Zhellic Ecclesiarchy

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Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
General Information
Status Active
Leader Cronus IX
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 22
Political Information
Industry Religion
Holosite Zhellic Ecclesiarchy

In the earliest of days, the thirteen tribes of the Zhell called Notron their home. United by blood and their faith in their Gods they spread out across their world and flourished. Their faith wavered as invasion and natural calamity threatened all that they had worked so hard to build, and as a result, they were nearly driven extinct, the survivors forced into slavery by their enemies who took advantage of their weakness. When hope seemed nearly lost, they remembered their faith and the Zhell rallied in the name of their Gods, transitioning from thirteen nations to thirteen battalions. They brought holy war to the shadow-demons, driving them into space.

With their faith revitalized, the Zhell rebuilt. They spread out among the stars, establishing colonies across the great galaxy. These colonies thrived independently and with the passage of time, they eventually forgot their common origin. But the heart-flame of the Thirteen is strong and could not be entirely extinguished. Worship of the Thirteen gods continued in secret across hundreds of worlds, even as the civilization of the Zhell became known as humanity and holy Notron was renamed Coruscant. Though the Pius Dea Crusades caused a schism within the faith, still it remained.

The Zhellic Ecclesiarchy rises from the memories of its people. We remember our heritage and from the shadows we return to bring the wisdom and grace of the Thirteen to the galaxy. Through Them, the civilization of the Zhell shall once more be made united.


The Cosmogony

The birth of the Gods is the birth of the universe, for as they came into being, so too did the stars, planets, and various races. The Gods each had a hand in every minute detail and their mark has been left on the cosmos to this very day.

While many races and faiths have their own creation mythology, the Ecclesiarchy has pieced this document together from pieces of parchment from various monasteries and convents of the Faith from across the Galaxy. Through this effort, we have restored the earliest known version of these stories, the earliest version of Creation known to mankind. The single version believed to be orthodox truth.

The Gods

The Upper Pantheon

The Thirteen, known formally as the Upper Pantheon, are the primary gods and goddesses of Creation. Infused with primordial power, they rule over the spheres of the cosmos. Light and Shadow, Earth and Air, Fire and Water, Order and Chaos, Life and Death, Serenity and Passion, these basic elements make up all of us, overseen by Ziysan Himself — the God of Balance and King of the Gods.

The Lower Pantheon

The Zodiacus

The Zodiacus is a collection of thirteen signs, or constellations, representing the dominion of the Gods over ancient Notron and frequently used in horoscopes. With as much time as has passed since their identification many millenia ago and the diaspora that saw the various tribes reach out across the void to colonize new worlds, it is unlikely that each world has an identical Zodiacus. However, all followers of the Zhellic faith follow the same traditional and ancient signs as their ancestors so many centuries ago.

The Saga of the Taung War

A pivotal moment of Zhellic history when the Zhell were almost rendered extinct by the ancient demons known as the Taung as a test of their faith.

The Vices and Virtues

The Five Sacred Virtues are aspects of an individual's personality that are considered the most blessed and most likely to obtain the favor of the Gods. In contrast, the Five Profane Vices are the darker natures of an individual that displease the Gods.

Ecclesiastical Titles

Clerical Titles

Regional Titles

Titles of the Sodalities

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