Ziggurat Manufacturing

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Ziggurat Manufacturing
General Information
Status Active
Leader Tz Juil
2IC Insurik Damask
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 29
Political Information
Industry Item Production

Founded on the premises that fine craftsmanship take more then just fancy names and good materials, but also the knowledge of an artisan, someone who knows and uses the item, an artisan that knows that often his wares can mean the difference between life & death of its user. With this ideal Ziggurat Manufacturing has been creating not only the finest crafted items and weapons but also been create a culture of customers and clients that know when it's down to the wire having the best just won't cut it, you need a ziggurat item. With state of the art facilities, dedicated teams of artisans, industry leading research & development teams & centralised core world location. It is little wonder of the quick ascension in market approval. Training programs: Are new to this big wide galaxy? We'll let our amazing training program give you the leg up you need to succeed. With training programs including, star flight, production, combat, medical application, construction and much more you will be ready for anything when working at ziggurat manufacturing. You will have the assets you need to do your job, right away! With a keen and friendly command structure your questions will be answered and assistant and advice will be close by at all time. We are dedicated to your success as a member of our team. Pay: With hard work comes much gain, our team work hard & receive due reward, earn a decent wage and all manner of bonuses, your skills will grow as well as your credit deposit when working hard at ziggurat manufacturing.