Zeebo Starfinder

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Zeebo Starfinder
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Mother Chara
Father Chewfarn
Spouse Starfinder
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -83
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3.04 meters
Coloring Grayish/Silver, black face
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Rank Unknown
Positions Unknown
Prior Affiliation Ubrikkian Industries
Awards Unknown


Zeebo Starfinder was the son of a notorious Wookie crime lord, known simply as Chewfarn. He and his gang terrorized Kashyyyk for years upon years. However, they soon decided to settle and go legit, and they did. They were soon found by slavers and forced into slavery, but not willingly, losing half their number in the fight. They were forced to work on a slaver's ship that orbited Kashyyyk. It was on this ship that Zeebo was born. He was born with a silvery-gray color, giving him an awkward appearance, even among Wookies. However, his tribe/gang believed that a gray/silver Wookie was imbued with great power. There had only been 3 before him, and now he seemed their only hope.

Growing Up a Slave

Early on in his childhood his father Chewfarn died, executed by slavers for trying to organize a rebellion, as well as giving food and clothing to punished slaves, because they were his tribe and he was their leader. Zeebo's mother Chara died soon afterward after a strange sickness struck her, but many in the tribe believed her to die of sorrow. Zeebo was made ruler of the tribe, at a young age even to non-Wookies. He took the grim task in stride, and soon made sure that no one would go hungry, or cold. However, there were those who resented their young chief, and plotted to overthrow him. They were informants, helping the slavers in return for better clothes, easier work, and more food and water. They were not happy with their new leader.

Seeds of Rebellion

Now Zeebo soon fell in love, meeting Starfinder, a Wookie that any male Wookie on that ship would have wedded, and she too fell for him. They were married with the tribe's old ritual, done in secret. However, it was not secret enough, for soon the informants learned of it, and became jealous. They plotted with the slavers to get Starfinder in their quarters, where they raped her. She couldn't live with the shame, and wrote a note of the names of the informants who defiled her, and then killed herself. Zeebo was enraged, even more so when he found the note. He decided it was time to restart the gang, the one his father had lead for nigh on forever. He restarted the dreaded 'Darkfur'. They started small, stealing food and clothing, spreading it among the needy. They then started doing faulty work when it came to the ship's upkeep, which caused problem after problem for the slavers. Then the informants were found dead, or stopped helping the slavers. Not long after that many of the meanest slavers disappeared. Things were getting heated.


Soon the slaves, the Darkfur, were ready. They gathered stolen tools and weapons, as well as sharpening their teeth and claws. They were well fed off of stolen food, and the slavers were drunk from a celebration. That is when the charge happened. Zeebo Starfinder led his army of Darkfur Wookies against the slavers, who were outnumbered 3:1. It was a slaughter. Slaver after slaver were killed, many tortured for days at the longest, before sweet death could find them. Then Zeebo and some advisers hijacked the ship and flew down into the lush foliage of Kashyyyk. Then they left, blowing up the ship as a tribute to the gods. That is when they started being a real crime gang.

Darkfur Era

Now, Zeebo was but 21 years old when they returned to Kashyyyk, and he decided that the fear of the Darkfur would be brought back to the lips of the people of Kashyyyk. He stayed there until he was 94 years old, becoming the largest crime syndicate on Kashyyyk. They did everything, robberies, muggings, assassinations, kidnappings, arson, drug dealing and using, excessive drinking, prostitution, and just about anything else you can think of, smuggling to murder. Yet, Zeebo wanted to get off into the stars, and many of his followers were tired of their ways. So they separated. He took his second in command and made them a legit tribe, disappearing into the forests of Kashyyyk. He went into the cities trying to find work, specifically among the stars.

Honest Employment

Zeebo Starfinder soon wound up in a city in which Ubrikkian Industries was working. He applied to get a job, but they said he needed a surname. He used Starfinder, that way he would never have to forget his love. He was hired. He hoped to be a useful pilot/adventurer, but was simply a PR guy, getting the various Wookie tribes to help Ubrikkian and the New Republic. He soon fell into a deep depression and quit his job with Ubrikkian Industries. He flew to a random planet, where he found a friend.

Current Times

His friend was a dark individual, and they soon struck a strong friendship. His friend was an ex-pilot from Ubrikkian Industries, and each wanted more from their lives. They flew off into the Outer Rim, where they are believed to reside to this day. Many believe that Zeebo turned to his old crime ways, but he has been relatively quiet lately, and not much comes out of the Outer Rim. He is most likely living up life, however, day to day.


  • Hair: All over
  • Color: Grey, black face
  • Height: 10 ft
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Age: 95
  • Home planet: Kashyyyk
  • Race: Wookie
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: Year -83
  • Friends: Unknown
  • Dreams: To end slavery of the wookies, own a company
  • Affiliation:Unknown
  • Locaton: Unknown
  • Personality: Untrusting, but when you gain friendship he is a friend until the end
  • Occupation: Belived Pilot/builder
  • Ships: Owner of the Y-Tie Dark Wave
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Food: Anything that fills him up
  • Likes: Long walks on the beach
  • Enemies: Slavers