Kamino by A Dark Lord of the Sith, who could be considered his father. Apex was created by combining genetic material from the Dathomirian Zabrak Sith from an apprentice and a deceased human of some reputation.

The resulting individual has gold eyes and his skin is silver with black tattoos. Apex strikes fear into all who face him, including the Sith Lord, himself.

Zane and Sith Lord

Earliest Know Facts

Apex was raised on Korriban, under the tutelage of a Sith Masters. His lack of force sensitivity at a younger age caused him to excel in the physical realm of combat and piloting skills to keep him on a similar level with his force using peers. In years to come he discovered by chance that he was in fact sensitive to the Force and unbeknown to him, his Sith Masters had suspected it all along and reasoned this with their desire to keep up his training with his peers. His outward persona gave little away which is why it was so hard to detect the growing force within him. But now his foes would know the true meaning of fear.


Going It Alone

After he took what he could from the Sith masters and being armed with his natural instincts and now confirmed sensitivity to the force, Zane found new motivation to leave the planet and pursue his own interests. He travelled far and wide, making a name for himself. His infamy drew the attention of the Dark Star Hellions, who besought him to join their ranks and help promulgate the terror they inspire in others.

bring it on
Taking out Imperials

Dark Star Hellions

On a chance meeting Zane then met Ximaro Jix and they became fast friends, Ximaro Jix the Leader and Original President of the Dark Star Hellions This band of racers, outlaws and thrill-seekers founded a brotherhood of individuals who had grown tired of working as tools for a failing galactic system.

Taking their experience from backgrounds as agents, bounty hunters, soldiers, smugglers and villains they would wreak havoc on local systems as they expanded outward. The collective brought forth a cooperative business ready to bring the fight to the front lines of any job the brigands encountered with a precision and viciousness like no sentient could imagine.

Unlike other criminally funded outfits, these individuals made it their priority to keep their standards of recruitment high. Hellions are ready to tackle whatever objective no matter how dangerous or threatening to maintain a strong income for their gang, Apex had found his home and after his prospect period he became Hellions Original Nomad, Zane Apex.

Dark Star Hellions

Next Moves

Zane became embroiled in his new role easily. Doing as requested and relishing in the chance of battle at 2 locations, Krmar and Oshora. He willingly went into combat Nomad style, waiting for the enemy to seek him out.”Haha not a chance they can stop me” he smirked. Due to him being a clone he was devoid of many feelings, but yet still found this amusing. His silver skin sparkled more than ever when he showed the vaguest sign of excitement.

He completed the mission set to him with ease, but realised soon after…Death Warrant."New Republic" he laughed quite out of character. “Ah well “ he shrugged “had to happen sooner or later” and continued about his business.

The Mercenary Guild Take-down

Hunting was fun, Zane was good at it. But sometimes...well, bandits were an easy target. he needed something more. Just as the thought crossed his mind he received an incoming call. Dbari III. "Well The Mercenary Guild huh?, I'm on it", he replied and headed straight to his ship.

Zane arrived and scanned his surroundings, he was alone. Undeterred he mustered himself and set to with the task at hand, this was going to be an achievement. He worked tirelessly, city after city. He was determined to keep Dbari III, no-one would get close to him. Zane's training from both his Sith father and the loyalty to his brothers held him in good stead. He wasn't interested in glory or fame, only getting the job done. Within what seemed a short space of time he had claimed Dbari III, a job well done. Zane smirked to himself "Now that was way too easy." He stood and looked over his conquest, pulling out his datapad to send a message.

*Message outgoing*

"Well brothers, job done"

"Give me a heads up on what's next, hell I'm loving this"

*End of message*

Zane looked upon his work from the cockpit of his ship and nodded approvingly of his work


Zane Apex

The discovery of an ancient Sith artefact

Scroll of Guileza.png

The Scroll of Guileza