Battle of Churnis

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Battle of Churnis
DateYear 14 Day 319Year 15 Day 165
LocationChurnis sector
ResultDecisive Imperial victory
Zann Consortium
The Sith Order
Triumvirate Coalition
Freelancers and Mercenaries
The Mercenary Guild
Galactic Empire
Commanders and Leaders
Lord Myn Kuat
Crime Lord Ximaro Jix
President Xakic Jix
Fleet Admiral Igorod Krakatoa
Moff Wummer Malephar
Senior Captain James Hudson
Colonel Akai Ai
Sigmund von Ismay
Zann Consortium Defilers
Mercenary Guild traitors
4th Triumvirate Fleet
1st Imperial Fleet
1st Imperial Legion
Casualties and Losses
Influence in sector diminished
Igorod Krakatoa† (Triumvirate Coalition)
Borivoj Goerke† (Freelancer)
Sector temporarily compromised

The Battle of Churnis, also known as Operation Minsk, was a minor battle sparked by discord in the Mercenary Guild, set to the background of the ongoing Galactic Civil War. Several governments and organisations vied for control over the Churnis sector, most notably the Galactic Empire and Zann Consortium.