Zann Consortium

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Zann Consortium
Zann Consortium.svg.png
Political information
Type of government Anarcho-syndicalism
Head of State Krestviniic Ximaro Jix
Head-of-Government Kominiic Dax Owok
Affiliation Shadow Dominion
Societal information
Capital Ord Vaxal
Territory Inner Rim

Mid Rim

Outer Rim

Core Worlds

Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credits
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 13 Day 305 (as Mercenaries)
Year 16 Day 191 (as a Government)
Status Active
Holosite (Classified)
"Caput Gerat Lupinum"
— Motto of the Zann Consortium

The Zann Consortium was established in Year 13 Day 305 as a mercenary group, but it has since evolved into a powerful criminal organization. Based in the Inner Rim, this galactic entity has grown to influence almost every major corporation and government in the galaxy. The Consortium was founded on the ideals of Ximaro Jix and is engineered to pursue its long-term goal of corrupting and enabling all sentient life to live free of restraint.

Throughout its history, the Zann Consortium has profited from attacking numerous governments and organizations. The group's Defilers, who specialize in assassinations, piracy, subversion, sabotage, and terrorism, have played a key role in this expansion. These activities ultimately led to the Consortium's restructuring as a galactic government.

The Zann Consortium's success in acquiring advanced technology is largely due to its affiliation with the black market. As a result, the Consortium's technological capabilities are formidable, and it is widely regarded as a terrorist organization by many in the galaxy. Despite this, the group remains a significant player in galactic politics and continues to pose a major threat to peace and stability in the galaxy.


The Zann Consortium's political system is based on centralization, with power concentrated in the hands of the Defiler's Circle, the ruling party since the organization's inception. The Consortium's constitution guarantees protection of sentient rights and freedom of expression, while respecting the privacy of its citizens. However, elections are only held in single-candidate races, with candidates selected by the Defiler's Circle.

Currently, Ximaro Jix serves as Krestviniic, the head of the crime syndicate, following in the footsteps of Kyota Navic, who succeeded Jix as leader. The head of the government, or Kominiic, is responsible for internal operations within the syndicate, with Navic serving as the current Second-in-Command.

Over time, the Consortium's military has gained increased prominence and occupies a central position in the political system. All social sectors are expected to follow the military spirit and adopt military methods, with Jix often focusing on military events and operations in his public activities. Despite the Consortium's formal commitment to protecting sentient rights, its use of assassinations, piracy, subversion, sabotage, and terrorism raises questions about its true motivations and methods.


Year 14

Assault on Koros Spaceworks

On Day 342, the nationalized subsidiary Koros Spaceworks of the Krath Dynasty government was looted by Namma Craken, who identified herself as a member of the Zann Consortium's covert operations group known as the Defilers and niece to Tapar Craken. Reports suggest that she took assets and credits worth five billion and even took hostages during the operation. This incident led to the Krath Dynasty issuing a bounty[1] of 500 million credits for Ximaro Jix, the leader of the Zann Consortium, for his alleged involvement in engineering the plan and corrupting Namma Craken. Lilitu Ningaz, another member of the Defilers, was also placed on the bounty list for her role in the incident, with a bounty[1] of 450 million credits.

It was speculated for some time within the Krath Dynasty that Zann Consortium Defilers were planning an attack, and it was ultimately Namma Craken who carried it out. Lilitu Ningaz claimed responsibility for recruiting Namma and putting the plan in motion. Despite Krath Dynasty's frequent denial regarding the looting and kidnappings, they posted bounties on all members of Ximaro's former Dark Star Hellions founding members as well as all members of Zann Consortium. The incident caused controversy and tension between the Krath Dynasty and the Zann Consortium.

The Mercenary Guild and Sabotage

Main article: Battle of Churnis

On Day 343, the following day after the Koros Spaceworks looting, Zann Consortium confirmed rumors that Defilers had successfully rendered eight planets uncontrolled in the sector of Churnis after the leader of the Mercenary Guild government failed to negotiate terms with Ximaro Jix.

At a public venue, Xakic Jix, Ximaro's younger brother, explained they had been working with and assisting the longtime friend and rogue Sith Lord Myn Kuat with his revenge on the government he created and once controlled.

During a series of attacks carried out by Ximaro and his covert operations members infiltrated, the Consortium aimed to demoralize the Mercenary Guild and ultimately collapse the government. After the attacks began, some members of Guild resigned from their positions within the government in an attempt to avoid any harm.

Shortly after the attacks began, it was clear that the Guild was not suitably prepared to repel a coordinated regime of chaos encroaching upon their worlds. In response, Pietre Hunimen, leader of the Mercenary Guild, urged the Galactic Empire for assistance on the advice of his second in command. Assessing the situation and realizing the continued threat to the rule of law that the Consortium posed to smaller and fringe governments, the Emperor agreed to send forces to aid the Guild. As their first step, the Galactic Empire notified Ximaro Jix that they would be providing military assistance to the Mercenary Guild throughout the Churnis sector and that continued acts of aggression by Zann personnel would result in the Empire considering them an enemy. Despite the warning, members of Zann Consortium and Dark Star Hellions were seen to be continuing attacks against the Guild's assets, stating that they would depart once their task was complete and when the Galactic Empire had received their message of bowing to none.

The ground forces of the Consortium continued shutting down the Mercenary Guild assets throughout Churnis, enabling them to seize land as the local security forces remained preoccupied. As a result of the continued vandalism by the Consortium, the Mercenary Guild began to look for alternative ways of trying to bring the situation under control after Pietre had admitted that the Guild was unable to halt the Consortium's efforts to destabilize the region efficiently.

Realizing that he could not regain control of the situation, Pietre offered to sell the Churnis sector to the Galactic Empire, to which a multi-billion credit deal was quickly arranged with the Empire. The sale of the Churnis sector to the Empire ended The Mercenary Guild's stewardship of the region[2] and the transition of the territory to the temporary rule of Grand Moff Wummer Malephar under the Emperor's direction. [3] The Consortium had succeeded in ousting The Mercenary Guild from power in the sector. Soon after, only to see the arrival of the Empire's forces with a statement from the Emperor that Imperial presence would be limited to re-establishing control and transitioning the sector to a new government at a later date.

At the end of Zann Consortium's sabotage that forced the Mercenary Guild to sell the sector to a galactic superpower, Ximaro stated that the Consortium's work had been completed.

Year 15

The Octagon League Takeover

On Day 166, the galaxy would observe crime lord Ximaro Jix re-emerge, taking over The Octagon League with deadly force, alongside Defiler Cell Leader Zane Apex and several other cell members.

During the events that lead to this takeover, Leader Gamba Jaboli was captured by Ximaro personally and given the option to hand over The Octagon League to the criminal collective for which Zann Consortium resides over. Gamba made three requests during this makeover and offered Ximaro an alternative to killing him. However, the situation was unable to be resolved and Zane Apex ultimately executed Gamba Jaboli.

With The Octagon League now destroyed[4] [5], Ximaro Jix vowed he would reboot the once known Galactic Alliance weapons supplier and New Republic PSA under a Zann banner, making the organization far more efficient then its founder had. Ximaro notified some of Gamba's employees that no harm would come to them except the initial attack which Xakic Jix, leader of the Dark Star Hellions, initially performed. This act involved killing Kraak Ak-Xaiva to convince the New Republic that it was Hellions in the open offensive and not Zann in the shadows.

Kuat Systems Engineering Sabotage

On Day 175, Vussek Kaos, an Operations Manager for Kuat Systems Engineering of the Galactic Empire's Ministry of Industry, revealed himself as a Zann Consortium infiltrator with the theft of thirty million credits and theft of over a thousand vehicles from the nationalized Imperial company. The theft resulted in the ownership transfer of ninety-five AT-ST's and over a thousand other vehicles, including two hundred S74-2 speeders; however, all of these remain secured within Imperial-owned facilities.

Ximaro Jix later stated that if the Galactic Empire sought to resume production within the affected factories where many of these vehicles remained, then they would more than likely have to remove the vehicles from the facilities and into open cities. If this was done, then this may eventually give Zann Defilers the opportunity to seize the assets if they could gain access to the shielded worlds. The Galactic Empire issued advisories that access to the planets would not be granted to anyone without authorization and reason to be planet-side and that any rumored disruption of factories was mere conjecture and wishful thinking in light of the planned expansion of current Kuat System Engineering production facilities.

Assassination of Andy Longshot

On Day 177, Andy "Vex" Longshot, Commodore of Pressure Pirates and Dark Star Hellions "Original Sergeant at Arms," was intercepted on a trading station in the orbit of planet Ord Vaxal in the Vaxal system. Andy walked into a trap that was created and set by Defiler Cell Leader Xanxus Drol and known Defiler and Pirate of Dread, Assurian Fury, who were both on the scene to ensure Andy would take the bait. Shortly after Vice President of Dark Star Hellions Seth Haze and Crime Lord of Zann Consortium Ximaro Jix arrived, Andy Longshot found himself barricaded on the trading station. Andy attempted to evade arrest but was quickly subdued and arrested by Haze. Shortly after, Assault Defiler Colton Hatfield entered into the trading station where Andy was held captive. Colton executed him swiftly and mercilessly despite Andy's pleas to Ximaro to see reason while Vice President Haze stood to watch over the prisoner.

Terrorists in Coruscant

On Day 274, 2nd Lt. Rylla Sarat of the Galactic Empire revealed herself to be a Defiler of Zann Consortium. Immediately after, she went on to rob an armory aboard the Galactic Empire Lucrehulk Bastion. The robbery became highly disputed throughout the galaxy despite published holo-feeds of the loot taken. During the robbery, 3rd Defiler Sarat, who was assigned to the 1st Imperial Legion, 1st Brigade, also abducted Xavier Rayya who was already arrested. The robbery took place during an alleged terrorist alert in the system of Coruscant. Zann Consortium stated later that during the alarm, many Defilers kept a lookout in nearby systems for Imperial naval patrols. Among them, Ximaro Jix and Defilers Jesse Kilipso and Zane Apex were actively involved in loading up the Imperial weaponry and armor as well as securing the Imperial prisoner, who was presumably awaiting trial into custody, being escorted by Sarat at gunpoint.

A newscast detailing the event was hacked and broadcast by Greyson Abrams on the Galactic News System on Day 275.[6]

Black Sails Prison

On Day 275, after much deliberation, the Zann Consortium would become an official holding facility for syndicate hostages and prisoners. Individuals Higelourmi "Higgs" Evervir, Softim Elohim, Dyan Schnall, and Xavier Rayya were the first inmates brought through the doors by prison Defilers who guard the prison's hidden location.

Higelourmi Everivir, the former leader of Byblos Drive Yards[7], was elected to the position of Crew Leader within the prison and charged with the supervision of the other prisoners in their duties. When orders were made to eliminate Dyan Schnall due to alleged misbehavior and administrative decisions within the prison, the knife fell to Everivir. On Day 294, Higelourmi was observed by prison Defilers constraining Kubaz Dyan Schnall and escorting him to the cell block, executing him with an incision to the nape following a directive was given by 2nd Defiler Chazra Chak`na. The instruction was issued to either kill Dyan or be executed himself. Though reluctant, Higelourmi later articulated that decimating the prison population via the death sentence was mostly reasonable despite the corruption of the Consortium in light of the unruliness of the people. Everivir eventually went on to state he would execute again as ordered as he felt he ought to obey to preserve his life further. Such orders did ultimately follow as seen the case of Softim Elohim, a rebel agent captured for spying and placed in the prison by the Consortium.

Elohim was then notified that he was to be executed per Zann Consortium instruction. Softim, in his fear, apparently ate the cheap toxic paint already chipping off the new prison's walls, resulting in his death to avoid a potentially painful death from the death-dealing Arcona; instead, the chemical cocktail rendered the Alderanian partially comatose. This turn of events went on to further Higelourmi's reputation and humiliation among not just the Consortium, but the Dread pirates who initially captured him. As reports began to circulate through the galaxy of these events, soon numbers of bounty hunter groups reputedly offered to capture Everivir if the Consortium ever allowed the Arcona to be released.

In fear of his own potentially impending doom despite contrary reports from Everivir, the 2nd Lieutenant of the Galactic Empire Xavier Rayya followed Softim's footsteps choosing to take similar chemicals to eventually leaving himself entirely unaware and in a catatonic state of being identical to Elohim. Xavier expressed extreme paranoia to Black Sails staff explaining he would not end up like Dyan Schall, being killed by an Arcona that was now acting as the prison enforcer of an organization known for not letting sentients go free.

On Day 319, Eweff Gesorip was slain by Higlourmi, merely days after arriving into Black Sails Prison. Prison Defilers notified "Higgs" that Eweff identified himself as an agent of Imperial Intelligence through Sebastian Von Nex. With no evidence to prove such a claim other than alleged holo log recordings, Zann members allow Higlourmi to determine the young Kel Dor Gesorip's fate which Higlourmi quickly would, using his combat knife to a kill yet another harmless sentient, despite lack of credible information regarding Eweff's true allegiance.

Black Sails Prison can be found in the Vaxal system on the planet Caprol.

Year 16

Zann Consortium Retaliation

On Day 32, Alliance Special Operations (ASO) commander Xakic Jix suffered a loss as Qardin "Q" Fal-Cona, a rogue Hellion himself, would be kidnapped by Jarreth Darksky, a Zann Consortium Defiler, during a training exercise. The kidnapping and later murder of "Q" was a result of when he and other mutinous Hellions, including Seth Haze and Xakic Jix, failed to coup Zann Consortium which ultimately leads to the creation of the alleged rebel mercenary organization ASO. In addition to Zann's retaliation against rogue members, a Hellion named Robert Reynolds was taken captive during the uprising of the first conflict and was almost simultaneously freed by Juan Vargez who was accompanied by a small group of Dread pirates.

On Day 48, Zann Consortium sold Higelourmi Everivir into the slavery of a third party ending his many months in Black Sails Prison.

On Day 94, Jarreth Darksky brutally murders Alana Sinesael, wife to the late Qardin Fal-Cona, as a message to the Dark Star Hellions rogues that not even their families can evade future retribution from the Zann umbrella for their treachery.

Crossing the Sun

On Day 150, after disputes with Black Sun associate Eris Rosiir and Zann Consortium leader Ximaro Jix, Underlord Alexander von Ismay threatened Consortium leaders along with Ximaro Jix himself. Following the argument, Defilers from Zann Consortium accompanied by Dread pirates were then dispatched to inflict harm upon the illusive corporation. Shortly after the order was issued by Krestviniic Ximo Jobal, Defilers confirmed the slaying of Black Sun intelligence and military personnel.

On Day 153, Dread issued out a public statement reporting their role in the operation and the success of a combined attack against Black Sun.[8]

On Day 159, Jeor Knight, Regent of Black Sun, confirmed the deaths of three Black Sun members publicly but does not verify their rank or positions.[9] Jeor, in addition, issued a galactic bounty against Zann Consortium and its umbrella organizations for terrorist actions against their state. Jeor omitted the details of the amount to be paid open, despite previously stating the risk of further harm had been deemed low.

Taxing the Rebels

On Day 232, a Defiler inside of the government of the New Republic (NR), posing as an Army 2nd Lt., successfully raided one of the rebel armories. Numerous rebel trooper helmets and uniforms along with E-11b trooper rifles are among the equipment liberated from the supply depot. The Zann agent entered and left without a trace, evading security personnel and surveillance droids. Ximaro Jix later explained to NR officials that the operation was a little taxation on the rebellion for the rebels own attempts to undermine the terrorist network's activities around the galaxy.

On Day 240, a New Republic Intelligence agent by the name of Thrae Claddlyl attempted to lure Ximaro Jix into a trap to assassinate the Zann Consortium leader. He was subdued by a Zann Consortium security team and returned to the New Republic.

On Day 244, Kominiic Greyson Abrams of Zann Consortium released a GNS post highlighting the attempted assassination and the supply depot liberation.[10]

Year 17

Bacta Thieves

On Day 2, Athakam MedTech warehouses were raided by a small detachment of Defilers. The raid was conducted from behind Tion Hegemony borders through the use of a smuggler Brao Vinklo. No witnesses were able to observe the crime and no innocent civilians were harmed during the operation in which over one thousand healing supplies were stolen. Stolen items included bacta patches, bacta tanks, as well as refills and healing sticks.

Triumvirate Coalition's Fallen King

On Day 17, news spread across the galaxy that rebel government Triumvirate Coalition suffered an attack. [11] Intelligence officials along with Coalition forces confirmed that former Consul and King of Triumvirate Rick Fias along with Zann second-in-command Greyson Abrams entered the government and looted bank vaults of credits over eleven billion credits . In addition to the credits stolen, Defilers commanded by Greyson changed over ownership paperwork of cities, ships, facilities, raw materials and weapons within Triumvirate territory. Finalizing the attack Greyson, along with Rick, went on to corrupt the local populace and convinced up to five thousand of the government’s primary workforce along with troops to defect against their government. Zann leader Ximaro Jix was present in the territory assisting with the operation.

The operation happened just days after former Triumvirate Consul Dero Racto got into a heated argument with Ximaro over a neutral aggression pact Ximaro and Zann were trying to establish with Triumvirate to put an end to Zann's continued attacks against the Coalition. Details of the feud between the Consul and former Crime Lord were left unknown. During the looting, Fias announced he was a Defiler, which Ximaro later confirmed via multiple transmissions. Despite the large physical presence of Zann agents during the assault on the government, neither innocent civilians nor troops of Triumvirate were harmed. Rick went on to explain that any and all citizens found would be taken into custody by Defilers and would be given fair treatment. As Triumvirate Forces rushed to protect their holds, Zann cleared various ships of hostiles in the state's space and was observed present by hundreds of witnesses.

On Day 18, following a conversation between Ximaro and leader of Triumvirate Coalition Oli Noa, Ximaro transmitted to sources across the galaxy that more attacks against Triumvirate would continue in the future. A GNS article was posted by Kyota Navic detailing the Triumvirate Coalition raid.[12]

Professional Exporters

On Day 35, Ximaro Jix confirmed to associates and various trade merchants that a Defiler "Asset Recovery" Cell, along with contracted smugglers, successfully removed over nine hundred X-45 Sniper Rifles registered to Zann Consortium from within Triumvirate Coalition territory. The smuggling operation took place days after a security alert was issued to the entire Coalition. Ximaro explained the individuals involved in the activity conducted the action from within Triumvirate as well as its allies who were performing counter-Zann operations assisting the government. In addition to a large number of rifles recovered, Ximaro went on to explain various other assets were recovered.

The Last of the Jix Siblings

On Day 60, Chokk Ovin Jix, a half-blood, last of the brothers to Ximaro Jix, as well as a member of Dread pirates and Zann Consortium, was captured by Consortium agents. The event followed just months after Chokk's exile from Zann and later development of the Black Light Pirates which he utilized to make several attempts to undermine Zann influence and operations. The manhunt for Chokk proved a challenging task for Defilers given Chokk's previous history as a Cell leader in Zann and leader of the Defiler detachment within Dread. During his time in exile, Chokk and his compatriots waged a silent war against Ximaro and Zann, creating partnerships with various groups and working with individuals from the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Union to form a partnership to battle the terrorist network. Black Light Pirates were met with massive resistance from Defilers on all fronts, and ultimately Chokk was low on friends. With few allies remaining, Chokk decided it was best to seek alternative safer means to go about various businesses and contacted a reputable force sensitive for a force test. Unbeknownst to Chokk, the force user was part of Zann's large umbrella, and he was detained and later transported by Zann's Bounty Hunter cell to a location unknown.

Get Jawa

On Day 140, three enemy sleeper agents confronted Kominiic Greyson Abrams attempting a capture. The attempted apprehension contributed to the immediate death of Kyoto Onren, who was taken down by Greyson personally. The other two assassins, A`yala A`dia, and Jax Xanbot fled the scene but were later captured and killed by additional Zann forces including members from their special security force and Insurgency Cell 3. In the days following the attack, no organizations would claim the attack.

Stand Off

On Day 185, Defiler infiltrators of Zann Consortium gained favorable information while posing as scouts for mercenary transport organization Ever Light. Ever Light was planning on locating the system of Drup for their client Anax Noctru. Soon after receiving the data, Zann agents determined the system did exist once they veered off course while following the mercenaries. The Zann agent, along with a pirate of Dread, then went on to mislead the leader of Ever Light, Kray Voh, into believing that the system of Drup was not found and that one much further away had been located.

The operation to invade the system of Drup would prove fruitful as Zann Defilers, space expeditionary forces, and rescue operators flooded into that area of space. They would soon be met by Rift Alliance [RA] troops, in what would later become a standoff between Zann insurgents and Rift Alliance members in which RA would frequently contradict itself.

Initially, the Alliance attempted to threaten Zann with force through their spokesperson of Krath Dynasty, Lord Jeraq Moridin; however, soon after would try peace despite secretly attempting to attack Zann ground units. Following both incidents, Zann would observe Rift officials frequently contradicting their stance about why the actions had taken place from their business partners. Lord Solarius Masha soon after joined with Jeraq officially in what he stated was an attempt to gain Zann as allies.

Soon after the arrival of Lord Masha, Lord Jeraq Moridin was mysteriously reported deceased by both Krath and Rift officials not long after he changed his stance advocating for peace with the rival government, in which his state had a long-standing feud with that had ended in Dynasty losses on several occasions in the past. No official identification was given to Jeraq's body, and rumors continued to circulate about who was responsible, or if Moridin was even genuinely deceased.

After several days of aggressive posturing and occasionally hostile negotiations from both organizations, including more failed attempts from RA to provoke Zann agents strike first, armed soldiers and pilots of Rift retreated from the system of Drup allowing Zann to colonize the system without further incident. This event removed all potential for future possibilities of peace with the umbrella which RA had claimed it wanted.

Following successful colonization Lord Ximaro Jix, along with Greyson Abrams and other high command of Zann, issued transmissions to the leaders of the RA council that their poor communication and lack of trust for one another was evident by their inability to coordinate an offensive to provide a significant resistance against Zann, or even coordinate a successful attack. Ximaro went on to state RA lies of friendship and attempts to deceive the rogue state of Zann would not go unpunished if RA organizations tried such actions in the future.


On Day 246, a business associate of Zann Consortium A`zol Surek, leader of Warrington and Surek Industries [WSI], was taken into custody after abusing his longtime relationship with the Consortium to undermine Zann legitimate business ventures and turn recruitment efforts of like-minded traders and associates against Zann for WSI benefit. A`zol was taken by Seth Haze without incident and was transported to Black Sails Prison with the understanding once he paid his debt to Zann, he would be released if he chose not to be executed. Lord Ximaro Jix stated in a closed transmission to the remainder of the fledgling organization, which Zann helped Surek engineer through a sizable amount of planetary assistance for production centers, that no harm would come to employees of the company; however A`zol would have to suffer the consequences of his actions and betrayal for secretly violating the confidential business relationship of Zann for his agenda.

On Day 247, just 24 hours after his capture and agreement to suffer the consequences for his mistakes, A`zol was found unconscious and unresponsive in his cell at Black Sails Prison. The reasons for and the circumstances surrounding A`zol's sudden sickness remain unknown.


On Day 331, trader and information broker Looma Karwt were assassinated by Seth Haze of Cell 5 overseen by Zann Circle member Kyota Navic. Looma was captured immediately after Consortium agents rescued him from alleged kidnapper Fritjof Blom. Moments before he was killed, unbeknownst to Looma, the Defilers who were supposedly coming to his aid had been tracking Looma for some time for sharing Zann information with organization enemies.

The execution of Looma came just days after Death Watch leader Peter Max murdered Intelligence Officer Acelin Dominia of The Pentastar Alignment for his organization interfering with Zann affairs on separate occasions. The act became the first act of the Shadow Dominion alliance.

Year 18

Assets Are Weakness

On Day 10, Riipa Tinka of the Horizon Corporation, a small manufacturing group, was kidnapped by Overseer Kyota Navic. Moments before his capture, Riipa had been lured into a trap area by Kyota after requesting he be able to remove assets from Zann premises. Allowed to enter into a secure Zann storage facility, Riipa was placed under arrest by Navic who explained he was being kidnapped. Soon after that, an intense negotiation of freedom ensued, with Riipa which lasted a week. Eventually, Tinka was able to buy his freedom from his captor and was released paying close to 150 million in credits to Overseer Navic for his safe return. Navic later confirmed to various individuals of the galaxy that the kidnapping had been perpetrated by him alone and was not representative of anything Zann related and he was surprised the Horizon group would not do anything to assist their valued member.

One Rogue Down

On Day 47, news broke across the galaxy of the successful assassination of Commodore Jeff Knight of Rogue Squadron by Defilers lead by Seth Haze commander of Zann's 'Cell 5'. In the weeks prior the murder, rogue members were observed attacking Zann's manufacturing group, Black Hole Manufacturing. Despite repeated requests for diplomacy from the Consortium, the rebels continued to decline explaining that it was their right to attack Zann as its enemy. Zann Consortium's response engineered by then Circle member Kyota Navic was the removal of the rogue’s senior commanding officer, leader of Saber Fleet, Jeff Knight. The Commodore was kidnapped, and executed as a message to the galaxy of Zann's continued lethality, and a statement of the rising new Krestvinic Navic that Zann would continue to deal with its enemies with extreme prejudice.

Dulling the Edge

On Day 132, the galaxy would observe the final breaths of the organization Edge-9 lead by the now dissolved Dark Star Hellions oldest traitor Xark Jephego. In the days before the closure of the organization, Defiler infiltrators released a volley of attacks inside of the anarchist group disrupting business and demoralizing its members. Despite resistance from Edge members and the size of the fledgling group, they were unable to recover from the anarchy released inside of their group which eventually led to several of their members turning against them demonstrating the ferocity of Zann Consortium. Unable to fend off against an unknown enemy in its last moments, Jephego started executing his members at random further weakening morale within his outfit, in hopes it would save his group. The combined actions of Xark and the corruption of Defilers within his organization brought closure to the company known as Edge-9.

Crimson over Glom Tho

On Day 174, news broke of a successful Zann Consortium plot to loot Corporate Alliance (a member of the Rim Commonality). Correspondents identified that Koby Navarro of Matukai Dragons, a Krath Dynasty mercenary front, was influenced by second-in-command Shall Ti, a known Consortium associate, to murder the trading group head Elm Aran. Initially believed to be successful in preventing Shall from looting assets from the Alliance, Krath seized planetary assets in hopes to prevent Zann Consortium from taking control of the system; however, were later let down when the government of Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) intervened and later worked out an arrangement with Zann to retain ownership of two planetary holdings. The event would spark even more controversy as in the days to come CIS, along with Zann, would sign a joint defense contract for the protection of the system of Glom Tho.

Chiss Conflict

On Day 200, Chiss Ascendancy elected to leave the Rim Commonality following increased pressure by Krestviniic Ximaro Jix on the alliance through use of Defilers and other known Zann tactics. Openly admitting his disdain for the organization and citing previous hostile interactions, Ximaro explained for every standard week the Ascendancy remained in the neutral alliance, there would be a consequence for Commonality's defiance. Initially rumors circulated that Rim Commonality Archon Solarius Masha (leader of Commonality member organization The Pentastar Alignment) was uninterested in complying with the crime lord's request, but soon following the departure of more allies and an alleged assassination, the Chiss political group left the alliance. Chiss leader and former Rim Commonality Vice-Archon Reius Rothschild, as well as his second-in-command Prard`aga Rono, argued that the operation was the continuation of a war begun with the Aran assassination.

In its aftermath, Ximaro stated no harm would further come to the Rim Commonality coming to a peace agreement with the neutral conglomerate.

Year 19

Back With A Vengeance

On Day 142, Zann Consortium engaged in warfare on the planet Vectinia in the Hewett sector. Following an address to the public,[13] Ximaro Jix explained that Zann Consortium, along with allies The Death Watch and Dread, was engaged in conflict with the Trade Federation, Ailon Nova Guard and their alliance, the Galactic Concordiate. While these forces fought for control of the planet, Kohl Straffer and members of the Ailon Nova Guard looted billions of credits worth of assets which included twenty MC-60s, twenty MC-80As, and over four hundred T-65 X-wing Starfighters.

In the following weeks, Kohl Straffer would make his own organization known as the Nova Blades and join the Shadow Dominion alliance.

By the end of the conflict, the Shadow Dominion had succeeded in their war against the Galactic Concordiate. The battle forced them to retreat in spite of what many galactic officials stating that the Shadow Dominion was outgunned, outnumbered, and unable to stop the opposing forces from taking the planet. Various rumors spread throughout the HoloNet regarding the mass scale theft; however, nothing was ever confirmed on how much of the restricted technologies Zann Consortium had actually received. Casualties were also never confirmed regarding specific numbers, despite media footage showing Defilers along with their allies decimating builders across the planet in efforts to destroy morale and weaken their enemies infrastructure planetside.[14]


See also: Vaxal (System)
Government Capital - As of Y16 D364
Temperate/Breathable Ord Vaxal 10x10
Publicly Accessible
See also: Hellions Tavern
Moon Ord Vaxal Moon 1x1
Moon Irfan C 1x1
Hot/no Atmosphere Caprol 4x4
Gas Giant Irfan 16x16
Moon Irfan A 1x1
Moon Irfan B 1x1
Moon Irfan D 1x1
Moon Irfan E 2x2
Moon Irfan F 2x2
Moon Irfan G 2x2
Cold/no Atmosphere Pheon 2x2
Moon Pheon A 1x1
Moon Pheon B 1x1
Hot/no Atmosphere Thira 3x3
Moon Thira Moon 2x2
Some information, like stations, have been omitted.

See also: Drup (System)
Drup - As of Y16 D364
Hot/no Atmosphere Drup I 13x13
Gas Giant Drup II 16x16
Hot/no Atmosphere Drup III 14x14
Moon Drup Alpha 2x2
Moon Drup Beta 1x1
Moon Drupsteroid 1x1
Some information, like stations, have been omitted.

Government and Politics

Zann Consortium functions as a highly centralized, one-party republic. It is a self-described revolutionary and socialist state "guided in its activities by the freedom and individuality idea." The Defilers Circle has an unknown number of members but dominates every aspect of Zann Consortium politics. It has four satellite organizations: Dread pirates, NexCore Mining Corporation, and a ground force Death Watch. All four participated in the internal affairs of the state. Another highly influential structure is the independent Defiler military force. Kyota Navic heads all major structures, as well as a member of the Defilers Circle, and "Kominiic" of Zann Consortium. Ximaro Jix is the syndicate's "Krestviniic" (Lord) who ultimately has final say over all circle decisions and has the right to reverse anything done.



The Consortium ideology is the cornerstone of party works and government operations. Its core tenets are economic self-sufficiency, military self-reliance, and an independent foreign policy. The roots of Consortium were made up of a complex mixture of factors, including the cult of personality centered on Ximaro Jix, the conflict with pro-Imperial and pro-Rebellion dissenters, and Zann Consortium's affinity with the black market.

It was initially promoted as a "creative application" of anarchism but described by state propaganda as "only scientific thought." Consortium's concepts of self-reliance have thus evolved with time and circumstances but still provide the groundwork for the severe austerity, sacrifice, and discipline demanded by the growing culture of criminals on most planets allowing Zann draw only the best talent for its ranks.

Law Enforcement


Zann Consortium has special courts in place which are handled by the Defilers Circle and appointed magistrates for only the most extreme circumstances of individuals committing acts of espionage or conspiring with enemies of the rogue state as well as heinous acts against life forms.

The penal code is based on the principle of nullum crimen sine lege (no crime without a law) but remains a tool for political control despite several amendments reducing ideological influence. The Defilers Circle and their judges carry out legal procedures related to not only criminal and civil matters but also political cases as well. Political prisoners are sent to labor camps or executed, while criminals are often embraced and not punished for offenses, barring crimes against families, women, and children.

Gangs have a significant presence on all planets, within urban and rural areas and help stimulate the planetary economy through a wide range of criminal activities. The most considerable gang spanning 7 of Zann's 15 planets Dark Star Hellions maintain strong ties with the other minor ruling bodies, represented by Dread (pirates), The Black Hole Gang (pirates) and Bloodscar (pirates and swoop gang). Each acts as not only a group that ensures each citizen remains sovereign and free to live their lives as they please but also as a security force for planetary issues when they arise.

While most planets live void of laws and governed by gangs, some remain strictly industrialized under the NexCore Mining Corporation and the Consortium's infrastructural division. Citizens wishing to leave their homeworld in search a proper wage and stable career are encouraged to join. Security and law enforcement among the corporations remains tight and is handled by The Circle's special security force of Defilers known as Byveks.


Sentient-rights in Zann Consortium has a history that predates the establishment of the state. Anarchistic in nature, Zann Consortium regards rights as universal, explaining that only individuals with cruel and unusual dispositions or enemy ties are to be sought after for removal of rights. All of the citizens are permitted to engage in all forms of vice or trade they see fit. Due to the relaxed nature of Zann on planetary citizens, drug production and usage, as well as gambling and smuggling operations are familiar places in all cities.

Zann Consortium's official stance is that under their rule individual rights are open and every citizen may practice what is called "5th freedom" on any of the colonized planets not designated for corporate economic development.

The 5th freedom explains that individuals who engage in unlawful activities can reap the benefits as they see fit through any mean necessary on any planet where sentient rights fall under the freedom act. However, sentient's not engaged in such activities who wish to live on their own in the wilderness or within cities promoting their private independent trade and survival are protected on Zann's citizen safety law, and anyone found infringing upon their rights will suffer consequences from the Consortium.


Zann Consortium Defiler

The Zann Consortium military is divided into the ground forces, navy, and Defiler Cells. Zann relies on military droids, such as Battle Droids, Mark I Assault Droids, and T-Series Tactical Droids, as and mercenary ground assault as their primary ground force. Citizens wishing to join the Consortium are often drafted as mercenaries and are given opportunities to work alongside Consortium agents leading ground operations. Zann places no restrictions on age, gender or race for anyone wishing to become a mercenary.

Notably, the Zann Consortium is known for their Defilers. Defilers are elite agents who are dispatched to various systems to perform covert crimes and warfare moreover known as "corruption" against various governments and corporations. Defilers are made up of many different humanoids and non-human species, trained and conditioned to serve the Zann Consortium above all others and concealed under a distinctive uniform of red armor.

The training for the agents is notoriously difficult with a high failure rate. Recruits undergo months of mental and physical conditioning to prepare them to become an agent of Zann.

A special security force of Defilers known as Byveks provides corporate and private security to citizens involved in economic development and to Circle members of the syndicate.

Foreign Relations

Zann Consortium is recognized in intergalactic law as a sovereign state of the galaxy. Zann Consortium has a multifaceted foreign policy. As of Year 17, it maintains diplomatic relations with several governments and many major corporate entities. The foreign policy is determined by the Kominiic and implemented by the Circle of Defilers.

As a successor to a former mercenary corporation, Zann Consortium's galactic political status has often been debated, particularly about unipolar and multi-polar views on the galactic spectrum. While Zann Consortium is commonly accepted as an active high power, in recent years, it has been characterized by some as a potential superpower.

Zann Consortium maintains strong and confident relations with several independently aligned corporations and governments.

An essential aspect of Zann Consortium's relations with the majority of Republican and Allied entities is the criticism of Zann Consortium's political system and sentient rights management by other powers, the galactic mass media, and leading political analysts. In particular, such organizations consider the Zann Consortium to have not enough common attributes and to allow too many political rights and civil liberties to its citizens. Zann Consortium dismisses these claims and openly criticizes Republican and Allied watchdogs explaining its citizens know "true freedom."



Zann Consortium has a developing, high-income market economy with enormous natural resources, particularly tibannagas and quantum. Since the beginning of Year 16, higher domestic consumption and greater political stability have bolstered economic growth. The country ended Year 16 with its fourth straight year of growth but has slowed with the decline in the price of tibannagas and quantum. Growth was primarily driven by corporate espionage and raids, as opposed to mineral extraction and exports.

Tibannagas and various metals account for more than 80% of exports galactic wide. With the Triumvirate Coalition looting at the beginning of Year 17, Zann Consortium was able to repay all of its past debts and increase average citizen wealth and quality of life substantially.

Zann Consortium maintains an ever growing amount of industrial plants and shipyards to increase their overall production. By late Year 16, Zann Consortium has completed as many as eight Shipyard II's in their home system alone, all working at full capacity with more being developed monthly.[15]


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