Zero Gravity

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Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity Logo 12.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kirlan Krane
Historical Information
Founded Year 22 Day 61
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Service Providers

Zero Gravity is a trade company founded by Kirlan Krane in Y22D61.


Displaying the corellian character, despite his intrepid nature and desire to travel the galaxy, Kirlan Krane always felt a sense of belonging and nostalgia for his homeworld, Corellia. However, his childhood and youth there was always precarious: living in the slums, and having to eke out a living day by day. The tight control of the Galactic Empire and its severity with those who did not firmly adhere to the regime forced him to leave Corellia.

Since then, he felt orphaned of land, becoming part of that majority of sentients who spent their lives in galactic travels and space stations, without a piece of land to claim as their own. He longed for home, but it was already an unfriendly place for him, where imperial bureaucracy and ruthless justice[1] made him nervous. Those he met during his youth and shared experiences with were the only reason for him to return to Corellia from time to time.

The idea of starting a company was inspired by his uncle Noren, who ran a small transport business in Corellian sector. Grateful for the opportunity he gave him to learn to fly and earn his own living, Kirlan gave up the idea of freelancing and chose to run a company in order to make a living, but also to help others to make a living. And with his particular situation in mind, a landless pilot spending his life in space, the name "Zero Gravity" seemed more than appropriate to name the company.


Year 22

Derra Vendor
Shalla Procjnow

The trading company Zero Gravity was registered with the Cardota local branch of the Galactic Bureau of Ships and Services on D061 (21st day of Kelona month). And thanks to the resources Kirlan had accumulated after the lucky break of finding the ancient raw materials[2], the vision was becoming a reality: Zero Gravity Operations Base (ZGOB) was built next to Derra system.

Ryn Abav Ette, Sales Leader of the company, announced[3] on D238 (18th day of Melona month) that Zero Gravity opens sales and services services. The company operates from ZGOB, also placing the coruscanti Shalla Procjnow aboard a merchant ship to do business around the planet Derra IV.

Wookie Gilsaria Flast, Sentients Chief of Zero Gravity Headquarters, started a recruitment campaign[4] on D254 (34th day of Melona month) through the galaxy. The main goal was improve the pilot force to engage the orders that the company were asked. Good prices, a fast communication and an active marketing policy gave ZG a lot of work in the early days.

ZG Vendor in
Galactic Baazar

For the Twelfth Uli Memorial Swap Meet celebrated in Nimban planet Zero Gravity announced on D272 (17th day of Yelona month) its presence. Before the ZG Evolution corvette (the YV-666 that carried all goods and ships for the Meet) landed in Nimban, half of its catalog sales were sold. The other half was offered on site to sentients by pengauani vendor Galuf Phrog. On D290 (35th day of Yelona month) was presented the Zero Gravity Racing Team (ZGRT)[5], with two pilots in it: corellian Kirlan Krane and sullustan Ahson Miriel. The team joined the Uli Speed Trial that went along Nimban system. On D292 (2nd day of Relona month) ZGRT confirmed his participation[6] in Nimban Swoop Division inside Nelvaan city hosted by The Skulls Swoop Gang. Both ZGRT pilots used Kirlan Krane's Green Spark. Later, Ahson made a chronicle[7] about his race in the Nimban Swoop Division. And the ZGRT participation on a third competition was announced on D295 (5nd day of Relona month), the Krieg's Run[8] along different sectors in Outer Rim Territories and Hutt Space. In the Uli Speed Trial and the Krieg's Run both pilots used a YT-510: Kirlan the ZG Corellian Spine and Ahson the ZG Pathfinder. When the races finished, Kirlan got a sixth (Uli Speed Trial), first (Nimban Swoop Division) and fourth position (Krieg's Run). Meanwhile, Ason got a seventh (Uli Speed Trial), third (Nimban Swoop Division) and fifth position (Krieg's Run).

At the end of the year Zero Gravity sent a Modular Conveyor with raw materials and wares to the Galactic Bazaar managed by The Resistance in Issor system. On D363 (33rd day of Welona month) Zero Gravity announces[9] that its sales are open in that trade hub, offered by toydarian vendor Juroden Erith, located in one of the rooms of the trading station.


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Zero Gravity Racing Team

Competitions and date

ZG Pilots and ships/vehicles


Uli Speed Trial
Nimban system

Nimban Swoop Division
Neelvan city

Krieg's Run
Outer Rim Territories
and Hutt Space

(Swap Meet Y22)

KirlanK.pngYT51001.pngGreen Spark vehicle.png
Kirlan Krane, YT-510 ZG Corellian Spine, 64-Y Swift 3 Repulsorlift Sled Green Spark
Ahson.pngYT51002.pngGreen Spark vehicle.png
Ahson Miriel, YT-510 ZG Pathfinder, 64-Y Swift 3 Repulsorlift Sled Green Spark

Uli Speed Trial:
Winner: Raidan Spike - 8:43 - Solo Crow
6th: Kirlan Krane - 9:42 - ZG Corellian Spine
7th: Ahson Miriel - 9:51 - ZG Pathfinder

Nimban Swoop Division:
Winner: 🏆 Kirlan Krane - 1:26 - Green Spark
3rd: Ahson Miriel - 1:29 - Green Spark

Krieg's Run:
Winner: Ogban Orineddi - +0:00 - [ASC] Virtue
4th: Kirlan Krane - +9:43 - ZG Corellian Spine
5th: Ahson Miriel - +16:20 - ZG Pathfinder