Zoe di Vigne

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Zoe di Vigne
Zoe Holocron.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Coruscanti)
Homeworld Coruscant
Marital Status Widowed/Divorced
Partner Harmonia de Chatillon
Age 23 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year 1 Day 127
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 184cm / 6'
Weight 71kg / 156.5lb
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate

Zoe di Vigne (born Year 1, 127) is a board member of Cantrell Conglomerate and a devotee of the Red Lotus religious sect.

Early Life and Career

Not much is known about the early life of Zoe di Vigne, She was born on Coruscant around year 1 to human parents who's names and fates are unknown; Fleeing the planet as a stow away in year 20. Zoe is prone to making up false stories about this time of her life in interviews so little of the truth is known before her arrival on Ord Cantrell. Zoe left Coruscant as a stow away on a trade freighter heading to Ord Cantrell arriving on the planet on Year 20, Day 310, After landing on Ord Cantrell Zoe's first act was to beat a man in the street and steal his datapad, using that as a way to guide herself, she went looking for work eventually coming upon the name of and approaching Avelyn ca Vella the Guildmistress of Cantrell Consulting and was granted her an interview, during the interview Zoe displayed her affinity for mechanics by repairing an R4 droid in her office and was hired on the spot to maintain and repair equipment for Fath Industries an affiliate of Cantrell Conglomerate, which she did successfully for a short time as well as a range of unaffiliated casual jobs including a successful run as a model and even opening up a small shop to build and sell custom droids which she would occasionally return to over the years. Only 32 days after joining Fath Industries there was a company shake-up, Fath Industries CEO Mercedes Morgan was required to move into a larger role within the conglomerate and without a clear successor it was decided that Zoe would temporarily take on the duties of running the company until further notice, which she did until the company was folded on Year 21 Day 92.

Conglomerate Career

After Fath Industries was closed Zoe was moved into the position of chief operating officer for Cantrell Conglomerate as a whole and was responsible for overseeing many of the Company's projects both inside the Fath system and outside of it, most notably the expansion of Ord Cantrell's production capacity and large scale mining and building projects in Iotran. Zoe established her place inside the Conglomerates leadership team with hard work and was respected enough to be chosen as a representative and voice for the guild in the short lived Free Trade Worlds economic alliance, which ultimately failed. Zoe remained in this position until the untimely death of Mercedes Morgan who was at the time not only President of Cantrell Conglomerate but also the wife of both Zoe herself and Avelyn ca Vella, leaving a large void in the guilds power structure. Zoe inherited ownership of a revived Fath Industries which was being was a project Mercedes had been working on at the time, Zoe was also appointed to her deceased wife's position as President of the Conglomerate and effectively second in command to the Guildmistress, a position Zoe has stated she was never very comfortable with. Zoe's time as President has been described as tremulous and Zoe herself has been criticized for her aggressive management style and was known to be somewhat difficult to work with at this time in both of a professional and personal manner divorcing from Avelyn during this time. Although her efforts along with the hard work of the rest of the Conglomerate kept the guild stable during the large shake up. This continued until Zoe met Harmonia de Chatillon, cousin of Ord Cantrell Governor Artemis de Chatillon and a known force sensitive who introduced her to Kiffar Spiritualism and specifically the the Red Lotus sect. Zoe, as a convert to the sect and wanting a less stressful position stepped down as President helping to select her replacement Danae de Chatillon and became "Hand of the Dominess" acting as an adviser to Harmonia, helping Harmonia establish Red Lotus as a true affiliate of Cantrell Conglomerate, Which is a position she still holds today. Zoe also remains as a board member for the guild although she did sell her stake in Fath Industries to Avelyn ca Vella.


On Year 24 Day 177, Zoe was named by Governor Artemis de Chatillon as Magistrate of the Farpoint colony, a small colony established on a planetoid within the greater sector of Fath and an administered dependency of Ord Cantrell, a position Zoe is reported to have taken to with great fervour. rumors persist however that Zoe was given this position as a way to keep her away from Ord Cantrell and that she is connected to a string of missing sentients from several cities on the planet, However there has never been any evidence put forward for the theory and when asked about these Rumors Zoe laughed them off and dismissed them as "wild conspiracy".