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#REDIRECT [[Aliit_Ar'Klim]]
| name = Clan Ar'Klim
| image =
| Status = Active
| Leader =
| Motto =
| Headquarters =
| Founded =
| Dissolved =
| Affiliation = [[Mandalore]]
| Type = [[Mandalorian]] Clan
| Holosite = [http://www.swc-mandalore.com/clans/Clan%20Ar'Klim.htm Clan Ar'Klim Holosite]
=Clan Overview=
- The Mandalorians of the Clan Ar’Klim’s physical conditioning being as described above, members must have a high Strength or Stamina skill.
- A note in the social behaviour of the Clan Ar'Klim. Though very close and tight-knit among their clan, they are extremely competitive.
Especially due to the fact that a small number of its members have earned some of the most honourable positions among the Mandalorian Army and Navy Marines.
- In order to be determine whether or not the Lye’Krin blood runs in your veins contact the Clan Leader who will visit the great Ar’Klim memory banks and family records deep in the mountains as well as examining personal skills to find out whether you are a living descendant of the great Lye’Krin
- This clan were defeated and forced to flee to Tatooine after the Mandalore Wars where they were routed by the Jedi Revak and Malan
=Clan History=
The clan Ar'Klim for the past century has been almost nothing but a mining clan. They reside in the northern most agricultural regions of Mandalore. They have been very little use in the past Mandalorian battles and wars, serving as auxiliary ground forces and logistical personal. The Ar’Klim as miners have over the generations developed a peak of physical conditioning, as well as the resilience needed to survive in the harsh agriculture of their homeland. The clan Ar'Klim prides themselves on being able to maintain such an astounding physical health and have many sparring matches to prove each other’s strength. Only recently has their intelligence began to grow with access to higher technology.
Although no members of the Ar'Klim clan have stood out in history, they begin to at the present. The Ar’Klim also, while not being particularly intelligent appear to have some innate and natural ability to create. This is especially prevalent among the ruling classes. This is one of the key features of any descendants of the ruling clans, the ability to create with ease.
The ruling family among the Ar'Klim clan has yet to change since the time of its establishment. It was established over a century ago by a Mandalorian named Sho'Kar. He claimed himself ruler of the clan and his descendants have followed in his footsteps with little resistance. The ruling family among the Ar'Klim clan are not necessarily those of the strongest and most agile warriors, but merely the most intelligent and creative. They have managed to successfully maintain control of the clan since its birth.
=Clan Totem=
The clan totem for the Ar’Klim is not so much an object but a belief over mind over might over enemies. They believe that the wiser ruling classes will combine their knowledge with the brute force of the working classes to create and unstoppable clan.
=Clan Traits=
The Ar’Klim are a secluded clan and so not much is known about them at the current time. The few warriors in the clan wear armour with orange flashes and decals. The elite warriors have the Mandalore skull-crest on their helmets. Aside from army uniform, the Ar’Klim tend to be slightly less humanoid than other Mandalorians. They have wider shoulders and are typically between 6 foot and 6 foot 10 in height. Eye colours vary between groups with violet being surprisingly common compared to the average humanoid species.

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