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| Affiliation = [[Mandalore]]
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=Clan Overview=
The members of clan D'ael'mor live a strictly disciplined life, one of training, one of learning. From an early age, every child of the clan must work to better their mind and body through the use of the martial art D'ael'Kai.  Through years of study, all young D'ael'mor build an almost superhuman level of stamina and dexterity as well as a spiritual control and wisdom.  As soon as they reach the age of 16 standard years they must go through the Challenge of Position.  This challenge decides who and what they will be for most likely the rest of their lives, because they must choose the Test of Wisdom or the Test of Strength. Those who choose the Test of Wisdom under go a gruelling trial of knowledge and intelligence and those who choose the Test of Strength must survive a test of physical hardship and wits. The tests very with each young adult although some house with in the clan have chosen to make them more standardized over the years, but the result for failure is the same, assignment to the more menial jobs such as shop keeper and miner. Those that pass Wisdom become masters of science or learning, those that pass strength become warriors.
=Clan History=
The clan D'ael'mor was founded by T'mek D'ael'mor soon after the very first clan was founded. T'mek was from a religious order who believed in inner power and physical greatness, he stressed to his now forming clan physical prowess as well as spiritual. A decade after it's founding the D'ael'mor clan had established it's mountain stronghold Blood Peak in the Jal'den mountains on the northern continent of Mandalore and within it's walls the warriors learned all the arts T'mek knew. Soon after Blood Peak was finished the clan located vast mineral and ore veins that wove through the entire mountain range. They quickly began mining the wealth, using it to create weapons and make them one of the most economically powerful clans of all.
=Clan Totem=
The D’ael’mor stand for wisdom, strength and loyalty.  Over the centuries, the clan eventually dedicated their lives to these tenets.  As such, these values became the clan totem and the core beliefs.
=Clan Traits=
The physical appearance of a member of clan D'ael'mor is always one of athletic but not overly muscular build. Hair colour ranges from brown to auburn with the occasional blonde, and the deep black of the members of ruling house of Noth. Eye colour is usually green or blue, with the rare case of steel grey. Every clan member gains a tattoo of either strength, wisdom or loyalty along the entire right side of their body.
They depict as follows:
- A swirling Firehawk: Wisdom
- A raging Dragon serpent: Strength
- A steadfast Iron cat: Loyalty
Each individual’s tattoo differs in appearance depending on house, personal taste and achievements.
The role of clan D'ael'mor has always been one of example and one of pride. From almost the beginning of life on Mandalore one of the eldest warriors of the ruling house of D'ael'mor has served the triad as an advisor and many serve the Taraq'Kau and the Taraq'Qualim. Economically the clan still remains near the top as it manufactures weapons and armour for warriors as well as computers and components for space craft and general use.
The disadvantage of being of D'ael'mor is that you must put honour above glory, wisdom above vengeance. Your family and house are sacred, you must serve them as well as Mandalore no matter the hardship it brings you. To be D'ael'mor is to be one of the great, one of the leaders. always set an example for the rest of Mandalore.
To be of clan D'ael'mor is to be from a long proud heritage, one of pride, accomplishment and wisdom...

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