Cordin Siprus

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Cordin Siprus
Biographical Information
Race Zeltron
Homeworld Zeltros
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Zeltros
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Red
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation New REpublic

The early years

An unexpected path

Born from possibly a joy girl, women known for living the high life but usually disposing of undesired pregnancies, Cordin was abandoned in a dark ally, still covered in the after birth of his entrance into the world. Cold and screaming he was found and later adopted by a much older Zeltron woman who had been passing the alley at the time. Shocked to find a baby boy dying of exposure, she took him in and quickly fell in love with him, while his DNA marked him to indeed some joy girl who plied her trade among the spacers who visit the Zeltron homeworld. His birth mother was quick to pass on all rights to Cordin to his adoptive mother, Tamia Siprus when she abandoned him. Naming the baby boy Cordin, a folk hero of legend that overcame great odds, she raised him in a relatively happy childhood where he gained a good education. Raised like a son, Cordin never felt left out and over time as he grew, he became a strong a intelligent young Zeltron. Developing friendships through could not replace his desire for something more. Seeking to replace that emptiness with something greater, as he grew Cordin got into speed racing.

First passion

Drawn by the lure of racing, Cordin got his first employment in a workshop that repaired standard vehicles and speeders alike. During this time he learned the ins and outs of how vehicles were made and began developing a reputation as a “Go to guy” for both repairs and customizations when it came to vehicles. In time as Cordin became renown in his area, he began working on building vehicles from scratch. Building and repairing vehicles earned him enough income to begin building his own speeders and it was not too long after that, that with his four closest friends he began a speeder group that became known as “The Zelriders.” Piloting around the local speed ways for the next few years quickly earned the interests of many and soon his group grew in size. On and off the track the Zelriders were known for their dangerous maneuvers and exotic speeders, all made possibly by Cordin Siprus.

Alone again

At the age of 21 grieve crossed Cordin´s path as is mother died of a rare illness leaving him with no family but the “Zelriders”.

Ride on

His recent loss shook him up and soon after Cordin decided that it was time to leave Zeltros and explore new worlds and meet new people. As months wend on his idea spread through is fellow “Zelriders” and one year later they were all inside a freighter and on their way to a nearby system.

In the end

For the next three years they went from planet to planet as they felt like it, working where they could to get money for their needs and riding whenever they could. Never staying much time in the same place they kept moving on always looking for new places and new adventures, these where the happiest days of Cordin´s life. One day never the less the dream fell apart wend three of them perished from this world never to be seen again.

(Work in progress)

Lift to Centurion

Cordin and the other remaining Zeltron decided to go their separate ways, swearing never to speak of what happen to the remaining “Zelriders” on that day. Lost and shaken by the events that took place Cordin rode to a nearby starport to get transported somewhere else. As he arrived at the starport the Zeltron´s eyes noticed a medium-size freighter that had written on the side Centurion Arms. Noticing a humanoid figure next to the ships entrance Cordin approached and faced a well dressed man in is forties. "Are you the owner of this ship? "I wish I was, but no I work for CA and I am just delivering some merchandise here." replied the pilot. Looking at the ships logo again Cordin asked. "Is your company hiring personnel? "We are always looking for hardworking people, do you fit the profile?" The man said as he expressed a small smile. "I do what needs to be done and I dont stop until it is so, is that good enough?" Promptly Cordin answered. "Good enough for me at least, lets talk inside." The man told him as he led the way inside the ship. A few hours later and with his speeder inside the ship, the Zeltron left the forsaken planet never to come back again.

The new years

The House

House Valeo


(Work in progress)

New path

Wend the Zeltron joined CA the company was in bad shape and seeing how they had helped him he decided to stick around until the company was back up on its feet and wend that happen he decided it was time to move on and adventure again in the galaxy. Knowing Chester Ridding from his time in CA, Cordin decided to talk to his friend and wend he did Chester made him an invitation to start an adventure with him... creating a shipbuilding firm.

Meteora Enterprises

(Work in progress)

The Knights

(Work in progress)

The guilty ones revealed

(Work in progress)

Ghost from the past

(Work in progress)

Meteora Enterprises Centurion Arms